character OCR file causes the leak memory during OCR. Please can someone help?

I'm trying to use the OCR to read characters from a LCD.

All works :-) but... it leaks a LOT of memory, becoming unusable in a loop.

I think the problem is the file of character. I tried several ways to create a (for example of the Interior vision assistant, starting in the stand-alone version of utility training - and without thresholding automatic), and none of them fix.

The example of OCR OR vi works very well with its own abc file. But if I use one of my friends there is a leak memory every time that it runs, typically a few hundred k bytes.

Please is - anyone can help or tell what is happening? Or fix the abc file?

Thank you very much.


Technical support to the United Kingdom have concocted with a fix. If they give permission, I'll post it here.

The problem can affect any file OCR training using the GUI tools in 2013 release.

Tags: NI Hardware

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