How to set up Time Machine via a HARD drive connected to the USB port on the router?

Hi all

I have an Arris Touchstone Data Gateway DG1670A/TW for my internet / wireless which was provided by my ISP.  There is a USB port at the back of the router and I was wondering if I could connect an external HARD drive to save the two Macbook Pro that I have in my house through Time Machine wireless?  If Yes, could someone provide me the details regarding how to set this up properly?

I too, was thinking about making a 4 TB HARD drive - 2 and wanted to partition so that half of it would work for Time Machine and the other half I would be able to store photos that I take on my digital SLR and are in Lightroom.  Could this be a problem at all? I partition? or Time Machine just to use the available space and delete older backups to make room for additional photos?

Thanks in advance for any help.


A device third-party network attached storage (NAS) or a router is unsuitable for use with Time Machine.

Apple has published a specification for network devices that works with Time Machine. No third party provider, AFAIK, does meet this specification.

Apple does not endorse any device third-party network for use with Time Machine. See this support article.

Network backup, use as destination an Apple Time Capsule or an external storage device connected to another Mac or a 802.11ac AirPort base station. Only 802.11ac base stations support time Machine, not older model.

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  • Time Machine backup to external drive connected to the TimeCapsule

    I have a 3 TB TimeCapsule, that contains the my iMac TimeMachine backup. So far so good.

    Now, I would like to connect an external drive to the TimeCapsule via the USB port to allow access to this drive of my iMac as well as other computers on my network. I would like to than the external to include in my Time Machine backup drive. Is it possible - by accepting that the backup of obviously only runs when the Mac is on? If this isn't the case, other methods of backup to an external drive, connected to the TimeCapsule, may be recommended?

    You can do it. Time Machine it will support up to a separate folder on your backup disk. Don't forget to remove it from the exclusions list in Time Machine preferences. I don't know if others cannot see the drive connected to your computer is turned off. They may be able to mount the drive on their computer as you do on yours. Try it because I could be wrong on this matter.

  • How to remove backups Time Machine to a specific drive

    I can't find how to better use Time Machine in my situation. Here is my configuration:

    I have a 6 TB external drive dedicated as a Time Machine backup. It backs up my internal drive as well as the three external drives (A, B, C). Player "A" is always connected and is constantly supported, but readers 'B' and 'C' are linked only from time to time to archive older files.

    I recently made a few changes on the disc 'B' and left connected so it was saved, but Time Machine tells me I don't have enough room... it seems he's trying to save the whole 1.3 TB of data rather than the 15 GB or if I've changed.

    I'd like to time Machine would be just delete old backups from the 'B' drive specifically, but except that, what I would do is manually delete older backups for just the "B" drive get rid of enough space to do a new backup, but I get an error when you try to delete the files off the backups. How can I get rid of backups for a specific player?

    Thank you!

    Visit Time Machine FAQ of Pondini helps with Time Machine. You will use the Time Machine application in your Applications folder for managing backups. There is an excellent explanation on the site linked above that explains how to remove backups or backup files.

  • You can use migration assistant to transfer the time machine backup external hard drive?

    Hello. I just bought a new macbook pro with a 256 GB flash drive to replace my previous macbook pro that had a breakdown of all the systems. My problem is that I have a time machine backup that is greater than 256 GB (it's almost 450 GB) and I try to find out if I can use migration assistant to transfer all the content directly on an external hard drive, then move the content I want on my hard drive from the external hard drive? My goal is to let my music and photos on the external hard drive and for all port hardware I need for work.

    I don't have access to another mac with storage well enough that I have the old HD so could potentially be installed in an external enclosure and extracted files directly from there if it's easier.

    What I intend to do in the long term is to buy a big external hard drive network and put all my photos, music etc over there and use the laptop as expected - that is for files from day to day - then it will be just a short-term problem.

    Any advice would be really appreciated.

    Thank you


    Migration Assistant is user to transfer data from one computer to the other.  If I read your post correctly, you want to copy your data from Time Machine on another HARD disk.  Thia may be useful:

    Pondini website covers virtually all aspects of Time Machine.


