Satellite L30 won't start - error below messages

Can anyone help please? I have a satellite L30 & out of no where it does not startbelow error. I entered the bios & checked initialize preferences (disk HARD, ETC.)but all I get is the message below. I also tried a system restore, but nothing. For re

Can activate a Satellite L40 DVD burner

I recently bought a Satellite L40 (Vista Home) which came with a Pioneer DVD burner. The problem I have is that the player is currently disabled and that any attempt to activate the device fails. Can someone advise a solution because I can't use the

120 GB HARD drive is compatible with Satellite L35-SP4090

Hello ervery body. I have a Tosbiba Satellite L35-SP4090 and I want to buy a 120 GB hard drive.My question is?This hard drive will be compatible whith my laptop? Please, I need their help.Next time.

Satellite L40 - 14N - I can't use headset and microphone plug

I have a Satellite L40 - 14N whit Vista Home Premium.I did a restore on it. Now I can't find my sound volume of the helmet more and they also no longer work. My sound card is Realtek HD. Help, please.

Upgrade RAM would affect my warranty on Satellite L300 - 11G

Hello! I would like to buy Toshiba Satellite L300 - 11G, but it only has 1 GB of RAM.I will lose warranty if I open the computer case to put the extra memory? ConcerningAndrzej Hull

Re: Equium L350 - 10L - start with battery power

I just bought an Equium L350 - 10L. When he arrived, he has been turned on using the battery and started installing Windows. However, the battery expired and I can't cross the message of "close unexpectedly" even after reboot. How can I go back to sq

How to get openGL 1.2 on Satellite L30-105?

I have a Toshiba Satellite L30-105 with a Radeon x200m gfx/chipset.I tried to run a game which requires openGL 1.2 + and was surprised by the fact that I had didn't on my computer.Then I tried to download it, but found that he could only be installed

Satellite L300 14 c: driver download link does not work for XP

Hello! From the 19/05/2008, Windows XP compatible drivers & utilities launched by TOSHIBA, I try to download the same. But I am facing a common error for each download "Page is not found... "as if the source files are not all present or URL is wrong!

Question about the length of the battery on Satellite L40 - 14F

How long your battery does not? My NB is just an hour and a half... How about you? Thanks for the reply.(I use MS Windows XP)

Improve the performance of the Satellite L300 graphics software and games-Vista

After the first post on how I was disappointed with Toshiba L300, I found a solution for his performance on the use of software such as Photoshop, Corel and games like Warcraft III, NFS Pro Street, Titan Quest, Devil May Cry and so on. This tweak was

Satellite L40 - strange problem with battery LED indicator

Hello I have Satellite L40 - 18w and I have a problem. When the battery is low or that he is in charge of the led is orange, but when it is fully charged there is no led indicator. Even if I turn it on, there is no light and if I check the power conn

Starting on the Satellite L series problems

Hello :) I realize that my English is not good. I'm Polish. 1. I have a strange problem with my Satellite. First of all; A few weeks ago that he was not able to start if it was left alone all night. I could turn on it and loading on a black screen fo

Port USB of the Satellite L30 stop Windows when using

I recently bought a Satellite L30 (psl33E) for my wife and everything seemed fine. That was until she needed additional usb ports for his stuff and used the port on the left side of the machine (as opposed to the one still in use, in the back). As so

No audio device input on the Satellite L100-120

Hello!I have laptop Satellite L100-120. I have install audio capture device problem. Sound works fine, but there is no (disabled in the sound Manager) audio input device. I have Windows XP SP3 installed. audio driver is sound-psla0-xp-31100 any ideas

Is Satellite L300 identical Equium L300?

Are the same or not? I'm a fan of Toshiba. 1 year ago, I bought a Toshiba L30-105, which, in my opinion, was pretty good for my work. It was only ATI X200m, 80 GB and I have upgraded the memory to 2 GB bus 667 Mhz memory that work perfectly (Ram 667

Satellite L40 - 1.90 bios update has no effect on the reboot of Vista except

Hello We have a laptop L40 and very happy with it. There BIOS 1.60 and I want to update to 1.90. 32 - Vista Home Basic has been installed by default. He now has SP1. When I unzip the package and run the bat file (that start with binary winflash), the

Satellite L40 - 18Z: warnings of Tempo that 75% of the memory has been used

My dad recently bought a satellite L40 - 18z. Tempo began to give warnings that 75% of the memory has been used.When I checked there a 74 GB HDD with 3 partitions top - 1.46 GB (which I assume is the recovery partition), GB 37.26 labeled 'Vista', con

Satellite L30-113: is the temperature of my CPU too high?

Hi all I recently updated my BIOS to the latest version available on the Web from Toshiba website.I have a Satellite L30-113 (33rd PSL).I don't know if I will be paranoid, but maybe my fans are a little warmer now - I mean when I touch the grid where

Satellite L30-134: CPU Upgrade

Hello! I want to replace the CPU in this notebook. I'm confused because I can't find any information that UC is supported by the BIOS.I tried: T5500 (SL9U4), T5600 (SL9SG), T7200 (SL9SL), (SLA3P), T2600 (SL8VN), T2400 T7300 (SL8VQ). After you have in

Satellite L40 - 17R: after Xp installation, I've got unknow device

Satellite L40 - 17R - always unkhow material - how can I khow that? After I install WinXP finish and put all the drivers, but still 1unknow on the yellow mark... Pls tell me how to do this has disappeared.
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