Is there an SSD in the time Capsule ME177Z/A?

I think to buy a time capsule (and not a Synology NAS). However, the NAS has two advantages:-SSD-online speed drive -2 road to loan-online security If readers speed is the same, I'll go for the TC should be easier... Thank you Michael

External backup drive is de-energized regularly

Hello I use a network and wifi Time Capsule backup 4 separate computers. Some connect to the drive internal TC, some on a 4 TB external drive connected by USB to the TB. Once records have been chosen through the Time Machine preferences panel, everyt

Use Time Capsule with common carrier online

Hello I have a new House that has pre wired Ethernet, but I don't know where the switch is. I have a lot of smart devices in my house, including the bulbs of Hue, Thermostats Ecobee, door to Garage Chamberlain, etc. as well as the different computers

How to check the power of the signal to an extended airport

I have 2 Airport extreme. (new 802.11ac versions) We're at the bottom, connected to a cable modem, and the other is implemented as an extension to the floor. 6.3.6 Airport utility I can click on a base station and place the cursor on a connected clie

Factory reset is TimeCaps also delete the backup of my drive?

Hi, I recently factory reset my TimeCapsules to reconfigure some new network settings and I did it without taking into consideration on my time machine backups. Now, I am unable to climb or find my previous backups. Is this because all my backups are

How to create a wireless using TP-link router & TC

I have a TP link router wireless (TL-MR3420) & also TC. I use internet through a router. now, I want to use my TC wireless for backup and also a (wired) printer for wireless printing. can you please let me know the configuration setting for above net

Should I still have AirPort Extreme with Arris TG1682G?

I have an Apple Airport Extreme Wi - Fi to my home on 3 floors (basement, ground floor and attic). The week last Xfiniti sent me a new "Wireless Gateway," which they recommend that I use. It is model Arris TG G 1682 and supposed to give service 2.4 G

I have a new time capsule airport. How to limit the search for who can use the time capsule backup process?

I have a new time capsule airport. How to limit the search for who can use the time capsule backup process?

I lost my connection Wireless at home.

I have a time capsule/router.  I lost my connection Wireless at home.  Cannot get internet connection to one of my computers/devices in the home.  Help!

Ethernet cabling 3 extremes of airport with cat 7 cable

I can configure and wire 3 Airport extreme with ethernet Cat 7 son and y at - there a video anywhere showing the configuration of the connection of all base stations 3 with the settings so I'd be badly wired with my apple TV new and also be able to a

How to set up my macbook Pro using wifi to my time capsule

I have an Imac of BONE connected to 3 TB time capsule 10.10.5 and works perfectly. I just bought a new MacBook Pro and will use in WIFI mode in my house. How can I add the MacBook to my existing configuration in order to safeguard the Macbook via wif

Airport network - difficulty to its replacement by a component of roaming

I have a roaming (ethernet) Airport network. Cables/modems (UBEE of TW) - Airport Extreme - out ports WAN on Time Capsule and Airport Express (also connected directly to the radio). Configuration, as far as I know, conforms to Wi - Fi base stations:

Mitsubishi ductless AC / MiniSplit KUMO CLOUD and Airport Extreme...

Mitsubishi just came out with an 'easy' solution to allow remote access and control of your system from mitsubishi with your iphone or android... Unfortunately it can only connect to a router or wireless access point that has the "WPS" button on it.

Can I access HARD Time Capsule disk using my devices iOS or PC?

I'll buy an AirPort Extreme or airport Time Capsule. So I currently don't have a Mac, can I access the HDD of my iOS devices TC or PC as Network Attached Storage?

New iMac, Time Machine backup

I'm moving to a new iMac. On the new iMac, I can't use the Time Machine backup of old Mac. I "removed" the time of the old iMac Machine. Every time I try a backup on the new iMac, I get a "backup failed" the Time Machine backup is already in use. »

boosters of WiFi and time Capsules

I want to increase my wifi signal, and I'm getting conflicting advice. I use my Time Capsule as my source wifi. I see a numebr of extenders of wifi on Amazon, but it works best with TC? Are these devices plug - and p; Ay? Thank you.

AE and Cox continues to go down.

Here's the question: I have Cox on x 3, they have done everything possible and impossible to find anything on their end. The tech suggested reset AE of plant (Hard Reset) I did the settings. Works great for 2 days, then stopped working, green light b

How to connect the Airport express as an Extender for airport extreme to El Capitan

I have a model extreme A1521 airport and a model express airport A1392 and upgraded my OS to El Capitan. I want to use the express as an Extender for the extreme because my old House is long and has thick walls. My problem is that Airport utility wil

How to change IP address extreme airport in mode bridge?

I need to change the IP address of my airport extreme base station to a specific address in Bridge mode. For some reason any I can't seem to find a way to do it. Anyone have any ideas?

Optimal, set up for the airport and the power network line?

Hoping to any network gurus can advise on the optimal configuration for my network.  Current configuration is as follows.  1 Zyxel DSL modem configured to act as the router, PPPoE (not the bridge mode) mode, which is the default value.  2. Airport Ti
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