How to receive calls from contacts list.

Do not disturb the feature limit incoming calls, but does not allow for all the amendments

in the contacts list, but only the numbers in the list of Favorites

How can afford all the amendments. in the list of contacts to make calls and reject the amendments. not

in the contacts list.


You can make a suggestion to Apple to and click on the box in this area.

Looking at my settings for do not disturb in iOS 93.3, I see the option to select all Contacts in groups, so it is a change.

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  • How much will it cost me to receive calls from landlines or mobile phones?

    Should I buy an online number, how much does it cost to receive calls from the fixed network or mobile on my Skype online number?


    It doesn't cost anything to receive a call to your Skype #. As it is all just a regular landline # calling anything that pays for its carrier to call this #.


    I recommend that you always run the latest version of Skype: Windows & Mac

    If my advice helped to solve your problem, please mark it as a solution to help others.
    Please note that I usually do not respond to unsolicited private Messages. Thank you.

  • I received calls from someone in India who said that they are Windows services centre telling me that they have received the error message saying that my computer is corrupted

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    I received calls from a person in India who said that they are Windows services centre telling me that they have received the error message saying that my computer is damaged, and they want to help me.  But I have not received any error message on my screen.  When I asked them how they got my number they said it's from the database of Windows. The number they gave me is 02921252715 and when I called the number of the person on the other end told me that they are a company called Windows e-solution, independent company and is not attached to Microsoft Windows.  What should I do?  Are these authentic calls and approved by Microsoft Windows?


    Its a SCAM!

    Avoid scams to phone for tech support

    In the United States, you can contact the FBI, Attorney general, the police authorities and consumer
    Watch groups. Arm yourself with knowledge.

    No, Microsoft wouldn't you not solicited. Or they would know if errors exist on your
    computer. So that's the fraud or scams to get your money or worse to steal your identity.

    Avoid scams that use the Microsoft name fraudulently - Microsoft is not unsolicited
    phone calls to help you fix your computer

    Scams and hoaxes

    Microsoft Support Center consumer

    Microsoft technical support

    Microsoft - contact technical support

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle="" -="" mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • I've recently updated to ElCapitan. Where I go all my contacts? And how do I retrieve my contact list?

    I've recently updated to ElCapitan. Where I go all my contacts? And how do I retrieve my contact list?

    You have a Time Machine backup?

    If you do, restore from it.

    If there is an archived version, restore it from iCloud.

    Section: Restoration of your contacts. & local = en_US

  • In do not distrub, I allow checked calls from all contacts, but I always get unwanted calls from contacts not

    In do not distrub, I allow checked calls from all contacts, but I always get unwanted calls from contacts not

    If it's one or two unwanted callers - you can block by using the list of recent - i - block this caller

  • I continue to receive calls from a company called wintech.

    I continue to receive calls from a company called wintech and a man who is obviously in India, but called Shane Watson!   I was on the phone for about 3 hours for him today!  I pay money for them last year and am now being harassed to pay more. He gave me a 020 30262097 phone number and identification number to authenticate his call. The company that the payments go to the e-business solutions East nias. He showed me the screens that are supposed to be errors on my PC and also stated that the pirates are using my IP address to hack other computers?  I don't know if it is a lie. It sounds me again in the morning to take payment for software that is supposed to be for a "performance booster PC + anti software piracy" after reading some of these posts, I'm now really worried that he already won access to my PC.


    It's a scam.

    We have all the errors and warnings in our Event Viewer, which is another ploy they use to scare you

    Either these so-called "Microsoft" Tech companies want to sell you a worthless software, or remote access to your computer to try to steal your credit card and bank information and also achieve an identity theft on you.

    You are the only person who knows if you gave them remote access.

    If you gave them remote access and you do Internet banking, contact your bank, to explain, and change passwords.

    If you use your online credit card, cancel and get a new one issued to you.

    And the only way that willl you know that you are free to them is to backup your data and do a clean install of your operating system.


    And Microsoft does not contact you unless YOU have made prior arrangements with them to do.

    There is an article in the link I'm you provide at the end of this one

    Read this Information from Microsoft:

    "Avoid scams to phone for tech support.

