Airport extreme not recognized by airport utility

Comcast serves intermittent internet Chronicle, which I think is part of the problem but not all that.  Their router is connected to my Time Capsule., which seems solid, but I've reconfigured several times due to my primary problem.  I bought a new w

iPhone and iMac must be on the same band?

I have the Apple Airport TimeCapsule so and it is dual band then the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz are both active. I would have my iMac connected to the iPhone 5 GHz and m to be connected to the 2.4 Ghz but it is impossible, as if I connect to my iPhone, the sa

Question extreme airport

I have a problem with my AirPort Extreme, it keeps me internet kickoff I have reset the router no chance. I have two Airport express one extreme and a time capsule I hard wire my modem and it works What do I do next was seen the problem for weeks? Pr

Several utilities for Time Capsule

I hard set up Time Capsule and so tried to do 3 times.  Now, I have Time Capsule utility 1, 2 and 3 and none work properly.  How can I delete all these and start again as if for the first time? Thank you. -Carol

How to extend the Airport Express Wireless Network at guesthouse?

Currently have an Airport Express (fairly new, updated). Centrally located in my house. I have a guest house which has a garage and a front door door aside. Guest House is about 56 feet from the main house. I can get the wifi outside, (4 bars) up to

Airport express in the current state only virtual network

I I currently don't no cable, dsl, or any other wifi in my house. Can I use Airport express the most convenient to use my iPad for Apple TV AirPlay?

Not the most convenient airport

I tried to change my user and the airport of "works" password. Airport utility shows green Internet but shows no airport. I tried all the fixes and made sure everything was up to date. When I reset and tried to start over, he's not asking for my sett

Use the old hard drive?

I just replaced my old time capsule with a new one. Can I now use the old time capsule as a hard drive? I wired to this old laptop and you want to back up laptop to manually time capsule. But I do not see the capsule in the finder. shouldn't this wor

I renew the DHCP on my Airport Express Extender several times a day.

I have a time Capsule airport connected to an ATT Uverse router mode bridge as my wifi router.  I have Airport Express 6 throughout the House using wifi Extender.  I have to renew the DHCP lease on a large number of Extenders several times a day to k

Apple airport time capsule 2 TB HD Wireless with encryption?

Hello I know that the time capsule is intended for backup and knows he can have external hard drive but I heard that it can be a wireless file server. Now, my questions are: 1: what methods are there for this (without hard drive) 2: is there encrypti

Airport not showing is not as network device?

My Airport Extreme 802.11ac does not appear in the finder as a network device. It showed in the previous Extreme model I was using, then leave for any reason any. After messing around for a month or two, then trying to get it working again, I bought

How can I use my time capsule as a hard drive on an existing network accessed through a password

How can I use my time capsule as a hard drive on an existing network, storage, accessed through a password?

I can't open my Iphoto of time machine

I can't open my iphone to time machine. So, I don't know if the pictures have been saved or not. Thank you

Does not see the utility Airport Airport Extreme or any other device in the House on the network. However, all devices are getting internet.  Backups on external hard drive are going wireless, too. Yosemite day and other software. What should do?

Said Airport utility cannot find extreme AP, which used to be on the network and shows no other devices on the network. But all devices (MBPro, MBAir, iMac, iPod touch, iPad 2 air2) are connected to the internet. Wireless backups on external drives a

I have a macbook pro and airport Time capsule and want to delate all data on Time capsule. How this is done

I have a macbook pro and airport Time capsule and want to delate all data on Time capsule. How this is done

can I take my time with me capsule to use as an external drive?

I will be away for several months, taking only my laptop. All my work files are on the Big Mac, who will not be with me. If I take the capsule of time with me, I can access all the backup files as if I had to access the Big Mac?

the airport does not connect to the internet new

I moved and now my airport does not connect to my new internet provider.  Can anyone suggestion solutions?

How to use express airport when I have the cable modem? you want to listen to music in stereo.

Hi all, this issue is driving me crazy. the goal was to use an Airport Express station to listen to the music of my devices in my stereo and a DAC to warm up the sound, but do not know how to connect because I have a cable modem my network on. I just

Can I start again with time capsule 2 TB existing using an existing iMac and a new iMac.

Trying to understand several iMacs and Time Capsule.  Can I save a 2 iMacs on my Time Capsule?  I am running AutoCAD LT 1015 on my new iMac, so far, I've not put back up on my Time Capsule.  I'm worried it might be a problem with the existing backup
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