My printer driver does not connect to my new laptop

Original title: too old printer? My printer driver does not connect to my new laptop it says my hp7150 is a usb device that is older and may not work with usb 3 try usb 2?

My microsoft money program stop working on my new laptop with Windows 8

Everything works very well for months and all of a sudden one day he told me that he stop working. No reason to explain why or how come. All answers there?

Error "this computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software" when you try to install Intel_ME_Driver.

Original title: error this computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software I tried to install Intel_ME_Driver because I have updated my pc to win7 for win8 when I try to install they showed me an error message saying: this

How to bring back my digital version of Windows 8?

I had Windows 8 for promotion using get for $15. Well, I recently had a problem with my computer and had to do a factory reset the game my OS back to Windows 7, which came on the PC. Is it possible to re-download the software Windows 8 on my PC? I ke

How to upgrade to Windows 8?

Original title: * e-mail address is removed from the privacy *. Why can't I get a upgrade to Windows 7?

a question of building a windows desktop 8

Hello. I'm building a new system of office up to the installation of windows 8. The MB is an asus p8h67m pro with an ssd from ocz sata2. However, when I try to install 8 64-bit windows, I get a message to "load the driver - .we couldn't find any read

connect a network drive

I bought a Surface Pro yesterday. I have the joint to my wireless network. I've mapped to a network against a NAS drive. I traced a network drive on my desktop running Windows 7 computer. I have also two servers to Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows

Money 2005 and Windows 8

If I load Microsoft Money 2005 on my disk and restore my data from a flash drive on a new computer, with Windows 8, it'll work? [Moved from comments]

OS temas ficam incompletos no meu pc como resolvo isso?

Quando coloco temas as mudam o explorador archives pasta, etc. e, não muda tudo muda o papel parede so e letras! Espero that me help com esse problema!

Disable the keyboard screen and change the currency format.

Original title: parameters 1. whenever I start my windows 8 pro, keyboard display on this subject...How to disable that?2. in the windows store, the currency format is in Euros. How can I change the Indian currency?

for vista is an option refresh/reinstall as windows 8

Hai for windows vista is an option refresh/reinstall as windows 8. I think that my 'C' drive has a lot of junk files.  I just wanted to keep my own os disk.

Device drivers Winbond CIR ARVA, where I can get it please. Help someone

Device drivers Winbond CIR ARVA, where I can get it please. Help someone

Why used to key Windows 8, Windows 8 download work?

I bought a new computer last year, which came with Windows 8 is installed.  I decided that I preferred Windows 7 so I installed my original Windows on Windows 8 7N. Now, I want to give this computer a member of the family and I would like to re - ins

I listened to a station rado on wmp I can no longer connect to.

Error message is... Windows Media Player cannot read all items in the playlist. To get information about the problem, click on the icon next to each file in the list pane.

How do you add a photo/image for a post?

How do you add a picture to a message? Believe it or not< i="" did="" this="" successfully="" a="" few="" days="" ago="" but="" now="" i="" can't="" figure="" out="" how="" to="" do="" it=""> I tried drag-and - drop from my computer, use the BBCode f

Shortcuts commands vs hybrid sleep

I tried to create a desktop shortcut to place my computer Windows 8 in mode "standby".  After a lot of research online, I tried several proposed commands (ex: rundll32.exe powrprof.dll, SetSuspendState 0,1,0), each of which seem to place the computer

How can I get a license to buy Bejeweld

After reaching level 10, I tried to buy the bejeweled "not obtained license.

Why my screen keep switching applications in winows 8?

My continuous switching computer applications when I'm in the middle of something - it seems to happen when I touch the mouse pad, and usually when I'm working in an Office application.

Autodesk 3ds Max 2013 works only with Windows 8

Original titile: Autodesk 3ds Max 2013 Hello, I can not type decimal numbers in 3ds max on Windows 8. for example, when you type 1.5 or 1.55 after the decimal point is ignored and the result is 1.0 of course I can do with cursors of parameter with th

How can I fix code 0 x 80240022 I use window 8, if I'm runing udate on my window Defender

I try to run the update on my windows Defender 8, is me given the error code 0 x 80240022. How to fix it.
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