does'nt alert KB2446708 of security seem to settle.

alert KB2446708 security shield icon does not install correctly, Windows security keeps popping up after each installation. Same number of security each time!


The commom solution is to perform a Repair Installation of .NET Framework 4.0 in Panel > Add/Remove Programs and then have the update applied. See the response of Stanislas_delloue in the following thread,


I hope this helps.

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    Hi abcd_bruce,

    Thanks for stopping by Apple Support communities. I understand that you are eager to implement the feature Auto Unlock on your MacBook Pro. It is a new system and I'll be happy to help you with this.

    Looks like you did a few steps already to help lift this step. In this article, automatically unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch, he goes over all the steps that must be done to implement this place. If you already followed all these steps and are still problems, then the next step would be to start the Mac in safemode, and then check if you are able to see the Apple Watch see the implementation of the security and privacy preferences.

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    Have a good night!

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    Be sure to select "All Files" and not "text files" type when you save the file in Notepad (text files add a hidden .txt file extension).

  • Satellite L40 - 14N: WLan does support encryption WPA PSK security

    Could someone please help?

    Satellite L40 - 14N Wireless LAN Card does support encryption WPA PSK security?

    Thank you.

    What card WiFi has been installed in your laptop?
    You can check in the Device Manager.

    Then simply Google for this wireless network card or visit the site of WLan card making information!

    All simply ;)

  • does anyone know why my Security Center can't turn on the only show a message (windows Security Center cannot be started)

    does anyone know why my Security Center can't turn on showe just me a message (windows Security Center cannot be started) what can I do for this?

    If someone help me I thank a lot.

    Hi belizariocruz cruz,.

    ·         You receive an error with the message code?

    ·         What is the operating system installed on the computer?

    This problem may occur if the Security Center service is not configured to run under the Local Service account, but the dependent services are configured to run under the Local Service account.

    Note: The following can be used for Windows Vista and Windows 7.

    Method 1: To resolve this problem, make sure that the Security Center Service and all its dependencies are configured to run under the Local Service account. Set the center of security and its dependencies services to run under the Local Service account.

    a. Click Start, type services.msc and press to enter.

    b. double-click Security Center, click on tab log .

    c. Select "this account" click on the Browse button, type Local Service and click ok.

    d. type the password and confirm the password and click ok.

    Method 2: You can run the Microsoft Safety Scanner for any infection by virus. Check out the following link to do the same thing.

    Microsoft Safety Scanner - free online tool for PC health and safety

  • Four updates (KB 2492386; 2515325; 2522422 982018) seem to settle down and complete the process at shutdown; However, at the start that they are not installed - Win7 64 + SP1

    Four updates (KB 2492386; 2515325; 2522422 982018) seem to settle down and complete the process at shutdown; However, at the start that they are not installed - Win7 64 + SP1.  Tried again several times since last week.


    KB982018 should be installed last, separately from other

    Install the 3 other updates manually


    Back to updates of Windows and install KB982018


    05/02 / 1108:16: 57 pm

  • Security Center does not recognize the Windows Security Essentials

    Windows Security Essentials does not seem to register with Security Center.  Security Center reports that no Virus protection is enabled.

    1. I installed Windows XP 32 - bit WGA, activated the product and updated to SP3.

    2 security Center starts giving Windows security alerts for Virus protection, because none has been installed.

    3. I installed McAffee VirusScan.

    4 security Center stopped giving Windows security alerts for Virus protection.

    5. I uninstalled McAffee VirusScan.

    6 security Center has resumed giving Windows security alerts for protection against the viruses as before.

    7. I installed Windows Windows Security Essentials and rebooted.

    8. I tried to uninstall and reinstall Windows Security Essentials with no joy.

    Windows Security Essentials installation did not prevent Windows security alerts.  No Windows Security Essentials registry entry will appear in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Security Center and monitoring.  If Microsoft consider essential security to be an antivirus product, then how to Windows Security Essentials register with Security Center?

    I understand that this is an information and alert issue only.  I understand that Windows Security Essentials works actually ok.  I am particularly concerned by the reports.  It conditions my deployment of Windows Home Server.  Deactivation of surveillance or the alert is not a solution, just a poor quality work around.

    In a previous thread, the author of this question even abandoned and has not requested additional assistance.  An explanation was given (relevant for Windows 7), but no solution has been offered.  Windows XP has not been addressed.

    I had the same problem for a while now (I'm on xp) and have searched the Internet for a solution but found nothing at the moment.

  • Firefox does not trust any connections/security certificates

    I've just updated to the latest version of firefox and now whenever I visit a secure website, I tells me that it is an unreliable connection and need to add an exception to visit. When you view the certificate shows he cannot be verified for reasons unknown.

    What is happening with all Web sites, including sites such as Google or Facebook.

