How to send the Web page or an e-mail link

I have a Surface Pro and can't find how to send a page or an e-mail link that I can in any browser.

Impossible to close a domain account

I installed Windows 8 Pro. I have a domain with a roaming profile account. When I try to log out of the account it will not disconnect you. I have just the message "signing". I leave for the weekend and it never came out. Thanks for the help! Gary

cutting in Windows 8 calendar tool

How to use the cutting tool while using the calendar of Windows 8?

Re install the sd card reader

Hi, I've updated to windows 8, I got my sd card reader works properly until very recently, when I refresh my pc... How to re install sd card reader?  kindly help...

Where is the internal microphone located in an Acer V5?

Original title: microphone could someone help me find the location of my internal microphone? It's an acer v5... Thank you

Call of Duty 1 download not additional mods on the server

I just got a CM Asus-6730-08 who has windows 8 on it. I played call of duty 1 without any problems on windows 7. I currently have the latest patch installed as well. Now I can only enter the server if I have off downloads and I can't change my name t

Playback devices are turned on and off at the same time.

Somehow, my audio devices have all been disabled and enabled at the same time. I have speakers and bluetooth headset and it shows they are both active in the playback Panel devices and my headset as default device. The equalizing bar which usually go

Windows 8 re - download

I buy 3 x the upgrade for my pc 1 x and 2 x portable I saved the downloads on my NAS drive last week the NAS failed and all data is gone I need to redownload installs it to upgrades 3 x Please indicate how to on this subject Thank you

Error setting up printer Canon lbp 3300 in windows 8

Hi all Please tell me if the Laser Canon LBP 3300 printer can be installed in Windows 8 or not. If Yes, then please guide. Thank you

Fix resolution Windows 8 eMachines em350

Hello world! I have a problem with my emachines em350. resolution is too small to operate windows 8 metro apps. I tried Display1_DownScalngSupported but it doesn't work because it doesn't find this registry. Help, please! Sorry for my bad English. Th

Toshiba Satellite C655D

Until leveled for Windows 8. Internet, CD and DVD does not work, it says that the drivers are up to date. Help.

Windows 8 wallpaper

12 JUL 13, my experience has stopped working. I can't turn on my wallpaper of Windows 8. It uses by default a UNITED COLOR of black or any other color but no images. Windows 8 is activated and registered. I'm unable to open the local Group Policy Edi

How always display the date with taskbar buttons activated in widows 8?

It's got to be average, just to be there. Even using the buttons small taskbar, it is actually enough space to have always the date and stacked. I would be well with them, next to each other also. I don't really understand why the date masks even as

Impossible to remove an application from the context menu

\ 64-bit Windows 8 Cannot delete an application (Magic ISO) from the context menu, even if the Application is to uninstall programsHow to remove the context menu?

I have some serious issues update to existing and new to download applications.

Hello I just bought a laptop with w8 I have some serious issues update to existing and new to download applications. When I click to download an app it still works but does not settle anything. at this point, I can't click the back (arrow) button to

To upgrade the CPU and do not know where compatibility

Don't know if this is the right place to ask this question, but here goes. I want to replace the cpu in my laptop. 2.4 gh in a dual core are simply not enough for me. Can I get a quad core or 6? Where can I find out what motherboard I have so I can s

Updates Windows Store

I just picked up a problem with temporary profile... Well not completely. I copied all my files of the previous administrator and made a new account. And now I can not install updates of the Windows store AND cannot even open Windows applications suc

Does anyone have a Samsung Camcorder VP-D352 Driver - for windows 8

set up the disk support DV pro 1.0 seems to be but when I run 'programs for older versions of Windows' it is not successful.  Site search Web reveals the sites offering the VP-D352 drivers, but I don't really understand how to proceed further with th

Windows 8 corrupted installation TrueCrypt encrypted another disk with Windows XP

Hello, I need help. I just installed new Windows 8 on an empty partition of the secondary drive. The first drive I got the previous installation of Windows (XP). Unfortunately, I forgot, this hard drive is encrypted TrueCrypt. Windows 8 now works OK,

How to save the key wind8 in line/how to protect the product key from a misuse?

I've recently updated for win8 using my cousins and his email address credit card. Now, my windows 8 is activated, but since he had added his e-mail address in the upgrade process that he got a copy of the original receipt with the product key. Altho