Satellite L40 - 18W does not work

Hi all I bought before Toshiba Satellite L40 - 18W notebook 4 months ago, it was working fine until yesterday.but when I turned on my Lap Top today is not shwoing something in the screen.only the power button and battaryLED is on, I have tried troubl

Upgrade HDD in Satellite L20-183

Can I replace the real 60 GB HARD drive with a 250 HARD drive (WD Scorpio 250 GB ATA/100 5400, 8 MB WD2500BEVE) without any other upgrade? BIOS V1.2

Cannot find driver LAN for Satellite L 312

Hello I had the driver problem. My laptop model is Satellite L312. the operating system is Windows XP Home edition, but now I go to the window Vista (business), but I had a problem, the company did not provide the driver me so that I do not the drive

Satellite L20 - keyboard keys two-way - this driver download.

I have a laptop Toshiba L20. I loaded Win XP but don't have original operating system. Problem is my '@' and '@' keys are two-way around... Can someone help me find the right driver for the keyboard?

Re: Satellite L20 - SLOT of RAM configuration

Hi, my L - 20 Satellite has a memory of 512 mg installed, I buy anti-spam memory ram of 1 GB to increase my memory and put it in the second slot.This block of RAM works well because I remove the old block of 512 MB and put it in the biggest and the B

Satellite L45-S4687 does not start

My Satellite L45-S4687 has power but will not start.The DVD - RW turns for a while, I get a quick ghost on the screen, the led lights up, but then it stops. May I know whether the hard drive or the failure of the cpu? Ken

Re: Satellite L30 - HARD drive replacement

Hi all I have a laptop of mate s... Satellite L30 (PSL33E), the hard disk of 60Go requires replacement, mk6037gsx, (born in the United Kingdom) Stuff where I could buy this player or equivalent, do come formatted, and is it OK to use of product recov

SD-L622A CD/DVD drive does not read some CD - Satellite L300-144

Reader TOSHIBA SD-L622A.The drive does not boot with Windows XP Service Pack 3 CD, starting with the diagnostic utilities CD (IMHO 2 CD format). Also, these CDs do not see a car even under Windows XP, Vista.My wife bought Toshiba L300, but another ch

Satellite L350D - 12 M crashed

We brought this laptop satellite l350D - 12M, two days ago and already there are problems with it.What we have done because we used first downloaded a complete software for anti virus and updated and updates of windows etc.We have not stored any othe

Re: Question of memory Satellite L300D - 12L

Hello I bought today the laptop above with 1 GB of memory installed, as a single unit of 1 GB. I already have 2 X 1 GB of the same variety as this laptop takes home, went up to install another unit, which gives 2 GB memory total. The laptop does not

Satellite L300 doesn't start after upgrade memory

I have a L300 (model PSLB0A - 08H 022 number) which came with 1x2GB ram. All the info I can find suggests that it can accept 4GB.I installed a second 2 GB of Geil DDR667 key and the system came with a lack of memory and could not start. Then I traded

I lost my Satellite L300 Bill

Hello! I lost the invoice of my Satellite L300, I bought 5. 5, 2008.What can I do now?Can I return the warranty? Monika

Creation of recovery disks without the ability to boot - Satellite L300

Hello! I have a Toshiba Satellite L300-139 (Vista, 160GG, 2 GB of memory). Hard drive has been damaged (when Vista starts, the system won't start at all, and each time only a white screen with the mouse arrow is shown--> tried all the choice + start

Installing Windows XP in a Satellite L350-16 t

Hello world I m planning to buy a Satellite L350-16 t and I would use it in winXP. I have a few questions: I see that there are drivers for Toshiba Satellite L350, but cannot see anywhere 16 T. Will it work?Is it necessary that winXP is service pack

Cannot find SD card on Satellite L300 - 13R PSLB0E

I m new to computers but I can t find the SD slot on my laptop.He said its on the front, but I do not see

Satellite L300 - external screen works fine until the Windows login

Hello world I am trying to use an external display with my Toshiba Satellite L300 and it works up until I have to Log in Windows (or in Ubuntu just had the same problem). At this point, the laptop does not seem to recognize the external display more

How conenct Satellite L300-13r to TV

Hi all I have a Toshiba Satellite L300-13r and want to connect it to my TV.The laptop has a VGA connection, but my TV has hdmi, s-video and the cards and taken CAR. Does anyone know what I need to plug? Thank you

Wireless driver not working not not to Satellite L40 (PSL48E) - Windows XP SP3 home edition

It is a win XP SP3 does not!I have installed the driver for the Toshiba homepage but not work.I have the BIOS update and nothing. No matter what?

Problems to install 4 GB of RAM on Satellite L300/L02

I bought a new Satellite L300/LO2 a few weeks back with 1 GB of RAM installed. Sheet product specification of Toshiba for laptop says "Total expandable memory up to 2 GB... If 4 GB is installed, recognized memory may be reduced (for configuration and

Satellite L40 beeps spontaneously from time to time

Since I bought my Toshiba Satellite L40, I started noticing that he paged spontaneously from time to time, rarely, but sometimes it does. The sound is like a Bios, a single beep, and nothing happens. There are two beep once a day, or a week, most com