with win 64 pro 8 comment get a driver for the epson stylus color 500 rx scan

with win 64 pro 8 comment get a driver for the epson stylus color 500 rx scan

Me help!

EU estalei o SIMS 2 sempre amendments outros computadores estalei o, e não deu certo was travando toda hora nesse e meu not e novinho, me help! Obrigada!

Applications of type Windows 8

What is the difference between desktop applications and applications of type Windows 8?

error message when updating apps

just got new laptop yesterday and trying to update user applications on the other account, I get an error message. I did not any changes to the other computer then what was Laura to do at the start of the new laptop computer


IK hoop dat ik mijn question in Dutch mag plaatsen?... system Windows 8 Wij didn't een NIET bedraad computer laptop WiFi in Destop PC WEL bedraad en willen alle bestanden een puts unique delen w.o. printer, music, pictures, etc. Bij het SELGITUSKIRI

Display MSN in Japanese in IE, Japanese Windows Installer apps store

Hey, all the I just reinstalled windows 8 after upgrading to an i7 4770 k and the new motherboard.  All of a sudden, IE has started to move into the MSN Japan, and the Windows store began installing updates of basic applications, such as games and mu

My HP ENVY Sleekbook CTO 6z-1100 does not recognize my bluetooth speakers

I can't get my pc to my new bluetooth speakers. They work on everything else that I their pair. The option to allow my pc detect bluetooth devices will no longer appear.

Older games won't let me install them.

I recently bought a new laptop running windows 8 x 64 and I love it. My only complaint is that I have several older games, I would still like to enjoy but I constantly run into the same error, no matter the game I try to install. Its always the same

How to set gmail as default email.

How to configure gmail to default e-mail, so I can see it in the list of default programs and be able to use the Dragon Speaking software. I have windows live mail installed but it did not accept the default value. shipinom

Application Windows 8 people...

Hello I have two question regarding the application of people: First of all, how can I change the way names are?  Rather than first name and then last name, I'd rather have the list defined by family name Secondly, how can I include my conatcts Offic

Low craching shows and games

Hello. I am needing help with my PC. Let me star describing the test bench: -Processor Intel celeron -Asus P8H61-MLX Rev. 3 motherboard -4bg ram -Asus GTX570 DirectCUII GPU -Windows 8 Pro x 64 Now the problem: HE did clean install of OS 3 times with

Several apps are broken. No access to e-mail, calendar, messaging, or people.

I have several apps that started crashing. I don't know if it's because of the recent updates, but the mail, messaging, calendar and people apps all the crash then immediately opened.

Why my epson sx115 used a printer work on windows 8 is installed in a computer laptop hp g6

I have triebut even that does not workd using the driver updated

I accidentally created my email twice.

When I put on Windows 8 email accounts, I've accidentally set up an e-mail account, but I did it twice. One is designated the "primary email". The main account only sends outgoing e-mail and the other only receives emails.  I wanted to delete both an

My Explorer Microsoft touch does not connect to the computer (Win 8 and 7 or iMac)

I bought a touch of Explorer Microsoft wireless mouse and cannot understand why the mouse does not connect. The small usb dongle is recognized and the mouse turns works. The optical light is blue and the touch sensor clicks when I run my finger on it

How to add you to the shortcut from the desktop to the start menu?

Original title: Short cut Hi, how do you add high office to the start menu?

How to fix the field updates

Hi I was updating my windows 8 pro and all the windows update from the internet has been disconnected and many updates has been the field now is more able to install updates failed, how can I install them (I mean when I check for updates updates fail

How to put pictures as program default for import in Windows 8?

I asked this already in the Photo Gallery section, but we ask here in the Windows 8 forums instead.  She is probably right that this is not a feature of the program, but the OS, so I should ask here.  Here's the question: The default for importing ph

Windows 8 x 64: wallpapers and Windows default themes do not appear

Hi, having a problem with Windows 8 do not have do not fund screen/desktop computer, even if it is a default Windows Theme. It will show the wallpaper or the same default theme saved on screen, but only a black screen is displayed on the screen. The

SideBySide error event ID: 9

In my event log, I get a "SideBySide" with an event ID 9 error. Here is the description as shown in log event. Activation context generation failed for "c:\program files\WinZip\adxloader.dll.Manifest." Error in manifest or policy file "c:\program fil
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