Satellite P200-17 b down, every day, with connection to the local network

I bought a P200-17 b several months previously, with Vista. I works fine with WiFi. But when I access internet through LAN in my office, it crashes once every day, some time, just 1 some only minutes after the start, some time, several hours after th

Satellite P200 - boot from USB possible?

As topic... I start my Satellite P200 of USB?I can't find this option in the BIOS...Thank youFabio

Satellite P20 S203: what DVD player is picked up and compatible

I have a P20 S203 the problem I'm having is to identify a replacement DVD (all), I transport but no drive. Can anyone point me in the right direction which readers will work.

Question about upgrading BIOS for Satellite P30 145

Hi all, first post! I have just received notification that there is an update of the BIOS for my laptop, Satellite P30-145, I downloaded and tried to install it but I get this message "the size of the rom file is incorrect" ideas?

Satellite P200-143 does not start

My Satellite P200-143 does not start. The led lights up and the drive light flashes once then nothing. Holding the buttome 'on' for 10 second light outside. I tried to take out the battery for the afternoon, but no effect Any suggestions? P

Satellite P100: No external charger USB/Fire-Wire port

When I plug my ipod into my fire-wire 4 pin port or a USB port on my laptop (satellite P100), it fails to load, even when it is plugged into the mains / power of a/c. I think I've found where I have to go into 'control panel', but need assistance on

Question about updating the BIOS for satellite P100-313

I want to update BIOS on my laptop. I tried to the Toshiba support for the update page and there are two different versions: 4, 00 - Win and 1, 40 - win. Both versions are from 09/07, but I have no idea of the version of the wich I'm supposed to choo

On my Satellite P100-347 cooling fan runs all the time

Hello I think I might have a problem with the fan on my Satellite P100-347. He seems to be constantly works constantly and is much stronger than when I bought the computer. Initially he just spent and if so, I think that this could now be wrong.Help,

Question about upgrade WiFi + Bluetooth on Satellite P20

Hello community,I want to improve the used Satellite, I had recently. Unfortunately, I can't find a few options I want on the Toshiba site. Which modules WiFi and Bluetooth do I need for the Satellite P20 and where I could buy those in Germany? TIACh

Cannot use webcam on my Satellite P200

I recently bought a Satellite P200 with integrated webcam. When I try to turn on the webcam I sometimes the message "locked by another application" and the cam will not turn on. -What it means and how the problem can be solved?

Satellite P200 and new update of BIOS 1.70

Hello Toshiba just released update 1.70 for their P200 model BIOS. Notice that I've seen is that the Logo has changed since in touch ith tomorrow at Toshiba leading an and the Intel logo is now black.haven't noticed all the new settings.

Satellite P100-286 (PSPAG) cannot connect to the TV via the s-video output

Hello I'm trying to connect my P100 from my TV using the S-video TV output and the TV is never detected. Even if I try to "force the detection" in the nVidia control panel. Any ideas?

Satellite P200 - 14 H: I'm looking for the ICC profile

Hello! I'm looking for the profile for my Toshiba P200 - 14 H. It is very important for me.Thanks for any help.Concerning

Question on the slots of RAM on Satellite P200

How to increase the ram to 2 GB (1 GB + 1 GB) to 4 GB?Satellite P200 has 4 slots and I add ram 1 gb + 1 gb for the unused slots, or only 2 slots and I need to replace the ram of 1 gb + 1 gb to 2 gb + 2 gb?

Displays swap when using double view Satellite P100

I have a Satellite P100 - 434 (PSPADE). I am using the laptop as main display and an LCD as a secondary monitor. I found that no matter how to configure it, using either the Vista view properties or via the Nvidea Control Panel, I get a problem where

Performance of the graphics card on the Satellite P100 - 10 p

I have a near new Satellite P100 - 10 p. On paper the performance figures was intrigued, but I was disappointed with the graphics performance: 1 games tend to have a temporary frame rate slowdown every 3 seconds approximately. 2 Media players often b

Update on the Satellite P30-133 hard drive

HelloI own a P133 Satellite with a 80 GB HARD drive and I would like to replace the HARD drive. 1. How do I "safely" take it out?2. how GB support Satellite3. likely to be mounted a Toshiba no? 99% of Yes, but sometimes producers are naughty and try

How to install XP on Satellite P200-16 X PSPB6E-XP can not see HDD

Hello!Well, I've seen and downloaded all the drivers for my laptop P200 - 16 X (PSPB6E), but... When I run the setup of Windows XP CD, it may not see the SATA drives that Vista can only do. I saw on Internet forums that we have to find the driver for

Satellite P100-10U preinstalled Vista cannot read DVD - event code 11

After the work with my new Toshiba P100-10U system could not read DVD more, it is still able to read CD-Roms! In Device Manager, an exclamation point grey is visible. The event log indicates repeatedly "Treiber Der hat einen Controllerfehler auf \Dev

BIOS update failed on Satellite P100

Hello! I have a Satellite P100.Yesterday, I updated the bios with the latest version launch windows Xp. But unfortunately windows crashed with BSoD (blue screen) during the update process.Now I brick my laptop. When I try to turn it on, the power LED
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