Satellite L670-1john - difference between versions of BIOS

My laptop bios version L670-1john is 1.9, download, bios '2.10 - WIN. " What is the difference between the versions? It is necessary to update my bios?

Satellite L670-1john - activity of fan and temperature

Hello When my Satellite L670-1john is not in standby mode and when no application is running (only OS) with an ambient temperature 20 ° C temperature wich about must be the processor?At what temperature fan start and stop? Feeding method chosen is no

Satellite L300 - 'W' and 'F' keys not working do not - cannot open a session

Hello I have a Toshiba Satellite L300.My 'F' and 'w' keys do not work and because I have a built-in HARD drive password containing these letters, I can't start my computer. I got a problem "starting" a few months back, and what I had to do was restor

Satellite L500 - 'Boot from a hard disk BBS' shown at startup

I have a Satellite L500, when to start it comes up with 'boot from a hard drive BBS' and that's where he stays. I tried to change the sequence of boot and startup speed. Could this be related material or the recovery disc won't work?Any ideas I can t

Satellite L550: BIOS settings after upgrade of security suite

I have two of my machines restarted two nights there after an upgrade to my security suite. Now my office restarted without a hitch and the upgrade went through without incident.However my L550 rebooted to a screen called "Phoenix SecureCore Tiano Se

Problems with drive D: on my Satellite L500

This question concerns my Satellite L500! Right for my drive D has 148GB of memory and currently has a little over 3 GB left. I keep getting told to clear it down, but when we look through the files it is 7 GB taken by "HDD Recovery" and somewhere ar

Satellite L650-14F maximum and minimum temperature on idle

Hello guys and I hope that my question is not absurd. What is the maximum temperature on what kind of laptop? AS some of you may know, L650-14F has a strange coolyng system: for example, I play poker at P

Satellite L650D-120 - impossible to install various OS

Hello I am trying to install Windows XP Professional SP3 and Linux Ubuntu 10.10, but these systems do not recognize my laptop HARD drive or same installation process suddenly crashes before that. The only information that I could find sources online,

Satellite L40 - 14 days and Bluetooth

My laptop have BT and if not I can install it? Thank you.

Re: Satellite L40 - 17U: How can I turn off WLan switch?

Hello! How can I disable WiFi switcher, which at the front of the laptop in the power LED, battery, and hard drive?If it is possible :) Thank you.

Satellite L30 - 10Y is not available in my area

Hello Anyone know why there is no such cell phone as a Satellite L30 - 10Y? When I first registered there I had re-registered and the laptop came as a satellite L30 (PSL33). When I tried to access by clicking on the link for laptop computer, the foll

How to improve the performance of the Intel X 3100 on Satellite L300

Hello everyone. First of all, I don't know if this is an appropriate place to post this thread here or no, but I would like to share with you the experience relating to the improvement of Intel X 3100 (GMA965). As we know, there is no driver is good

Motherboard has Satellite L40 - 17R

I need to know what motherboard my pc contains, as I put it to date responsible drivers of my pc video card...I've been Googling for several hours and cannot find it. Please someone help me

Equium L300-146: 533 Mhz memory

My computer is a Toshiba Equium L300 with CPU: Intel T2370 bus 533 Mhz bus and Hynix ram 1 GB 667 Mhz originally come with the laptop. When I used a program like Everest and CPU - Z to check the setting of the computer, I recognized that memory runni

Satellite L40: Windows XP crashes often

Hello I am a happy owner of a L40 - Satellite - 18 that came with a XP SP2 as OS, everything was going fine until it crashes and showed me the blue screen (image memory) I thought at first, he was leaking memory simple and downloaded a RAM cleaner fr

Satellite L10-333: screen stays black, until I hit the edge of the screen

I have a Satellite L10-333, which is about 3 years old, it has suddenly started having screen problems.It started with a white screen instead of the normal and a black line all downstairs in the middle. Now when I turn on the pc, the screen remains b

Need older version of Bios for Satellite L30-113 PSL33E

Hello Can someone please provide me with an older version of bios for my laptop (L30-113 a.k.a PSL33E).Now I recently upgarded to version 3.10 of the toshiba site and now my laptop seems to generate a lot more heat than before. Also some of my USB po

Many combinations of Fn keys do not work on my Satellite L10

Hi, I had a portable Satellite L10, used with a lot of software. However, many of the key with the Fn key combinations do not work. FN more Esc, F6 F12 and the arrows above, everything works, but others that I can't do. Is it possible that they have

Need BIOS for Satellite L30 (PSL33E)

I need the original BIOS for Satellite L30-134 (PSL33E) - I again, but need of origin (older than v 3.10 - date 24/10/07). Thanks in advance :-)PS the model is PSL33E-00E013G3

Re: Satellite L40 - 14F: update the bios BACK

Hello world can someone tell me please which tool to use to flash back to 5.10 bios. I tried to use the version 4.23 afudos. When starts to blink he instantly returned error: problem of deletion of flash000000 (0%). THX
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