Pavilion 23-b026 BIOS problem

Pavilion 23-b026 BIOS does not boot EFI of CD/DVD. Even if the start-up devices entry is edited and saved, ATAPI CD/DVD does not appear in the list of boot devices the next time. Is there any BIOS UEFI editing tool?

(this to make Windows 8 PC + Linux dual boot)

It turns out that, UEFI boot loader needs FAT32 file system to read the startup file EFI, where the CD/DVD is excluded. USB-disk/pen drive is the option.

I burned the ISO on usb disk linux & can boot the system into EFI him! Has successfully installed Linux & Win - 8 + Linux work correctly in dual-boot mode.

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  • Necessary for Pavilion DV7t-7000 BIOS update support MRC (external monitor flicker problem)

    I just bought an edition four HP PAVILION DV7-7000 with the graphics of 650 m hd4000/nvidia intel

    combination. I'm running Windows 7 x 64 with 16 GB of RAM of the system.

    I had some serious screen from flicker of my external monitor from the day I bought the laptop. I did some testing and found that the problem occurred while the screen resolution to 1920 x 1200 x 32. Any lower resolution or bit depth could reduce or eliminate the problem of flicker.

    I did some research on the web and found this:


    107 re: 4000 Intel HD Graphics (i7 - 3770 K) sometimes flicker

    Robert_U 25 Sep 2012 09:34 (in response to Frojo)
    Hi all

    This problem is a BIOS problem more precisely with the memory reference Code (MRC) version or more. Contact the manufacturer of your system or the card mother for an update system for your system BIOS or the motherboard that includes the MRC or newer.
    If you have a system with 2 or more memory modules and are comfortable with the removal of all but one of them so that your memory is in single channel mode, try and remove all but one of them and the problem will disappear. This can be used as a workaround until you are able to update your BIOS from the manufacturer of your system or motherboard that includes the MRC or newer.

    Is this thread by forum on the website of intel:

    I think that's the question that I am experiencing. I checked it by deleting memory modules and solve the problem itself.

    Does anyone know where we can expect an update of the bios? I really want to reinstall my second memory stick and retrieve my additional 8 GB.

    You have the original sticks that came with your laptop?

  • Pavilion DV7-3060us: BIOS restore file "not a win32 application invalid" (Pavilion DV7)

    I have an intermittent (about 19 times out of 20) on a Pavilion DV7-3060us BIOS failure.  After that you press power, the fan and the light turns on, the screen remains black and lock/num lock flashing twice, pause, flash twice, etc..  Sometimes, the computer will boot normally to Win7.   Near as I can understand, I need to reflash the BIOS.  I downloaded the image file winflash/BIOS (SP47531.exe) the drivers and software page, but when I try to run it, I get a "...". not a Win32 valid request"message.

    Any advice on how to get this file to run it, or another method to solve the failure of startup issue, would be very much appreciated.

    So much worse... apparently the problem is I downloaded the file through Chrome.  Downloaded with IE on another machine, recorded on a USB key, it connected the USB on the machine of problem without difficulty.  Does not seem to have solved my problem starting, but the 'valid not a Win32 application' error has been resolved.

  • Pavilion 15 E014TX BIOS does not recognize the hdware, sort of drivers do not work

    I live in Sri Lanka and have a Hp Pavilion 14 E014TX Netbook, with 4 GB RAM, 750 GB HARD drive, camera, card reader, AMD Radeo 2 GB Graphix and other great benefits.  But unfortunately, none of the drivers work. AMD Radeon driver, for example, reports that the material is not present!

