Macintish HD, what is the other?

I have a 500 GB of Flash storage on my Mac Pro and two external hard drives.
I want to free up space on my stoarge flash as it is full.

More than 50% of the drive, said the OTHER.
Can someone tell me where else is so I can free up space?

Attach an image.

Thank you


Other is everything which is not Apps, Photos, films, Audio or backups.

Usually when people have another very large on their boot drive, the Spotlight index is corrupt. The Spotlight index is used to create display, and if this does not work, you can see odd information.

Try re-indexing of Spotlight before going down the path you're on: Spotlight: how to re - index folders or volumes - Apple Support

Once done, a program like Perspective great, X inventory disc or disc Daisy that displays graphically where all your storage space is assigned.

The main things you want to remove are your movies and photos. These are usually the biggest users of the space. If you want to keep, move them to another hard drive or burn them to disc. Make sure that you back up this another disc, too.

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