  • Time Machine won't see drive connected to Airport Extreme

    I have a MacBook Pro 2009 (5,5), El Capitan running. I just replaced the HD with an SSD. The OWC kit, I bought came with a USB for my old HD box. I want to use this drive as my Time Machine as my old drive to WD firewire crapped out. The old MBP disk is inside OS X extended (journaled) formatting and goes up as a network drive in my finder when it is connected to my Airport Extreme. Time Machine won't see unless it is connected directly to the USB port on the MPB.

    The first thought that comes to mind here is to make sure that you have the latest version of 'tour' of the AirPort Extreme, which officially supports Time Machine backups on a drive to the USB port of the device.

    Is this the case?

    All the old 'flat' or 'square' of the AirPort Extreme versions don't support officially the backups Time Machine on a drive to the USB port on the device... even though we used to see messages from time to time users who claimed that it worked for them... at least for a while before he didn t.

  • To transfer the old backups Time Machine from a hard disk external to the airport in Time Capsule

    Is it possible to transfer the old Time Machine backups from my external hard drive to Time Capsule airport?

    Having done this in the past, I can say that it is possilble... but is not anywhere near the amount of time and effort it will take to do this.

    Even when I was successful, Time Machine has started a new backup of the Mac... it has not added on the old existing backups, so I lost a good part of the backup on the Time Capsule space.

    This will be easier if you keep just on the hard drive for a few months... in case you need to go back and pick up a file... While the time Capsule built a new story backups tons.  After 3 to 6 months, you will not need the old backups, and you can erase the disc and use it as a spare part.

    If you want to try it anyway... see this article:

  • Cannot access my backup time machine on external hard drive once I changed my hard drive

    Since I changed my hard drive on my mac pro book I can't access the time machine back up on my external hard drive. All the shows when I connect the hard drive, but I can't access it.  Any ideas?

    I use El Captain MacBook Pro (15-inch mid-2012),

    By changing the hard drive, you have also lost all preferences, including those for Time Machine. You can have success by cloning back from the old system to the new drive to get back them.

    Or, simply erase the backup drive, reconfigure Time Machine preferences, then let time Machine do a new backup.

  • How to make a temporary directory on my HARD drive to save the downloaded file?

    I need to download the updated printer drivers and the first thing I need to do is to create a temporary directory on my hard drive to save the downloaded files.  My operating system is Windows 7, the 64-bit version.  My printer is a brother model MFC - 240 c.  (That copy, fax, scan and has Photo Capture).

    I had a stroke and lost my short-term memory and can not remember what whether computers or at least, not a lot.  If you know how to do this, be very specific with your answer as I print it and use it as a guide I'll follow to the letter.  I'm sure that it's the easiest thing, but I just can't remember how to do it.

    Thanks for your help - it is much appreciated.


    I need to download the updated printer drivers and the first thing I need to do is to create a temporary directory on my hard drive to save the downloaded files.  My operating system is Windows 7, the 64-bit version.  My printer is a brother model MFC - 240 c.  (That copy, fax, scan and has Photo Capture).

    I had a stroke and lost my short-term memory and can not remember what whether computers or at least, not a lot.  If you know how to do this, be very specific with your answer as I print it and use it as a guide I'll follow to the letter.  I'm sure that it's the easiest thing, but I just can't remember how to do it.

    Thanks for your help - it is much appreciated.


    You shouldn't really need to create a temporary directory - especially for the Brother printer drivers.  You can download it at any place that you can easily find (like the office).  Then double-click it to run it (run) on it and let it install.
    I realize has their instructions (probably the ones found here<-- that="" is="" a="" link)="" say="" to="" download="" the="" file="" to="" a="" temporary="" directory="" -="" but="" i="" just="" downloaded="" the="" file="" you="" need="" (mfc-240c-inst-win7-a2.exe)="" and="" double-clicked="" on="" it="" and="" it="" doesn't="" have="" to="" be="" anywhere="" special. ="" it="" will="" 'extract'="" to="" the="" native="" temporary="" directories="" as="" needed="" (nothing="" to="" be="" concerned="" with)="" and="" then="" ask="" you="" to="" choose="" a="">

    Which I suppose you want to English (as shown), and then you click OK.

