I just upgraded to Acrobat Reader DC and I am unable to take a snapshot of a PDF and paste it on another PDF file

I just upgraded to Acrobat Reader DC and I am unable to take a snapshot of a PDF and paste it on another PDF file, I have to paste in word and then to the PDF, it becomes blurry this way and also has a lot of text in blue instead of black in the picture.  Is there a way I can copy a PDF file and paste it on another PDF file?

Or is there a way of reversing this adobe to the previous version?

The files are not locked or the other and I tried the guide help without success.


Hi olir74691516,

Everything sticking the snapshot of one PDF on the other we add a layer to the PDF document that you paste the snapshot. You cannot copy & paste in the player of free application, you will need Acrobat application for her.

Kind regards

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