    Don't be fooled of unsolicited calls. Don't provide personal information.

    Here are some of the organizations that cyber criminals claim to come:

    • Helpdesk Windows

    • Windows repair center

    • Microsoft technical support

    • Microsoft technical support

    • Windows Support Group Technical Department

    • Microsoft Research and Development Team (team of Microsoft R & D)

    Report phone scams

    See you soon.

  • Unable to receive calls from Apple Watch, using WIFI AT &amp; T calls, when the iPhone is turned on, turned off or in Airplane Mode.

    I work on this issue and wanted to involve the community.

    I have tests the functionality Apple Watch and have been unable to solve my problems with WIFI call. I use the AT & T and I am connect to the strip of the 5 GHz on my router Xfinity.

    I am able to make/receive calls from my iPad and Mac laptop when iPhone is off / Mode plane; However, this feature does not work on the watch. I can make and receive calls from the watch when the phone is turned on.

    Another problem is that I am not able to send and receive messages (blue or green bubble) of the watch - once again when the phone is turned off or in flight Mode

    I'll copy in 2 portions of the Web site:

    If your Apple Watch is in range of a Wi - Fi network that the iPhone is connected to before, you can always do the following (even if the iPhone is off):

    • Send and receive digital messages Touch
    • Send and receive messages using Messages
    • Make and receive phone calls (if you have active calls, Wi - Fi, and you are within range of a Wi - Fi connected to your iPhone before)
    • Check current weather conditions
    • Track your inventory

    Make calls via Wi - Fi

    If your cellular operator offers Wi - Fi calls, you can use Apple Watch to make and receive calls over Wi - Fi instead of cellular network - even when your pair iPhone isn't with you or is disabled. Apple Watch comes to be in range of a Wi - Fi network that is connected to your iPhone in the past.

    To see if your carrier offers Wi - Fi calls, see the article Apple Support phone with Wi-Fi calls, then enable the calls on your iPhone and Apple Watch Wi - Fi.

    Note: You can make emergency calls via Wi - Fi, but when possible, use rather iPhone over a cellular connection - your location information will be more specific.

    Enable on iPhone Wi - Fi calls. On iPhone, go to settings > phone and turn on Wi - Fi calling and application to other devices.

    Enable calls on Apple Watch Wi - Fi. Open the Apple Watch app on iPhone, tap My Watch, tap phone, then turn on Wi - Fi calls. If you do not see the parameter, make sure that you have activated calls on iPhone Wi - Fi.

    Answer please if you are able to perform any of these functions! And any troubleshooting you can think!

    AspiringAppleGuru wrote:

    I have... to connect to the 5 GHz on my... router bandwidth.


    These features are not available because Apple Watch cannot connect to a network of GHz Wi - Fi 5.

    If your watch is not connected to your iPhone via Bluetooth, but lying in a 2.4 GHz Wi - Fi network your iPhone plugged in before, the watch can connect to this network and you can continue to use certain features, including Wi - Fi calls (when it is supported by your operator, you already have in place).

    More information:

    On Bluetooth and Wi - Fi on Apple Watch - Apple Support

    Use Apple Watch without her sister iPhone - Apple Support

  • I encountered the problem with the last iOS 9.3.2 update I can't receive call from people, I can call any body, but when l'm calling people any body can ring me just now, I thing the problem where new soft

    I encountered the problem with the last iOS 9.3.2 update I can't receive call from people, but I can call any body, but when l called people any body can ring me only at this time, I think that the problem of the new update. can u check this and answer my question.

    and my phone

    iPhone 6plus

    You see a Crescent Moon at the top of the screen icon? If Yes, disable does not bother to: settings - do not disturb = Off.

  • I continue to receive calls from numbers not available with an Indian accent saying that they are from the Technical Department of windows and I have a problem with my computer.

    Original title: scams?

    I continue to receive calls from numbers not available with an Indian accent saying that they are from the Technical Department of windows and I have a problem with my computer. Normally, I just say that I don't have and hung up. Today, I took a little further and he said that they discovered that I had loads of malware/viruses etc and that they could identify with them. I was obviously very suspicious because he seemed to have my correct Windows ID number and with care on 'Run' he told me to type things like cmd eventviewer and inf where he referred to a file 1394.pnf. I stopped while he asked remotely to access my computer. However, I got a phone number 01916450337 and his P786000 id I noticed that many people are posting on your forum-is this another one of those scams?

