Acer switch Alpha 12 - Horrible battery life

I got the new Acer for a few weeks now and am totally disappointed with the battery life.  Pushing I can get maximum about 2½ hours before the battery to recharge.  This is without doing anything difficult for Acer.  Brightness is 25% and I lost about 35% per hour.  This is not normal, it can?  Anyone who suffers from the same ridiculous autonomy?  Apart from that I am quite satisfied.


Definitely not normal. Mine lasts several hours on battery. Start with the normal checks, just to make sure that you do not run with its brightness best of all time and others, then look at what you have running, constant activity network (as with bittorrent running) will suck the battery.

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  • Hochfahrzeit Acer switch Alpha 12

    Hallo zusammen,

    ICH habe seit kurzem das mit Acer switch Alpha 12 Core i5 processor, 8 GB RAM und 256Go SDS Platte.

    Die Hochfahrzeit ist laut Qihoo 360 zwischen 1 Minute 5 Sekunden und 1 Minute 30 seconds. DAS würde auch den aus diversity Tests according to mit.

    Before had ich ein Trekstor Surftab Duo W1 mit Intel Atom, 2 GB 32 GB Platte und Raum. War yesterday die Hochfahrzeit nur knapp 30-35 seconds.

    Wie kann das bei der vermeintlich clearly to other material of the switch 12 breast?

    Nicht mehr works. DAS hat sich gebessert now.

    Nach input PIN sind von're nun nur noch Sekunden.

  • Mid-2015 MacBook Pro 15 has Horrible battery life

    I have a Macbook Pro 15 mid-2015 is the basic model, 2.2 Ghz and 256 with no graphics other than the Pro of the Iris.  I got it for about 3 months and I take off the power once a weekish and use it around the House.  Whole reason I decided to go Apple was because I wanted to the battery life that windows machines cannot offer with that kind of power.

    I must have got a spleen or something because my battery life is bad.  I lance 50% screen and backlight OFF and do nothing to keep open.  My Dock has nothing open except for the mail to notify me and my browser if I use it (98% of the time).  The battery life is maximum of 4-5 hours to do this constantly, the only time where I got was more a road trip where I turned the backlight and display off and using only iTunes to listen to music through my headphones via bluetooth, it provided for 20 + hours this day here.  Just get here for the last minutes went from 38 to 19 percent more than 31 minutes of battery time.  I know a decent amount about computers and I am a saver of energy mass unless I'm hip, low light, no backlight, no program didn't open that I do not use etc and yet I get a ridiculous autonomy.

    What should I do? Any suggestions? I read somewhere on the power off and then when you power back up hold down Option + command + R to put something else inside the machine.

    My battery life is normal for what I described?  It of not like I'm that fool who knows nothing about computers and leaves open pages, mail, messages, itunes, Skype and browser just because I can.  I leave nothing open (so no programs on the platform were the 'point' under them), erasing everything that isn't necessary VIA activity monitor, such things as creative cloud.  I'm just puzzled.  I must have got a dud.  Please help and advise me on what I should / test.

    Running OS X El Capitan 10.11.3, but it's not just because of El Capitan, this has been like that since Yosemite when I bought first.

    Thank you

    Your computer is still under warranty, so do the logical thing: make an appointment at the Apple Store - Genius Bar store and bring it into service. If you are in the United States or is unable to make an appointment in this way, contact your Apple store. Don't forget that you have free phone service for 90 days after purchase.

  • Horrible battery life

    Hello world

    I don't know what else to do.  Seriously, I think that I have a defective battery.  I googled "tips for saving battery life on iOS 9 ', but nothing seems to help. I'm not keen on a large number of features is disabled on my iPod Touch.  I have reset, restored, disabled mail set Backgroud App Refresh, location, updating manually, Services etc.  Whenever I play heavy games, the battery goes from 100% to 20% in a little over an hour. Regular web browsing and more lightweight games gives me a little more than four hours. If I'm lucky, I get five hours of use, if I barely use the iPod.  I saw the other posts here from people complaining about bad autonomy on the iPT new 6g.  I'm about to go into an Apple store and get it checked, if possible. I can already hear the speech "it is normal".  Something else I'm missing?  Very disappointed.

    I would go and get checked out. I know that games can drain it. I played Village Smurfs for several months and now I need to load my ipod every night so a game can drain your battery. I don't play the game constantly, but I could tell a few minutes to an hour a good part of the day.

