I intend to buy a Apple Watch in the United States, but I have a European iPhone 6 Plus. Anyone know if I have a problem with syncing my iPhone (EU) and the Apple Watch (US)? I think not, but any ideas?

I intend to buy a Apple Watch, United States of America, but I own a European iPhone 6 Plus device. Anyone know if I have a problem with the sync between devices? I don't think, but it would be more useful to have a definite answer for this as my assumption...


Hi John

The devices normally work together.

There is no difference in the hardware specifications for the watch. It can be configured to use your preferred language and format of the region.

Adapter USB power to the watch will be located in the United States. To charge your watch via food in Europe, you can use the magnetic charge cable supplied together with a real 5W Apple (iPhone) or 12W (iPad) adapter USB power (or with a third party, Apple certified adapter).

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