    Continue to put the phone down. They are all crooks.

    They get you to open Event Viewer, because there are words such as 'critical' and 'error' along the this.

  • Problems of Smartphones blackBerry removal from contact list


    I have problems removal from contact list; some contacts appear updated externally and cannot be removed; do you know what to do in this case?

    Thank you and best regards...

    Hi all!

    I found a solution to this question in a message posted on 01/09/2009 19:54

    Re: Need help to clear sensitive information

  • MX800 enrolled in the TPaaS receive calls from 100 @ numbers

    I have a new installation of a MX800 recorded at TPaaS in the cloud, and the unit constantly receives calls from 100 @ and its IP address. This started over the weekend and takes place every 30 seconds like clockwork. Is there some way in the MX800 I can put in the filter restrictions to block calls from probes starting at 100 @ or is it a TPaaS?

    Thanks, Jeff

    Looks like a someone on the internet is the SIP devices using automated analytical tools known scanning and looking system PBX calls the inside to reduce fresh international of appeal or trying to hack and break the PBX devices. These calls are sent directly to your address IP MX800.

    Your MX800 behind the firewall or directly connected to the Public and exposed to the internet?

    Try turning off the port of SIP listening for inbound connections on ports TCP/UDP of SIP on your MX800 under System Configuration > SIP settings. If disabled, endpoint won't be available through the Registrar SIP CUCM or VCS via TPaas in the cloud.

    Kind regards


  • BlackBerry smartphones can not call numbers from contact list?

    Hi, I have a blackberry curve 8350 and for some reason whenever I try to call a number in my contacts list, it indicates the code or number I dialed is incorrect, and please try again.

    I know that the number is just because they can call me very well, if I dial the number calling me, but when I try to do from the list of contacts it just won't let me.  Its a problem because I don't remember hundreds if the number I have stored.

    I noticed that when my phone is to dial the number, it always puts a sign before the number as his try dialing international or something.  For example I want to call 216-478-9876, but my phone dial + 216-478-9876.

    I'm so lost, and any useful information would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you

    Welcome to the Bennie06 forums

    I think it has to do with your smart dial settings. In the list of phone go to menu > Options > Smart Dialing. Make sure your country code is + 1 if you are in the USA/Canada. I think it will work. If this isn't the case, post back with the settings were there.

  • How to open files from the list of contacts on the computer at home, the vcf files

    I exported my contacts list on my computer, it is a .vcf file.  I can open it by clicking on it, but only the first contact is displayed.  This screen looks like a file roledex.  but I don't know how to access other files.  I can open the file with "word" and "excel" vcf and all the data is there, but the result is not reader friendly.

    There is an additional program which allows opening these contacts in a friendly dispay?

    Thank you.


    I believe you can do it through Windows live mail.  Alternatively, you can import it into your google account in a web browser.  The advantage to using Gmail, it's that once you make changes you can have them automatically sync them to your phone if you have Gmail on your Droid.

  • Two different iPhones to receive calls from the same number at the same time


    Latelly I receive missed calls from my own number when I call my wife. She also when she calls me. Today, my father called me and at the same time my wife's iPhone rang too! We use different carriers! How is it possible? We use the same Apple ID to iCloud and applications.

    Today, I received a third sim iPhone and pitch. The problem is the same. What should I do?

    You must stop using the same appleID what you're feeling is normal if you have a mac or iPad, they would be too ring

    you're the appleID if you and your wife will also get the same iMessages and you will not be able to facetime mutually

    You can always share applications and tastes using family sharing read more implemented the family share - Apple Support

  • How to re - install my 'CONTACTS list ' on Windows Mail

    Simply should I have to re - install my CONTACT list in WINDOWS MAIL after that my computer is removed from the service where they say they will have to "Clean up the hard drive", how do I re - install the contact list I supported on a CD?

    Thank you


    You can export the contacts.


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