Can I use multiple partitions on a disk network with AirPort Extreme?

I want to be able to add a hard drive 2 TB to my AirPort Express 802.11ac and have the drive partitioned as well as 1 TB is for a Time Machine backup and the other 1 TB then for file storage? While I understand the need to use an external engine hard

Questions about the Time Capsule

Hello I currently have an iMac 21.5 "4 k (end of 2015) with SSD and a 3 TB eternal desktop hard drive allows you to store my media (music, movies, photos, etc.). I am looking to buy a Capsule 2 TB to save my iMac and my MBA. The TC would very probabl

Why the different RSSI in the same place?

My iPad 2 Air and older MB Air, iPhone 6 + are all sitting on my desk, within 1 foot shape each other.  The TC is about 15 feet through 2 walls.  It is located about 8 feet above the ground.  RSSI for MBA is - 68 dBm, iPad is-65 dBm and iPhone is dBm

computer is connected to the airport, but nothing else does

My time capsule airport is plugged in and the light is green.  My iMac is connected to the network via wifi without problem, but nothing else will connect.  My iPhone and apple TV to see the network to connect to, but when I select keep just try and

Port forwarding on Time Capsule for Geniego

Anyone know how to configure the port forwarding on time capsule? I need to set a port 8082 & 8083 for my Directv Geniego.

How can I connect my Airport time capsule to the nbn optus

I just got the NBN Optus connected and time capsule doesn't seem to work, can anyone advice on how to connect. I connected to a modem (Sagem Fast 38640op) with cable but the mac does not expect a return to the top

Sounds of Time Capsule airport

My Time Capsule airport is make screaming noises. Is this an indication that the drive should be replaced?

Don't be fooled time capsule airport drive. constantly drops disk access.

Once more my time machine airport - drive airport lost connection. It's extremely frustrating. I struggled with this "drive is no longer connected / cannot connect to the drive from the airport" intermittently for more than a year since I bought this

How to limit my Time Machine backup size?

Hi, I have a 3 TB Time Capsule. My macbook uses all the 3 TB for backups. I would like to limit the size of the Time Machine backups to 1.5 TB and use the rest for my own files. Is there any setting or application in App Store to limit the size of th

Time Capsule visitor files a network (associated with possible network connectivity)

I have one Capsule of 3 TB I bought in early 2015.  I had a very frustrating problem from the beginning with her down my network, apparently at random.  I tried a lot of different things, and nothing worked, so I post to see if anyone else can help.

Network of comments can be hidden?

The AP TC can be hidden?  Does not appear like this.  Looking for a confirmation.

20 Megs connection provider

I have a 20 megs plan with my provider, is the Airport express supports this connection or I have limited speed?

Airport Extreme REPLACE Comcast xfinity box of fact?

If I buy an Airport Extreme, do I put up to REPLACE my current Comcast xfinity box (coax in, ethernet Mac, wifi for iPhones) or it is somehow more the existing box (Arris Touchstone TG862 telephony gateway). I have trouble with my mapping ProAnalyst

time capsule to Apple airport

Airport apple creates its own wifi?

Is there a way to see the ip address of the devices connected via the airport?

Hello world Is there a way to see the ip addresses of the devices connected via the airport? I can see the name of the devices but not what ip are they? Thanks in advance.

Airport Extreme bandwidth

Hello I have 1 Gbps internet and an Airport Extreme. But my airport extreme speed 80 MB/s why?

Airport access off-grid

Hello, I just bought a Time Capsule from the airport and I would like to know if it is possible, and if so, how could I access it outside my network. Also, I want to say that it works really slow, but I don't know the reason, some trick? Thank you ve

put Airport Express before or after the switch?

Believing that it is preferable to wire as much of my LAN House as possible, I ran ethernet in all the House of my office (where desktop computer, printer and modem/router DSL reside) in my living room (Roku, Apple TV, etc. where).  The living room i

External network drive helps to work with Time Machine

I did research on my brain for the last 2 days on this subject, because I have to remove a ton of material from my laptop before he goes kaput (spoke yesterday on another post) Here's the plan... I think so: I want to move photos, films (home movies

Airport base station utility is not compatible whit

"I bought an Airport Express 2005 model, when I try to connect to my Macbook pro, I get the message: this version of Airport utility is not compatible whit this base station. Any suggestion on what to do? Thank you.
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