    I've tried a few things I found on the web, but the positions were quite old and does not solve the problem so would appreciate any help I can get

    Also, it seems that the ESET AV is intercept the secure traffic. If ESET has an option to install the certificate root in Firefox, you can try that. You can also temporarily check trying to disable HTTPS scanning in ESET. The ESET support would also be useful.

  • Firefox does not open a new, secure login page, on the site of my Bank

    Site Web of my Bank opens a new, secure, log in page from a link on its home page. When I click on this link to do, nothing happens. No window opens and Firefox does not all messages as to why. He used to work, but stopped in the past two months. I don't know if it something in my settings or not. I also use the Flock browser - which is based on Mozilla code and the link works in this browser. Settings in both browsers seem to be the same.

    URL of affected sites

    I get the login window in Firefox.

    It uses javascript to open the window. Try hitting control + F5 - that recharges all of the scripts in case one is corrupt in the cache.

    You have additional modules that may be blocking scripts? Adblock Plus, no Script...
    If so try to disable them.

    Try safe mode
    The problems of Firefox in Mode safe

    See also
    Troubleshoot and diagnose problems in Firefox

  • Cannot remove the FAKE alert windows XP security

    Help, please! my computer caught the virus ago 2 days which is false alert windows security,

    I tried to malware, spybot, everything does not work, please help!

    Appreciate your concern about the situation, please understand that without certain information, I can only general recommendations. Your best option is to contact support.

    It would be useful to know your OS (Xp, Vista, Win 7) current antimalware/antivirus program (Avast, Microsoft Security Essentials, Norton, McAfee or other) and the exact name of this malware based on what is shown in the pop-up windows that was detected.

    From your description, I suspect that maybe it's the fake Security Center. Check the link below for comparison and if you feel confident in your ability to follow a removal of self-help guide proceed carefully(Note: scroll down beyond the ads for the removal guide)

    Security Center remove (uninstall Guide)

    I hope this helps.

  • Satellite A300 - does not connect to the secure network to WPA

    Help please... new Toshiba Satellite A300 - running XP Professional with atheros AR9281 (driver wireless network adapter will not connect to the secure networks, WAP, but seems to be fine with the WEP and non secure networks?

    I can connect to my WAP secured network using LAN cable and also if I use an external Netgear wireless adapter, so the problem is probably with this adapter or driver. I updated the bios and tried update driver, but no luck. Current driver is (I believe) more up to date?

    Would be grateful for your help.

    Thank you.

    On the Toshiba site is a newer version of the driver available (
    Then I would try the new driver.

    Consult the Toshiba site: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

  • My Acer Iconia W/700 external keyboard does not work. My bluetooth seems ok.

    My external keyboard does not work. I can't type on the screen and my bluetooth seems ok.

    Here is the link with the steps to connect your Bluetooth keyboard

  • Virus alert XP total security 2011 - how to remove?

    What are the instructions to remove XP security 2011 virus alert total

    Turn off System Restore. If it it follow this. Download malwarebytes to day then do a full scan

  • Alert.setVolume doesn't seem to work

    Alert is an old API for devices with a device of your monotonous. It is no longer recommended to play sounds, unless you're on a unit of the 72xx series.  It is provided for backward compatibility with old code. I can tell you frome xperience what you see with the volume setting is correct - it does not work.

    Use player and coach. This works for both monotonous tones and MP3.

  • Page rotation script does not (not allowed error security settings prevent access to this property)


    I use a script to rotate each pages in pdf format by clicking on a button. I added a script to rotate the file in the click event of the button turn as a javascript. It works in acrobat, but not in adobe reader. Please see the script

    Start = 0;

    nEnd = this.numPages - 1;

    nRotate = 90;
    If (this.numPages > 0)
    this.setPageRotations (start, nEnd, nRotate)
    catch (e)
    App.Alert ("processing error:" + e)

    But I get this error in adobe reader not in acrobat. "not authorized error security settings prevent access to this property or method". What is the problem. Please someone tell me.

    OK, so here's what you do:

    -Create a new file in a plain-text editor (I recommend Notepad ++) and paste this code:

    safeExecMenuItem = {app.trustPropagatorFunction (function (code)}

    app.beginPriv ();

    app.execMenuItem (code);

    app.endPriv ();


    mySafeExecMenuItem = {app.trustedFunction (function (code)}

    app.beginPriv ();

    safeExecMenuItem (code);

    app.endPriv ();


    Close the player if it was open and then save this file as "MyScripts.js" and place it in the following directory (this is for Windows):

    C:\Program Files (x 86) \Adobe\Reader 11.0\Reader\Javascripts

    If you want it to run as well in format Acrobat place the file also less:

    C:\Program Files (x 86) \Adobe\Acrobat 11.0\Acrobat\Javascripts

    Now to rotate the page clockwise attach this code to your button (in Acrobat, of course):

    mySafeExecMenuItem ("RotateCW");

    And to turn them counterclockwise, use this code:

    mySafeExecMenuItem ("RotateCCW");

    Open your file in the player and the buttons should turn pages when you click on it...

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