    He then expand some additional files and then ask you to accept a license agreement (I suggest "Yes" If you want to go further):

    In your case... choose 'Standard' and click Next and continue in this way until it is installed.  Then (once Setup is complete and closed) you can restart the computer (first and foremost) and then delete the original file you downloaded (MFC-240 c-inst-win7 - A2.EXE) on your desktop (or downloads, etc.)

    You should get through it.

  • How to completely remove backups Time Machine from my hard drive internal?

    Accidentally, I chose my internal hard drive as a backup to the location for Time Machine. Now I use an external hard drive for this but somewhere on my drive hard it is a file left behind. I can't find! The problem is, I can't update my OS because it gives me the message "cannot be updated because the disk is used for TM backups.

    OS X - cannot install on a volume used by Time Machine for backups

  • How can I transfer PSD CS5 to my Macbook Air to my external backup Time Machine on my hard drive?

    I have a complete suite Adobe CS5 installed on my macbook pro, and I recently bought a macbook air, if I want to transfer photoshop on my new laptop computer. I used time machine and recorded the suite adobe on an external hard drive, but when I click and drag it from the drive to my new requests, I get error message saying: "error in Configuration please uninstall and reinstall the product. If this problem persists, please contact Adobe technical support help and mention the error code displayed at the bottom of this screen. Error: 6 "I tried to uninstall and reinstall PSD and I get the same error message. Any suggestions?

    Transfer from a backup will not work.  Adobe applications must be installed using installation files.

    CS5 -

    Download and Installation Help-

  • Time machine backup external hard drive

    Hi all

    I'm looking to move my iTunes library to a new drive external hard to free up space on my iMac storage internal 1 TB drive.

    My concern is the Machine of the time's up, is it possible that I can set it up so it will save the new external hard drive which will be my iTunes library folder?

    I am currently using Time Capsule with my iMac, but wonder if I can use it with the external hard drive.

    Any info or advice would be great.

    Thanks in advance

    Backups Time Machine is up as the startup disk (which is actually a volume and not a disc), it backs up external drives or other volumes on the internal drive.  If you want to save to an external drive to a Time Capsule and then use Finder to copy the files or search for third party software that automatically copies files.

  • It seems my time machine and external hard drive are wiped clean this morning I started my computer. Is there a way I can know for sure if anything is salvageable?

    I started my iMac this morning find a message that I didn't stop my Seagate external hard drive properly. I always just shut down my computer, I do not close the hard drive first. Now the computer says disc is not readable by this computer. Looks like it's a goner but maybe not, I don't know. I can't tell if it's the same thing to my Lacie Time Machine. There are no backups on it. How will I know what to do? Nothing is salvageable?

    Try to run a disk utility to repair your disk of TM. It seems that there are 757 GB of backup data it me.

  • Time Machine backup external hard drives

    I've been using Time Machine to back up to an external hard drive.  External hard drive backups are visible in TimeMachine when the external hard drive is connected to the computer. How can I see the backups if the external drive is lost?

    External hard drive backup is buried in the backup.

    I strongly recommend using an alternative backup software like Carbon Copy Cloner. Allows you to separate the backups. Time Machine does not work.

  • Restore the folder from Time Machine backup external hard drive

    Hello world

    I have a folder of music that is 600Go and has been saved on Time Machine my previous internal hard drive in the iMac.

    Ive since upgraded to SSD and do not want to want to restore this music folder on my new SSD due to its massive size.

    Is there anyway I can restore the folder music of time machine on an external hard drive?

    This way I can still recover my music collection but away from the internal SSD.

    Any info and advice would be great.

    Open Time Machine

    Navigate the backups to find the music folder

    Click on the music folder to highlight

    Click on the gear at the top of the window icon

    Click on "restore to".

    In the next window that appears, locate the hard drive

    Click on the hard drive to highlight

    Click on choose

  • IMac running el Capitan will not save time machine on external hard drive

    Since the installation of El Capitan, my time machine not backup external hard disk.  I have tried to turn off the drive and restart, deselected as the HARD drive, and then restart.

    What happens when trying to Time Machine backup?

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