  • on iphone 6s horrible battery life

    So someone else noticing their battery run out too quickly on an iphone 6s?  Mine has fallen by 18% overnight - with no use... very disappointed with this phone...

    There are many factors that can be the cause of this behavior. If you are concerned about this problem, you can take your phone to a CENTER or an Apple Store and have their running the diagnostics on this subject. You will learn the status of your battery, but more importantly, you will learn what consume the apps for your battery.

  • Version active Stylus A02 and horrible battery life.

    Is this pen never auto-off or does just go in mode 'sleep'? I bought the version A02 June 7. The last time I used it was June 11. On 19 June, I discovered that the battery is completely dead. I only used it for just five days. Even if the battery is dead today, we're always talking less than two weeks most of the time sitting in my drawer.

    I wonder if it's because I put the pen right next to my tablet in my drawer. But then my tablet is completely turned off. With my V8P completely off, store the stylus just beside the Tablet shouldn't matter, right? I don't know what is happening.

    was here. The original has the expiry date of 2018, but I don't think that Dell or the manufacture of pen buy them in huge bulk, and as it is called this way buying much are not the height.  :-)
    The A02 works now about 7 to 8 weeks with spare battery.
    A01 for about 2 more weeks.
    We do not use the constantly but quite a long time to see a huge difference compared to the original batteries.
    I also bought the batteries from Amazon and not in the stores (because of price). 14 for $10. They also came with expiry date 2018. :-) I would day if you replace the battery and it is drained a few days again once you have a faulty pen.

    Not knowing where you bought your but I always recommend buying the stylus directly from Dell. I saw that people who were selling on eBay as 01 or 02, but they were actually 00. 00 had the problem of drainage. It's users to get replacements 01 or 02 returns. People to not keep the 00 packaging and put their 00 01 or 02 and returned the area. On eBay we could get you a 00 in a box 01 or 02. Looking at the pen you don't see any difference.

  • Acer switch Alpha 12 - keyboard wird "ausgeworfen".

    Hallo zusammen,

    in letzter Zeit sich bei der mir Tastatur der «Auswurf» ' hauft'

    Sprich das compressed erkennt die Tastatur "neu". IM Endeffekt geht das alles so schnell, dass're weiter nicht gift.

    Am tab merkt man selbst are dem die Beleuchtung einfach determined.

    However General mich Windows dann voll, dass ich besser über die Systemsteuerung auswerfen soll--> nervig zukunftig Geräte.

    Kennt das noch wer von euch? Die Tastaturtreiber habe ich installed newest...

    A are the fur program wo're appearance?

    ICH hab are tested eben mit zbsp Word. sharp problem und mit diesem Haken hab ich ned.



  • Message bei Tastaturentfernung und Win10 anniversary - Acer switch Alpha 12

    Hallo zusammen bad wieder,

    vor dem Ainversary update habe ich immer ein PopUp bekommen, dass asked Hat ob ich mich in den Tabletmodus winds will, wenn ich habe removed Tastatur die.

    Seit dem Ainversary kommt Pop UP mehr sondern nur eine question den Benachrichtugungen kein update. Die muss ich aber gezielt Park. DAS sind mehr als steps before.

    Weiss someone ob ich das wieder auf altem Weg hinbekomme?

    Mmmhh gute question.

    ICH habe das update auch birthday is, aber bei mir noch die message me.

    HAB jetzt aber poorly tested wo ich muss damit das nicht mehr kommt und found press

    Go the wrong die Einstellungen und bitte sleeps 'System' auf und auf "email und promotions.

    Ganz unten den Punkt "Tablet mode" article Wenn ich den Deaktiviere bei mir die auch nicht mehr message me.

    Aktiviere should dann wieder den are moved



  • Stifteingabe Acer switch Alpha 12

    Hello people,

    which program are ihr zum Schreiben mit dem Stift auf dem Tablet?

    Had bisher 'diary '. Nach dem Aniversary Update gibt're das nicht mehr.

    A Note mag ich nicht...

    OK, hat sich erledigt. Uber're konnte: nachinstallieren. Klappt nun wieder

  • Acer switch alpha 12 problem mit microSD

    If the MicroSD card in das Gerät ist, die Dateiubertrageung normal zwar works eingeschoben, aber're kommen alle 2-3 Minuten eine Benachrichtigung(unangenehmer Ton) und der Dateiexplorer geht mit einem Fenster auf. Das ist sehr warm, man kann die microSDKarte nicht im Gerät lassen, wie bei other tablets therefore. Daher ist Sie als wertlos now. Schade, weil sonst das Gerät correctly works.