    MSInfo reports:

    Name of the operating system Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate
    Version 6.1.7600 Build 7600
    Another Description of the OS is not available
    Manufacturer of operating system Microsoft Corporation
    Name of system HP-15
    System manufacturer Hewlett-Packard
    HP Pavilion 15 Notebook PC model system
    System Type X 86-based PC
    Intel Core processor i5 - 3230M CPU @ 2.60 GHz, 2601 Mhz, 2 Lossnay, 4 logical processors
    BIOS Version/Date Insyde F.07, 03/07/2013
    SMBIOS Version 2.7
    Windows directory C:\Windows
    System directory C:\Windows\system32
    Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume1
    The local United States
    Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "6.1.7600.16385".
    Hp-15\sadhu user name
    Sri Lanka time zone standard time
    Physical memory (RAM) installed 4.00 GB
    2.41 GB total physical memory
    1.36 GB available physical memory
    4.82 GB total virtual memory
    3.70 GB available virtual memory
    Page file space 2.41 GB
    Paging file C:\pagefile.sys

    Material is described here

    (1) can not find the drivers for my Win 7 32 bit Ultimate (legal, unpirated)- but others found with device manufacturers

    (2) I think it's maybe a BIOS problem, but I find no way on the site of HP to upgrade.

    Thanks for your help

    Thanks for help you, but it took the following for repair: 1) win 7 64 bit 2) use to reload the drivers for 'Hp pavilion 15-e016TU + 8 64 bits win7 readers' I certainly didn't use the 64-bit operating system, but it seems that I am stuck. I have this post to help others who may have the same problem - sadhu!

  • How to report the BIOS problem?


    is it possible to report the BIOS problem so that a person of HP it will read and the problem will be solved if all goes well?

    To be concrete, there seems to be problem in BIOS F.02 installed on HP Mini 5103 causes of freeze if it has plugged the USB key with 'recursive partitioning' at startup. As a result, it is not possible to boot from live USB which was created from some ISO hybrids (e.g. direct ISOs of OpenSUSE recent). Since there are not many options to install the system on netbook, I think it is serious problem. My previous netbook Lenovo Ideapad S10 - 3 and also my work laptop and desktop have no problem to start with the USB stick containing "recursive partitioning", so it's certainly a problem (hopefully not feature) this concrete machine/BIOS.

    Thank you

    That's ok on the Bravo, I did nothing to help you again.  This link is for questions of security, but it is also for the firmware, so you can get away with sending them a note here:

    - Or call them.

  • Pavilion 1226nr: need bios password recovery

    I just bought a refurbished 17 laptop computer 1226nr HP pavilion with a bios password hashing is (D567ADAF) Please help


    Your laptop is to produce a code hexadecimal halt which is stored in the ram as a 'one stop' and is recalculated after a reboot.  This indicates that you have a FRIEND bios later and unfortunately none of the current code generators will work - surprisingly, you can usually always remove power on password of the machine by removing the cell RTC (leave the connected Power Board) then hold down the power button for 60 seconds before reinserting the RTC.

    The bad news is that the RTC is on the 'wrong' side of the motherboard so is going to require a lot of disassembly - see Page 92 of your Maintenance & Service Guide.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • BIOS problem, how downgrade

    I'm updating the bios to 2.14 to 2.21 on my aspire E1 - 571. MY video ram on version 2.14 was 128 MB and is now on 2.21 64 MB. How downgrade bios 2.14 because 64 MB is bad for the game, when I go to install 2.14 has error message "Comparison of bios problem" Please help, help, help


    Avoid any problems flashing the BIOS to an older version. Did you do that there is no way to manually change the video memory setting in the BIOS?

  • Windows XP Bios problem

    When you install Microsoft XP, I seem to be a BIOS problem.  The error message loads up once the disc loaded files, but until you're able to partition the drive.  The error message indicates that the hardware and BIOS are not ACPI compatible.  After reading upward, I tried to correct the problem by what the error message says to do.  First of all, try to update the BIOS.  I called my computer supplier and received the last update for the BIOS of the computer.  I installed it and nothing happened.  I resorted to the second option listed that would press the F7 key. that was supposed to disable the ACPI and force the installation. It does not yet.  I then read a few forums and they said to update a file on the disk XP (TXTSetup.sif).  So I did but nothing seems to happen.  You have other options to get this facility by?

    First of all, check that you have not hit one of the components of the PC especially the memory sticks. If there is anything loose, see the article published below. It might be useful for you.

