Deleting disabled toolbars.

Previously, I posted a question pertaining to malware Snap.Do and is grateful for the direction that made me.  I found out since that there are three persons with disabilities Snap.Do toolbars that I want to delete, having read and tried - a number o

Cannot open files PPS & SXC

I have Windows 7 on a laptop and Windows 8 on another. Can open files SXC & PPS on Windows 7 but not on Windows 8.

None of the applications work

I have windows 8, everything was fine until recently. Now, none of the applications are working or showing, even if they are pinned?Help, please.

I have a new windows mobile 8 hp psc 1315 printer offline how can I fix

I have a new Toshiba Satellite with the new operating system and I have a problem my printer hp 1315, it is offline and I can't do it online. can anyone help?

Is this enough?

I have a Lenovo Y410p running Windows 8. I created a backup on an external hard drive using OneKey Recovery. So here's an imaginary scenario - surprise! My C: drive is empty: no apps, no files, no OS, nothing. Question - is my external drive enough t

change the emails on the administrative account

Is it possible to change the email associated with my administrative account? I accidentally closed Windows Live account with this email, and now the password doesn't always work.

Restrict the application in the account invited for win8

I tried everything I know to restrict apps and my personal files for the guest account, but everything which limited was my personal files only. How can I limit access to my requests in guest account?   Need help... Thank you!

Run the file from the Task Scheduler

Is it possible to open a specific file by using the Windows Task Scheduler?

WIN8 connection keyboard

I did an upgrade of Win8 in my laptop with my hotmail account and everything went smoothly. But when I rebooted after one day, I was unable to connect with bad view password. After a lot of testing, I was able to find the keyboard on the screen, usin

A very basic question dialogue IRT and the message boxes...

What is the difference between a dialog box and in a message box? What the heck is a palette window? I'm quite confused...

Printer Communication error

Hi all, there I just upgraded my PC to Windows 7 Ultimate for Windows 8 Pro and now I am having problems with my printer A3, which is a dinosaur, I'm afraid, an Epson Stylus Photo 2100 but worked a treat on windows 7 Ultimate but I get an error under

processor power. i5? Quad core?

Hello, this question has been buggin me for awhile! When you buy a computer, the said processor is dual core, i3, i5, or i7. What do these numbers mean? An i7 will be also called a quad core or a core of six. And that, to me, does not make a lot of s

Updated to the media library

I had my Windows 8 Pro license. Now, for an additional payment, I got library too, but with a new set of keys. The fact that humans 2 DVDs (32 bit & 64 bit) I had are not worth more., and I get another set of DVD?

Windows 8 wireless connection problem

I just bought a new laptop with Windows 8 and half an hour to put on, I lose network connectivity wireless on all devices in my home, new laptop, iphone, ipad, galaxy tablet.  The ipad, the iphone, and the Tablet first in loose connectivity followed

How can I disable my keyboard integrated?

I spilled water on it and now its useless. I use an external keyboard (USB). I tried to disable the keyboard integrated via the Device Manager, it asked me to restart, I did, but his back again installed the next time you start. I looked at other sol

Having problems installing Visual Studio Windows 8 in 2012

Hi, I'm just trying to install Visual Studio 8 on my computer Windows 8, and it does not go past the first step. The installation runs and no longer go far as I left during the night to see if it's time, he needs, and it stuck

I get an error of unexpected kernel mode.

Original title: Mr President every time I connect to internet in my laptop my lappy automatically restarts and gives error like unexpected kernel mode please help me... whenever I connect to internet in my laptop my lappy automatically restarts and g

YouTube dowloader / mega, MF_MEDIA_ENGINE_ERR_SRC_NOT_SUPPORTED: HRESULT 0 80070005.

When I use the youtube dowloader / hit when I want to watch the videos, I get the legend, MF_MEDIA_ENGINE_ERR_SRC_NOT_SUPPORTED: HRESULT 0 80070005 and I work as a workaround, and I worked a little longer? Since already thank you very much

I want to use my controller xbox 360, but windows 8 is not under operating systems, what should I do?

I want to use my controller xbox 360, but windows 8 is not under operating systems, what should I do?

The notebook does not work in Windows 8

Update WIN 7 Ultimate to Win 8 PRO. Notepad opens and the message can be typed into it. When you try to save the file, a part of message informs you that the notebook has failed. When the pane is closed, closes Notepad and typing is lost.
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