I linked one chose "remove from toolbar" on the new "drive mode" icon and it removed my entire address bar and I can not find the place where to pick up

With the latest update of firefox (38.0.5) I take away the new features that I would never use the button 'save for later '. Then the notification popped up in the navigation bar for the new feature 'in player mode', which is another thing that I'll never use. I right click it and chose "remove from toolbar". This action removed my address bar. My navigation bar is still there, but the address bar to enter a URL has disappeared. It's just my research and my download bar and buttons of AdBlock. Usually, I have my bar address/URL/navigation to the left of the search bar with the navigation arrows. When I go to customize I can't find the address bar. I have a particular look, I prefer and would not have to go through the restoration of values by default if I have to. Maybe I'm just missing something stupid obvious and I just need someone to point out. Thank you!

I found this link


And was able to "Refresh" my firefox. Now the long process of return to my silent settings I prefer. Really disappointed with firefox for the first time. Not the solution I was hoping.

Details on how to remove the 'drive mode' icon of a book of the URL bar it would be appreciated.

Thank you!

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