'Data Connection Refused' blackBerry smartphones turn off the notification!

Hello, I'm on sick leave for the next three months and my work doesn't pay for my phone, and I really didn't want to know how many emails are piling up in my Inbox, while I'm away, so I called AT & T today and cancelled my internet package.  So, right now, I'm only using my blackberry as a phone and calendar, tasks, etc.  There is a notification that appears on top of my phone that says 'Data Connection Refused'.  I looked through the options and I can't understand how to transform that turned off, any suggestions?

Thank you!!!


This means that your SIM is not provisioned for BlackBerry services... which is obvious as your request to cancel your BlackBerry data plan. To delete "Data Connection Refused' on top of your device go Options -> Mobile network -> Data Service: Off.

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    Thank you

    Follow this link to solve your problem


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    Or if you go in manage connections, choose the first choice disable all connections, or just uncheck the Mobile network.

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    You have to find the icon 'Wireless' or 'Manage connections' on your device to turn on the wireless.  Scroll through the icons until you see 'Turn One Wireless' at the bottom of the screen (and then click this icon) or until what see you 'manage connections' (then click on the icon and click the box Mobile network).

    What model device do you have?

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  • BlackBerry smartphones turn off the routing of email during a stay

    I belong to those whose e-mail business options have crashed in open State (so I can't change any settings) and IT cannot reinstall my OS (the only way) before I left for vacation. If I turn off data services in my mobile network options which will prevent emails are passed on to my BB from the server of the company? That's what I hope.

    Hi and welcome to the Forums!

    As well as all data services (for example, web, navigation, mapping, etc.), Yes... who will stop email delivery.

    Good luck!

  • BlackBerry Smartphones turn off the light in night mode


    Night light of my BB 9700 (OS 6) turns off when it is in mode.

    How can you do with the BB Curve 9380 (OS 7.1)?

    Thank you for your attention.

    Kind regards

    Hello and welcome to the community!

    In fact, the judgment was, I recall, a bug. It was supposed to work in the screen remained mode bedside... otherwise, it is not useful as a bedside clock. Therefore, I would say that your 9700 has a level of operating system with the bug, and your 9380 is WAD - works as expected.

    Good luck!

  • BlackBerry smartphones turn off the setting 'clear '.

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    I went to try to change the security options settings, but I do not see it there.

    Hi and welcome to the forums!

    You cannot change the clear function is an option, it's a security feature.

    The only way to remove the possibility of the security wipe is to disable the password feature.

    Thank you


  • BlackBerry smartphones turn off the toolbar of the browser?

    Anyone know how to disable the toolbar at the bottom of the page in the web browser?

    Gives the screen a quick tap (don't click, just tap)

  • BlackBerry Smartphones turn off the alerts by email on phone

    Can someone tell me how I can disable the alerts by e-mail on my phone?

    Thank you.

    For the brightness of the screen, look at the options > screen/keyboard > backlight brightness

  • BlackBerry smartphones turn off the touch screen

    How can I disable my touch screen then on the phone?  Clearly, I'm not very saavy with my phone.

    Thank you!!

    Welcome to the forums, Laurabeth!

    Fozzy said, there is no adjustment with the native device software to disable the touch screen, but there are some app you can find in AppWorld to achieve this.

    Such an application (which I use) is TalkLock, and function, it's just that... locks, the touch screen while you are online.  There are other apps that you will find to lock your device that are more customizable than just the phone, but for your application (and mine), TalkLock would be the way to go... very simple app.  Just install it and it works!

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    I just bought a blackberry curve and he got the installer with my email, etc. However, I am trying to find a way to not have it warn me when there are new emails. I don't want a vibration or a ring. Is there a way to do this?

    Also, on my old phone (Palm Treo) I could preview the ringtones that came with the phone prior to their assignment. I can't find a way to do it with the curve.

    Help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.


    Hello Caren. Congratulations on the curve. I guess you're new on the phone... If not, sorry for the "long" answer  The simplest is to press the Menu button, go to profiles, Advanced, go profile you use, Menu key again, Edit, scroll / click Message (email @ address.com), click selection next case and select none. Do the same for in a case below. Make sure you scroll down and select No. look Notify me during calls to.

    Regarding ringtones are you "" by assigning them to specific contacts?

  • BlackBerry smartphones turn off delivery of e-mail to the phone

    I'll be traveling abroad and I don't want my email automatically sent to my phone because I think I'm going to incurr expenses. Anyway to turn off the automatic email on phone delivery other than to put it to sleep?

    Figured it out!

    To disable email and web in roaming:



    * SAVE

  • BlackBerry smartphones turn off WiFi on Pearl 8120 on Orange

    I want to be able to turn on and turn off the WiFi on my pearl. I am new to blackberry so I am struggling to find how to turn it off. I have worked on how to disable the Bluetooth, but not WiFi.

    I want to turn it off, because I'm not a big user of access to the internet and I am trying to improve the life of the battery. Also, I guess I don't need WiFi to receive regular emails.

    Thanks in advance.

    Thank you for that.

    He has been to find the connection management option that has been the hardest part. There is an icon go on the home screen which then brings you to the display of connection management. Once I found it was easy!

    The screens on the Pearl Orange network supplied appear to be different from the standard.

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    Hello! Yes. The icon on the main screen, titled 'Manage connections' will allow you to turn on the phone and bluetooth radios and switch off.

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