Error message the application could not be installed because the Installer file is damaged. Try to get a new setup of the author of the application file.

The error message happens chronically today.

It does not matter what I try to install the air file.

I uninstalled, cleaned the registry and all the usual things.

And then re-installed-with the same error messages

Windows 7. Current update.

processor 2.8 ghz, 12 G Ram - one machine to cook breakfast and make the beds.

" The application could not be installed because the Installer file is damaged. Try to get a new setup of the author of the application file. "

This is the last log of installation-

I am not able to find out how to decipher what it means.

Someone would have noticed?

[2015-02 - 18:10:58:58] Unpackaging/validation complete

[2015-02 - 18:10:58:58] no app location to "LocalizerLeadsTool" appID and pubID "

[2015-02 - 18:10:59:01] conversion of unpackaged to a native installation package in C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\Temp\flaAA62.tmp application

[2015-02 - 18:10:59:02] create an installation package Native failed: [ErrorEvent type = "error" bubbles = false cancelable = false eventPhase = 2 text = "unhandled exception error: EndUpdateResource: error Windows #5" errorID = 0]

[2015-02 - 18:10:59:03]

I got a response on another area of support.


Because I asked for help here-

I think it's the kind of thing to do to post the

steps that allowed me to correct.

I knew I had the latest Adobe air platform.

I felt that I knew that the download files were updated.


What was one of the suggestions I've had -

Told to turn off the firewall and antivirus.

Instinct made me disconnect the machine from the router.

I continued and disabled all the protections I had put in place-

and watched as the first program installed air -.

Since before January.

Then put those protections back in line.

And re-attached the router line.

It doesn't seem to work now.

Tags: Adobe AIR

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