IPhone 5 is - when it's 128GB?

I bought a 5 s with 64 GB iPhone when Apple and AT & T had stopped selling them and had 32 GB as the largest capacity.  I found a new one on Amazon. I loved putting my 5 pockets (clothing women's pockets smaller than men) and always have it with me. I knew I'd better buy the best 5s that I could find since Apple went to the largest 6s.

I bought an iPhone 6 Plus at this time instead of an iPad mini, as he had the most recent features that the mini was not at the same price.

The 6 most ' rounded edges made much more difficult to hold, it is part of the NO pockets and the switch on the side is off inadvertently at inopportune moments by the gripping hand. I imagine that the smaller 6s would have the same problems.

I am delighted they admit that the square edges, smaller size and turn off turn on albums are a better design than the 6 new and successors.

I still love my 6 more, but she stays in my purse to hand most of the time.

I would buy an iPhone 5 is if they sell a 128 GB model and give it the touch screen of pressure. Until then, I'm happy with my iPhone 5 s.

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Sorry, because we are all users here, just like you, Apple will not read these comments, you ask.

However, you can use this link, for Apple reported to your wishes:

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