connect older apple Airport express with ethernet cable modem? Verizon service

I'm helping someone with a verizon DSL modem older (guess this isn't wireless vs) which connects to a tower of Windows, then usb out of the tower to a unit of wireless to connect to a recent Mac laptop version. We would like to get rid of the tower a

Time capsule and errors to restore backups

I'm trying to restore different backups of 2 macbooks by using the migration wizard and finder, but I do get rather a warning message that the disk image could not be opened because there is no file system mountable or that the operation has been exc

HP e - ink

I would like to activate my printer HP connect to HP servers so I can use e-ink HP at home.  HP says that my AirPort Extreme does not allow the printer to communicate with the HP servers.  The printer is connected via WiFi.  Any suggestion would be a

Creation of a NAS

Hello I am a newbie so please excuse me for posting this fundamental question. I have a Time Capsule 1 TB and I want to create a NAS, so I can store and play my music via wifi on my bose speakers. Is it possible and if yes, how can I do this? Thank y

Reset Time Capsule

Recently we have updated the modem cable from our ISP.  They feared that I had "bridged" their older modem with our Time Capsule from Apple and they have suggested that may have impeded the reliability and power of the WIFI signal. While the installa

Time Capsule router problems

Recently, my wireless network has had problems.  He became more and more slow.  My devices connect without problems and the signal is full but it takes significantly more time to do something about it.  My iMac doesn't seem to have problems but are m

Web sharing guest network

Hello- I have an Airport Extreme that broadcasts a private and a guest to the House network.  On the network, I have a Mac Mini with personal web sharing together upwards to the local network, so I can go to macmini.local to see the web site.  Howeve

An Amazon fire TV Stick can join a wireless Airport network?

An Amazon fire TV Stick can connect to the internet via an Apple Airport WiFi network?

AirPlay - aTV video, sound effects for AExpress: does not work with large files

Hello! My setup Internett--> modem (Cisco?) --> a/c Airport Extreme (latest high version) iMac, iPad, 2 x iPhones. iMac installed Beamer. Bedroom: AppleTV 3rd GEN rev A - hdmi--> LG TV (old). AirPlay ON, 'Apple TV room '. Connected to the local netwo

How to set up time capsule and D-Link wireless?

iMac, Time Capsule, D-Link modem, internet broadband

All my Airport extended expresses abandoned their Wi - Fi connection to my base station can the airport extreme.  In other words, the light goes from green to yellow flashing and I can't reconnect.  All ideas

All my express airport extended (one for music, one for the printer and one to extend range) lost their connection at the same time.  In other words, they all went from green to yellow flashing.  I was not able to reconnect.  Any ideas on how to solv

GPON with Apple airports, no internet access.

Hello. I use airport time capsule/extreme 5th and 6th generation and huawei gpon terminal hg8310h. I got to the base station of configuration in dhcp mode and green light is ok, but not internet access. My ISP tells me that there is problem with Appl

New Time Capsule ranging from Windows to Mac with file sharing.

OK, so we bought a new time capsule recently and my family migrates slowly over Apple products. My question comes from having moved all our old saved files from various sources during the share of time capsule. Currently, the file system is FAT32 bec

Are not relayed queries ARP on bridged Airport Extreme

I have a router Xfinity and set up Airport extreme as a router jumpered to connect LAN devices on a different floor. Looking at network traffic, I noticed that the ARP requests are delayed or not relayed on the router bridge making it appear that the

Time Capsule backups causing TC no longer provide Wifi

I had problems in the past two months where my wifi log throughout the day.  I kept resetting the modem and my wifi back upward.  The problem persisted for two months and I decided to get a modem separate upstairs and one downstairs help regulate the

Want to check my current model to determine if I should upgrade

How to check my current model of airport Time Capsule to determine if I should upgrade... I have its serial number of airport utility.

Airport Extreme a different IP address than the NEST

Hi all I have an Airport Extreme new set up a network of comments.  The guest network is configured for the IP addresses in the 172.16... range, compared to the 192.168 range (which is for the network no comments). I put my nest on the network of com

New airport Time Capsule is not connect to Airport Express more.

When I just upgraded my Airport Extreme for a time Capsule of the airport, I lost my connection to the Airport Express connected to my stereo to allow playback Airtunes wireless. Airport utility is really different and shows that the new ATC. Help? -

The Airport Extreme with Time Machine and HD 1 t

I have an Airport Extreme with built-in hard drive of 1 t. My iMac has a 1 t hard drive too. Time Machine has successfully supported the HD integrated for a few years now, but he can't. The message said: he needs 2.7 T. Why would it need to back up a

Time Capsule randomly disconnecting Internet

My light on my Calsule time will turn orange and will randomly stop to connect to Internet for seconds or hours or even days. Have cycled power, factory reset and set up a new Wi - fi network several times, but it still does not work properly. Any he