Time Capsule manage large files

I bought a new Capsule 3 t and I can't save a file of 5G at practice. I did erase disc but it is still the same. How can I solve it or bring it back to Apple store? Thank you

Is my 2011 macbook pro the neck of the bottle in my LAN slow transfer speed?

Hello I have a macbook pro 2011 and I recently bought a buffalo LS 520 NAS, but when you try to transfer data through my wifi network that speeds are painfully slowly. WiFi area speeds as follows: Upload: 0,6906480 MB/s DOWNLOAD: 6,2196480 Mbit/s And

Could not find the Time Capsule for Time Machine backup drive

My iMac is running El Capitan and Time Machine is unable to find the Time Capsule backup drive.  I blew the backup several times in hopes that it will fix the problem.   The only thing I found which will allow a return to the top is to unplug the Tim

Airport Utility iOS advanced options disappear

This morning, I noticed that my AU on iOS has none of the advanced options. The option restart also disappeared. There are two changes that have taken place: 1) instituted by domain controller of origin with AD, DNS, and DHCP. Always had advanced opt

turn Airport extreme in bridge

I have Verizon FIOS if it even matters, just bought the airport extreme. How can I configure the extreme up to a bridge.

Where can I find instructions for alternative configurations for my time capsule?

I am resident in a House with a router not apple using Uverse.  I just bought a Time Capsule, hoping to use it as a storage drive to backup my imac and mac air.  For the MacAir, I would be like it is able with time Capsule wireless backup, and depend

Is their extreme Quality of Service (QoS) in apple option?

Hello world Y at - it an option to enable QoS in extreme apple so that we give a VoIP? Thanks in advnace.

Limit on the expansion of network?

I have 3 AirPort Extreme base stations, 2 are 5th generation and a 3rd generation. I also have an AirPort Express in the mixture. I have a 3rd generation connected to the FiOS router and I consider that it is the "primary" router Initially, it worked

How to configure a WPS device?

I have a wireless printer asking me to press the WPS button to pair. How do I do this with my Airport Extreme?

Time lag by using several units of Airport Express in different places in a House!

Hi guys,. I have a setup that all my equipment is in what I would call a control room in the basement of my house. Includes the Imac, Mac Pro and a PC. All these are connected to a switch and from there 2 Airport Express joined the network to connect

loss of connection to usb printer

New vertical Time Capsule continues to lose the connection to the usb printer.  I have to restart the TC to make it work.  Never happened with the old version 2 TC.

How to quickly delete files from Time Capsule?

I need to delete some files from a Time Capsule, but it takes a long time. I expect files to be deleted immediately as they do through Finder on my MacBook Pro. They are not backups Time Machine - just different files. Probably, somewhere I have an i

Can I use my Time Capsule as an external hard drive for my xbox one?

My Xbox One has only to a 500G hard drive, so I can't download all my games.  Can I use my Time Capsule instead?

Can I drag and drop files from my Mac in the time Capsule to free up space on my Mac?

I currently use my Time Capsule in sync with Time Machine as a return "where" upward... I would like to know if I can drag and drop files to transport CANADA to free up space on my Mac.

Space missing on my Time Capsule

Hello I just create a new time capsule connection cause I have problems with wifi and I didn't erase the hard drive. So as I said I have create a new and now I have just 1, 1 TB of space free rather 2 TB. So there is no way to find a way to delete it

Airport Express. Connect to a router home without another device from the airport.

Looking to buy an AirPort Express station. Plan to connect it to my home router to boost connecting devices and to create the network or guests. This work if I just plug my Express in the router with a cable Ethernet or you will take another product

AirPort Extreme 2011 threshold can be used?

I have one I want to use a gateway to Comcast/Xfinity wifi home network in the hope of a stronger signal, with an Airport Express Terminal remote from him. So far, connected with cable between LAN and WAN, it lights up, but I can't get the Airport ut

Can I CONNECT TIME CAPSULE to COMCAST without wireless/WiFi?

Hello ... I know I'm out of my League here... But... I have a new Mac Pro... and I also connected to a router (modem) comcast wireless... I bought a time capsule from the airport. Are they compatible? Should I have them both? There must be several op

Extreme - MBP connects, 2 iphones does not connect

Hello I bought a new Airport Extreme the other day and I'm having trouble linking my two iphones to her. My MBP connects no problem. My internet allows a connection at a time, but can I use a router and wifi to share my connection. That said, Ive set
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