  • Keyboard / BIOS problem

    Keyboard / BIOS problem

    1. when I turn on my computer the active keyboard light came blink and after this the keyboard keys do not work, I'm not go to CMOS Setup by pressing on * F10 key and not saving changes pressing on * F1. And the main thing is that what window opens then work keyboard correctly.

    2. when no keyboard not work start time so how can I update or install the BIOS. Please help me.

    ·        * In the first screen show me this to save F1 and F10 for installation.

    Thank you

    Mr. Islam

    If your BIOS does not keep its settings, then it is time for a new CMOS battery.

  • Pavilion G5000(RY491EA#UUW): Bios problem


    I have a laptop HP Pavilion G5000 (RY491EA # UUW), processor Intel (R) Core (™) Duo CPU T2250 @ 1, 73 GHz. OS Microsoft Windows 10 Pro. In 2008, the computer inside the service your service of HP in Linköping in Sweden, when you have changed the motherboard and sound card. Modercardsid: NAPA 0001.86 c. 0059. D. 0803051446 motherboard name: unknown. Tip: 30 6 78.11, system serial number CND7061N94, BIOS HP: Hewlett-Packard f. 26 03 / 05 / 2008. My question: I would like to update the bios, when the laptop often have problems with the graphics driver for Microsoft Vista, which causes the temporary interruption of the computer. When I scan the hp driver on my computer, it's the Bios F. 24 a, which is for Windows Vista, which is not true with F. 26 bios that was installed at the time of the repair of Linköping. Which is the SoftPaq number (SPXXXXX) to load 26 F. BIOS or other Bios later that is compatible with my laptop? Can I update my old computer with, to get a laptop without this problem.


    Lars Carlsson

    Email address: [personal information deleted]


    Sorry, but there are no BIOS HP updates that you can apply for your PC.

    The HP BIOS updates are OS specific version and was the last to your PC for Vista and you already use only.

    Since there is no HP drivers or software for your PC newer than Vista, there is no update of the BIOS, either.

    I'm a volunteer and I do not work for, or represent, HP.
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    If my posts resolved your issue please click "accept as a Solution.

  • G7-2269wm Pavilion: update BIOS problems

    I have a HP Pavilion G7, which recently had a bad encounter with a 'spill '.  Not at all turns.  I replaced the card mother and keyboard.  Now it turns on, but it does not boot to Windows.  Looking in the BIOS, I realized the version is very old and it lacks certain robot like legacy and UEFI boot of choice.  I am looking for a way to Flash the BIOS with a current version, but so far have not found a solution that would work in my case.  Is it possible to make a bootable media with the BIOS version I want to use and Flash the BIOS on the HP Pavilion?  I would appreciate any advice you can give.

    Other things to note.  I remove the hard drive and disc control execution on him and he has no problem.  When I boot from a disc to install Windows on the HP with the original drive installed, I can access the drive through command prompt and see that the installation of Windows is intact.  The hard disk is configured for the GPT, and as the BIOS limited startup options, I came to the conclusion that the BIOS needs to be flashed.  Thanks for your time.

    If the drive with another installation of Windows allowed me to launch the BIOS install package and Flash the BIOS with the latest version.  After it finished, I reinstalled the original hard disk and the computer loads Windows now on the original hard drive.  I thank very you much for your suggestions TheOldMan.

  • Pavilion DV9008NR BIOS problem 8 32-bit Windows

    I have a mobile Pavilion DV9008NR older:

    RAM - 2 GB RAM

    CPU - Athlon Turion 64 x 2 TL-50 1.6 GHz

    Motherboard - Quanta 30B 9

    Chipset - NVIDIA GeForce 6150

    Southbridge - NVIDIA NForce 410/430 MCP

    BIOS HP F.43 22/03/2010

    -GPU of NVIDIA GeForce Go 6150 (UMA) (MS Bsic Disply C52 A.2 adapter graphics card

    This has been previously loaded with WinXP SP3 with nLite slipstreamed 1.42 to load SATA drivers.  He was previously the BIOS flashed to F.43 (latest version).