    Fehler WO liegt der? Clarinet wird ein Firmwareudate oder ein Update fur den Treiber of the Kartenlesers at least required.

    heute ist ein Treiberupdate von Realtek Australia und das problem ist jetzt Fertigungsprobleme!

  • Brightness of the display on battery walk brighter. Acer Aspire switch Alpha 12 SA5-271 - Q 55, 6

    Acer Aspire switch Alpha 12 SA5-271 - Q 55, 6

    I am running the latest version of windows 10.  I noticed that when the Tablet is a stack when I opened a window, like a file Explorer, the screen will brighten up about 3 to 4 more brilliant after the opening stages of the window.  Turning off automatic mitigation does not affect this.  He disobeys on battery.  Any ideas?

    Thank you


    IIRC the last version of Windows gradually reduces the brightness of the screen when it is on battery. Opening a window to bring it to normal, how it will start again dimming.

  • I was sent here to discover if the Acer Aspire switch Alpha can if run win 10 32-bit

    Has anyone used Acer Aspire Alphas with 32-bit Windows 10 switch successfully? We were asked to change the operating system to a customer, and I wanted to know its possible before starting.

    On the acer switch 10, it has a 64-bit processor, but uses 32-bit windows, so I know not 32-bit windows can run with 63 - bit, but it may be unstable, because it was not desinged for this material. also, some drivers are no longer available for the 64-bit. In conclusion, you can install 32-bit windows on 64-bit computers, but beware of pilots not taken in charge and bugginess.

  • Tecra Z40 - A - 16 c - indicator battery life problem


    As from 2015, I own a Toshiba Tecra Z40 - A - 16 c.

    I noticed a strange behavior regarding the battery life indicator. When the laptop is fully charged, the indicator shows 100% remaining. And when I use the laptop, the percentage drops slowly, as expected.
    However, as soon as somewhere around 50%, the indicator is suddenly decreases and says he has only 5 or 4% left and I should switch it on immediately.

    Any ideas on how to solve this problem?

    Kind regards

    The battery may need calibration. Load and unload completely several times.

    If it happens again, the battery needs replacing. You can check the level of wear using HWMonitor from

  • Battery life after 4.4.4 updated

    I always give things a few days after an update, clear the cache and turn off the phone and let it sit for 10 minutes every day, but it "seems" that the update is draining my battery MUCH MORE fast now after the update. No new applications or process. Anyone else having this problem? I get a day use now when I would always get a solid 1 1/2 to 2. front.

    Running Dalvik or ART? I started noticing the same thing. Not a whole lot like you but some. My battery was down a little warm. I uninstalled the weather widget, I've had and an application called Muzei live wallpaper. I installed after 4.4.4 the live wallpaper application. I've switched back to Dalvik and it seems that my battery life has improved. Slow drain is a lot less now. I don't know which of the three things I changed was the culprit.

  • Acer Switch 10-4 hoursbattery

    Hey, that someone meet here with my problem. I just bought an Acer Switch 10 wih 32 GB of memory. 8.1 win of course is preinstalled. I tried to do a test bench, in which I ran a film loop for hours until what the battery dies or at least amounts to 10%. With a light in the middle and with the headphones and the volume in the middle. WIFI off!. I only got 4 hours! I found somewhere here on a diff topic title, there was a problem on 32 GB Switch 10, solution could be a BIOS. I see myself as a skill level medium on technology issues, which means that I'm not afraid to get into the BIOS, or update. Is there a new BIOS out there, better yet how to get the bios for my 10 Switch settings and get the version. I tried pressing f2 and f10 without result when it starts ups. I press the 'F' keys when I see the Acer logo, from a State of Win8 downtime. Hope someone here can help me as soon as POSSIBLE, it's frustrating to know that I got 4 hours of autonomy. I already rode the charging cradle for at least 3 cycles already. Thanks, gene

    Hey ironman,.

    Please, run the following command at the command prompt in administrator mode:

    powercfg-energy-output c:\energy-report-ironman.html

    Wait a minute, it will take a minute. It then creates a .html file in your c:\

    Please see battery information , compare the designed and last full capacity, it will tell you how powerful is your battery against the factory 'maximum '.

    Mine is 96% (souad, the smallest number with the higher, you will get the percentage). Mine will be about 5, 5 h with internet wifi.

    Check it for more info:

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