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Windows partition is displayed

I had windows works perfectly and yesterday, I decided to create a third partition and since I created it the windows partition shows no more, I can only see in disk utility, but I can't access to this

Objekt einfügen im Powerpoint

Hallo, ICH nutze office: mac 2011 (staff & student) und habe seit kurzem following Fehlermeldung: "Serveranwendung, Quelldatei oder nicht found element. ME Sie dass path und Dateiname kreatin sind oder installieren Sie die Servieranwendung neu. » ICH

Partition Windows 10 disappeared after the installation of El Capitan

@Loner T - seems you have helped others on this question and hope you can help me through it too.  I have a MBP early in 2013 with a 500 GB SSD.  I allowed the upgrade to El Capitan, and like others, this is the boot camp partition disappear.   Holdi

Excluir uma particao windows

Estou tendo dificuldades em excluir uma particao

Macros on Excel 2016 for Mac

Hello I have an excel for work file that contains macros. Whenever I have run the macros, it only allows me to open it in the "Read-only" format I just downloaded the Office 365 Personal today because a technician told me that it will correctly open

corrupt Capitan bootcamp update

Solitary (continuing from Re: haywire Bootcamp went after Yosemite update) I am facing the same problem when I upgraded to OS X EL Capitan. Here's my setting prashanths-MacBook-Pro: meanHelloWorld pranag$ sudo gdisk/dev/disk0 Password: Sorry, try aga

El Capitan on older iMac

I have an older iMac (mid-2009), who is currently running Yosemite and using Bootcamp to allow the operation of Windows 7.  Apparently, my iMac will not run Windows 8 or 10 under Bootcamp.  I want to upgrade my iMac to El Capitan, but I must also hav

I can not instalar o windows 10

Por favor, elem. initialization use o ao, ja no final do processo cylindrical um erro: erro seu nao pode ser particionado hd

space missing after the process of partitioning failed. I lost 500 GB and can not get it back.

Hi, space on my hard drive disappeared after the process of partitioning failed. I interrupted the process, and after my boot drive lost 500 GB that I wanted to use it to boot camp. Now I can't get it back. Used diskutil resize the volume, but get th

Partition lost after diskpart own

Hello In attempting to bootcamp 10 Windows on a MBP 2010 6.2 via the USB port, I was running in issues with the hybrid MBR/GPT tables this created Boot Camp Assistant. I came across some terrible advice that a clean "diskpart" would facilitate the qu

windows installation failed 8.1 via bootcamp

Hello I tried to install a windows partition 8.1 on my macbook pro via bootcamp assistant. All of a sudden my computer restarted and the message "your computer restarted because of a problem." appeared on my screen. When I logged in I found that it w

Windows on Macbook 2009 10

Hello I've updated to 10 Windows on my MacBook. The installation process has worked well, and I was able to use Windows yesterday. However, off the computer for the first time after the upgrade, I can't past the ctrl + alt + del window when I try to

I have a new MBP and can't find Hello - where can I get it?

I have Yousemite 10.10.5 but no Hello never installed. Do I need? Where can I find it?

Messed up Partition Bootcamp

Hello Thank you to everyone who reads this or can provide any help. System iMac (27-inch, late 2009) 10, 1 iMac El Capitan 10.11.1 10 Windows via bootcamp.  Started by Windows 7 HP and updated via Windows 8 pro and pro 8.1. Background About 2 weeks a

BootCamp "preparation-auto-repair" after the triple-boot Linux install.

Hi everyone and thank you in advance for your help, I'm pretty desperate here... I use a retina MacbookPro 13 "with dual-boot OS X el-captain and Win8.1 for years, with also a small third partition"shared file ". Today, I needed to install a small pa

I can't download the application for mac windows phone. The message: you are interested in the content is now available in the store. How can I synchronize microsoft limia and macbook?

I can't download the application for mac windows phone. The message: you are interested in the content is now available in the store. How can I synchronize microsoft limia and macbook?

Double disk bootcamp windows problem

I have a Macbook pro (mid-2012) with bootcamp 5.1.2 installed on a 0 X Mavericks (10.9.5). After trying for months to find a solution to this problem I was able to install windows 7 on my other drive (SSD), 'seed' that follows some advice to unplug t

Bootcamp cleared after upgrade to El Capitan

Hi, I followed the steps in this thread: El Capitan has deleted my windows bootcamp partition that I could do until I reached the point to use gdisk to write the new requirements of the partition from the results of testdisk. I get the following erro

Boot Camp 6.0.0 and drive of Fusion 3 to - Go or NO GO?

All Mac users know, we try to launch FALLOUT 4 on our Boot camped iMacs!  It's GO or NO GO to try this with a Fusion 3 TB drive?

iMac Bootcamp slow disk? Upgrade SSD?

Hello I have an iMac that I bought in January 2014. The configuration is: NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 1 GB GDDR5 3.1 GHz Quad - core Intel Core i7, Turbo Boost up to 3.9 GHz 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 SDRAM - 2 x 4 GB 1 TB 5400 RPM Serial ATA hard drive Now, I ru
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