VM the transition from one VLAN to another?

I have a Cluster with 5 knots on it. I need to move the virtual machine the different VLANS and ESX different machines, all suggestinos, how do I move them without much downtime?

VMware Server memory

HelloCan VMware Server 2.0 overallocate physical RAM of RAM? or I can just assign the same amount of physical RAM to VMS?If she can overallocate physical RAM memory, how can we overuse?Thanks in advance,

Customization of comments 2003 64 bit?

Running VC 2.5 U2 and I try to use the Customization Wizard to comments for 2003 64 bit VMs.  Doesn't seem to work.  I have installed sysprep tools:C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\VMware\VMware VirtualCenter\sysprepAnd uncompress

To access the ESX files in VI client

Help me crazy!The other week, I'm sure that I have accessesd the hosts/etc/folder through the VI client.    Now I don't remember for the life of me how I did it? ?:|I think it was a similar way that browse you files on a data store, but can't remembe

List of IP address and name of the virtual machine in a virtual

Hello worldNice to be back on this forum. Actually, I'm trying to get all the Vm name and corresponding virtual center using VI SDk2.5 ipadress. Also is it possible to enumerate all ESX under Virtal Center - & gt; and all (Vm + ip) under ESX.

Get-vmhost | Get-VMHostStorage - RescanAllHBA

Hi allI use this command to rescan all host host bus adaptersGet-vmhost | Get-VMHostStorage - RescanAllHBAjust a question did this scan with the "Scan for new VMFS Volume" checked?I don't want to scan for VMFS volume!See you soon

. DAT and. EXE

My first app, I have just thinapped.I read earlier on. DAT files created with. EXE files if they become too big.  Well, my first app thinapped created the. DAT and. EXE files.I also read that you can simply rename the. DAT file. EXE.  Is this wise? 

Fusion 2.0 on Leopard boots bootcamp partition, but does not change?

HelloI have XP pro installed via bootcamp (NTFS) on a new macbook pro on leopard 10.5.5.I installed fusion 2 and successfully to have it load windows on the bootcamp partition.However, when I start XP native mode by restarting, it loads XP as it was

Data Center information

Y at - it an easy way to retrieve information from data center in VC such as:Number of:-Hosts-Virtual Machines-Groups-Networks-Data warehouses

ESX 3.I Installation doubt

HelloTo after my understanding, ESX 3.5, I did take the next partition? Is this correct?If it's good for 3.5i which required only the IP address and the set root password, how does the system know the GB how much should be used for VMFS (hard drive)?

Unable to see uptime in a virtual Center on a virtual machine

Someone of experience or know of what is need a Virtual Machine display the availability of Virtual Center. Some of my Virtual Machine that displays the uptime of Virtual Center, but some do not display.

How to move the VM to another storage without Virtual Center

Hello-I read some other posts on the moving a virtual computer to another storage without Virtual Center and there is a good post, but I have different problems, because my situation is a little different.My VC is currently stored on a local storage

VMware server 2.0 - cannot import vmware images for inventory

I reinstalled my server from scratch (Ubuntu 8.04, 64-Bit including VMware server 2.0 build 122956).The installation program is fine and I can access my server with the VI 2.5 client. Unfortunately, I can't import my virtual machines through the VI c

Help PowerShell script/Windows VI Toolkit

OK, I am new to Windows PowerShell since I started watching this VI Toolkit yesterday.  I am trying to create an automated task on my Virtual Center Server to update VMWare tools on my production virtual machines within hours early in the morning, so

Fusion does not work after reinstalling bootcamp

The previous installer: install Bootcamp with XP and using Fusion for xp from os x.I improved my internal hard drive and used superduper to copy on my existing mac partition.  However, my xp partition has not transferred because superduper does not r

How long the task reference is valid?

HelloWe have created a task of snapshot to create and get the task using VI SDK Java reference.We get the taskinfo to the MOR and everything seems good.But our code is such that it uses the MOR repeatedly to get the taskInfo (this is not necessary an

MIGRATION: License number

HelloI have a question about licenses when an ESX 3.5 migrting existing to a new.I have a license file in use on the "old" ESX Server and I want to create a new (NEW SERVER and NEW SAN) ESX Server, install/migrate the virtual computer. During the ins

Synchronize the time on ESX 3.5 hosts

HelloCurrently, we use Windows Time service for time synchronization, but are trying to get away from that and use VMware tools time synchronization function. We strive to set up and use NTP on the hosts (which are ESX 3.5 Update2). Anyone can guide

Differences in memory VM

Hi when we open a virtual computer to a customer of VI, in the Summary tab, it shows the following information about memroy.Memory:Overload memory:Use of Memeory host:Use of the memory of comments:Can someone tell me the difference between them? For

Corruption VCDB

does anyone know of any tool that can detect and repair any corruption VCDB?I had a problem of migration of our VCDB of SQL Express 2005 to SQL 2005 and vice versa. Which was caused by major dramas related to the attempt of VCA activation on a cluste
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