I want to restore my iPhone without updating to the latest version

I want to restore my iPhone on iTunes 5s, because in 2014, I do my iPhone 5s so sure, today, I took it out, he is buried in the living room when I tried to clean my house, but I don't remember the password, I didn't even use scrap to see the password of it. Then, I went to iTunes, iPhone 5 s is disabled for 60 min., but I don't want to upgrade to the latest version, I am on iOS 8.1, and really, I swear I wanted to booth newspapers and a more pure experience, but I don't want to waste space because it's a 16 GB phone. I want to just restore and give it, not up-to-date. My young sister really needs (she is 9, I have 32).

You can not.

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