    He was 'clean' updated with Windows 8 Pro Upgrade after passing all the tests.

    After reboot, I got the standard HP/Phoenix BIOS screen with the usual guests for BIOS Setup and boot order.

    Every time after that, the guests disappeared and Win8 charge * fast * as usual.

    Feature to win 8 seems to be in good condition, and necessary Ricoh 5-in-1 and drivers NVIDIA coprocesser loading without difficulty.

    I went back to my old image of WinXP and loaded several times BIOS normally with and invites you.

    After reloading Win8, back to problems of any invites after the first reboot.

    Try or during the BIOS support is * not * enter you the BIOS or boot order Setup.

    It seems that somewhere Win8 is "anticipate" normal "flow" of the BIOS.

    I understand that Win8 has a feature to take control to prevent the takeover of boot sector malware.

    Is this what is happening?  (Which becomes a real problem with and may be necessary).

    Is this a bug in the BIOS, or

    Is there something else.

    Thank you ~.

    Just talked to the MS Support for something different and wondered about it.

    Obviously, on some machines, this is * normal * and is the result of the function "Secure Boot.

    The answer is... you need to use the 'restart' instead of 'Shut Down' to prepare the system to give the menu .

  • HP Pavilion Notebook N9R33EA # a: problems with the BIOS update (HP Support Assistant)

    I was offered an update of software SP77359, which seems to me to be an update of the BIOS provided by HP Support Assistant. Version F.82Ap1. Two days ago, I updated the BIOS via the support and, on the report wizard got an other update via the support Wizard. I applied this patch to find that it was still an other BIOS update and now, which has been applied this third update has appeared. Please let know us how I do.

    The model number of my machine is actually N9R33EA #ABU (as reported by the Assistant to support) but ths was too long to type in the name of the product.

    Your laptop is a HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-ab208na (ENERGY STAR) for later use.

    I wouldn't update. Simply click the X to remove the download and install the list in the help Wizard.

    The current version on your laptop support portal is F.8.1

  • Pavilion 500-108es: problem with HP Pavilion 500 - 108es BIOS? password


    We have a HP Pavilion 500-108es provided with

    This screen. "Enter the password for start" would be the translation. Guy said he didn t wrote a password in the BIOS and swear by himself, it seems.

    I tried to remove the CMOS battery, change, a clear CMOS, etc... but nothing has worked.

    ¿Any idea?

    Thank you!


    For your desktop PC, you need to move some jumpers to clear the BIOS password.

    Please see the link below... Erase password settings.

    Important: The instructions as you see them on the Web page are not quite correct.

    I modified the instructions below...

    To clear the password BIOS follow these steps:
  • Pavilion dv7 7080el: big problems of overheating and bios problem

    I have this laptop for a few years, but earlier I use constantly and I see that much when heated work not reached an average of 65 °, but if you work with graphics or other temperature increases considerably, and sometimes when I go to reset the bios auto-recovery, finished the procedure, I have to turn it off and let it cool to be able to use it again as well as garlic this causes too much heat ruined even the battery that won't re - calibrate, but must be replaced, even if it is almost never used, so I would keep less software until the fan at will but cannot find compatible software and wish that the problem is solved for you because I think it's very serious the laptop not think that it is so plugged in but really many flaws

    Yours sincerely

    Max of Italy


    Follow this thread for problems of heat

Maybe you are looking for

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    My Xbox controller won't connect to my Xbox one and when I connect throw USB mic it will connect, but if I unplug the USB of my controller microphone and plug it in is no longer connect to my Xbox one. until I turn my Xbox it off and turn it back on.

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    na het vervangen van blauwe cartridge (ik al minstens 10 x earlier Act) is er een foutmelding: "of printer cartridges niet herkent. groene en afwisselend meeting oranje 'herstel' knop aan/ITU grabbed knipperen knop,. Het printerherstel stelt voor pri

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    I get this error code when I try to use windows update... windowsupdate_80070641. How can I fix this?