I have a problem with icloud sharing photos that the photos are NOT sorted by the State but by the date of the transfer (which is very illogical for a trip Album,..)

Dear all!

I hope you can help me out here - I have a problem with a picture of icloud sorting in shared albums

We took pictures to a trip with iphone5s and iphone6 + a Nikon J5 date and time everything is OK

Loadin was don ewhilst travelling and at home, but the sorting is mixed seems to be loading date

(even only took pictures of the iphone as a reference)   (all on iOS 9.3.2)

you know a way the album gets re-sync or software where I could sort the photos in

and then re - download to get the sorting so that by the time and date of the...

Thank you very much in advance - it would be a big help (gibbest album with this problem is the honeymoon ;-))

Shared albums are essentially photo streams. They will always show the photos in the order that add you them to the album.  If you want your photos to appear in a specific order, you must add them to the album individually, one by one, exactly in the order of your choice.  You cannot add all photos in an album at once - which will give unpredictable results.

For example, to create a new album with your photos.  Then ctrl-click on the album and select "Keep arranged by Date, oldest first" to sort the album.  Now add each photo from the album shared individually.  There will be a lot of work.

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