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I have a problem, and honestly, I suffered a lot from him. When I connect to the proxy server, my laptop goes down. What seems to be the problem? and is there a solution to my problem?

Thank you


tareqabdulhamid wrote:
My laptop is a HP. I use Internet Explore. And I connect to my school's proxy server.

Why do you need to do this? Your school not have wifi for students to use? They do not need to connect to the proxy server for secruity reasons that you should be able to connect to the wifi of the school.

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  • How to create the socket under proxy connection?

    Hello world

    I am creating the socket under proxy connection connection, it isn't working and I put the MDS proxy setting and I am able to create the http connection, but it gives me the error 'Connection refused' when I try the socket connection, so please any body have any idea please help me do this.

    Thanks to advanced



    peter_strange thank you very much for your support. Kudo for your.

    I found the solution to my old thread. Please see for the answer http//www.answer

  • I'm unable to use windows applications in my college. Is it because of the proxy connection?

    I'm unable to use windows applications in my college. Is it because of the proxy connection? Each app says I'm not connected to a network. Please let me know how to encounter this problem.

    Hey Brad,

    1. What is the accurate and complete error message you get?
    2. don't you make changes to the computer before this problem?

    There could be various reasons why you will not be able to connect to the Windows store.

    I suggest to disable the proxy server and check.

    (a) press the Windows key and the R key to open the prompt to run . Type inetcpl.cpl in the run prompt and press to enter.
    (b) in the 'Internet Options' window that opens, click on the tab "connections" at the top.
    (c) click on 'network settings' at the bottom of the section "connections."
    (d) if the "Proxy Server" box is marked with a check, click it to uncheck/disable.
    (e) click on 'Ok' to close the window "local area network (LAN) settings".
    (f) click on 'Ok' to close the 'Internet Options'.

    I also recommend a complete analysis using the antivirus program installed on the computer or by using the Security Scanner from Microsoft that this problem can also occur by malware.

    Safety Scanner WARNING: There could be a loss of data while performing an analysis using the Microsoft safety scanner to eliminate viruses as appropriate.

    Hope this information helps. If you have any questions, please let us know.

  • proxy connection

    Hello world

    JDeveloper version is:

    I use dynamic JDBC credentials and
    I used the reference to the solution by * 693636 * in this thread: Authentication Proxy with JDBC Datasource instead of the JDBC URL? to get the proxy connection, the problem that I can't connect proxy of this line:
    oConn =
    * ((PrxyTransactionImpl) this.getDBTransaction ()) .getPrxyConnection (); *, but i get the username that i made it by login.

    Thank you

    Published by: 842127 on April 1st, 2011 22:24

    Published by: 842127 on April 3, 2011 09:23

    AM configuration wizard to switch your AM to data sources.

    In your bc4j.xcfg you will then find something like:



  • HTTP through proxy connection

    I am trying to download an image from a Web site through a proxy server.  All the posts seem to refer to this article: How can I open a TCP/IP connection through a Proxy Server?  The only link that works on this article is that of the internet Toolbox, and it offers no help on proxy servers.  I have the Internet Toolbox, but there seems to be no screws that can work through a proxy.  Anyone could do this?

    Basic proxy support is not so difficult. You can change the screws to do that for you. All you need to do is to open the connection to the proxy server instead of on the destination server and change the URI in the HTTP Get request to contain the full URL at the time the name of the server and the path on this server.

    Thus, for example:

    Direct connection to the

    You open the connection to (usually port 80) on and pass an HTTP GET mydoc.html request. That all screws of HTTP, you can find on the web.

    Connection through a proxy server:

    You open a connection to (any port your proxy uses for example 8080) for and pass a HTTP GET request to the proxy.

    Rolf Kalbermatter

  • BlackBerry ADB Proxy Connect has expired

    Hi all!

    Thank you for the development of useful tools such as the proxy of the ADB.

    I try to connect my physical device and device BB10 simulated using the proxy of the ADB. The proxy program detects them both very well, but when I try to connect to them, the connection times out.

    Am I missing something?

    Any help would be appreciated!


    It turns out that, if the device/simulator is connected to Momentics, such error occurs.

    I had to unplug the unit and reinstall the Simulator and leave the Simulator not connected to Momentics.

  • Table column change disabled proxy connection


    The edit button table column shows as being disabled when a user connects using the proxy (DBUSER [PROXY_USER]) user authentication
    But the same works, if the user logged in directly.

    Is this a bug? Can anyone offer no work around for this.

    My current version is
    Build a HAND - 64.45

    Thank you.

    Published by: najet on August 12, 2010 16:24

    Published by: najet 13 August 2010 09:03

    We will look into it.


  • CRL checking and changing of Proxy connection

    We moved to a new Server Proxy and closing down the former. I've updated windows for the proxy server group policy as it is now is no longer necessary that all traffic is the force however a new. Or so I thought...

    On checking the old Proxy Server, I could see that there still could not be routed traffic there. This traffic seems to be all traffic MS checking on certificates.

    All of this runs in the field computer accout (for example, Domain\ComputerName$).

    Anyone have an idea how I can stop this to occur?

    I tried the 'netsh winhttp proxy sh' command which shows that no Proxy Server is defined. How does the "WPAD" Web Proxy Auto Detect determine what proxy for us and how he stop trying the old proxy?

    Thanks in advance


    The question will be better suited to the audience of professionals on the TechNet forums.

    I would recommend posting your query in the TechNet forums.

    TechNet Forum

    Thank you

  • I'm unable to update to the new version, "refusing to proxy server connection.

    I am running version 3.6.3 right now and I was not able to do the latest updates updated, because once that I go through the download process and to launch Firefox I get the message "proxy server refuses connections please try again later, and I'm unable to access the internet unless I redo the 3.6.3 installation.» Anyone who has the magic answer would be great, because I have to go through this process every day when I get on my laptop...

    If you were using Firefox 3.6. 4 or higher, a new preference has been added to the preferences of the proxy connection settings in tools > Options > Advanced Options > > tab network - connection = settings = use system proxy settings

    If you do not select no proxy and restart Firefox your problem should be solved.

  • Connection of the user authenticated to the external proxy

    Hi Experts,

    I created an externally authenticated user in the database. And can connect without a password with the syntax below.

    SQL > connect / @TESTDB
    SQL > show user;
    The USER is 'SCOTT '.

    That user scott has a power of attorney to an another DBuser PROXY_USER authorization.
    I got the syntax but that works only from BONES of the database.

    sqlplus [proxy_user].
    SQL * more: Production version on Mon 15 Nov 16:28:47 2010
    Copyright (c) 1982, 2010, Oracle. All rights reserved.
    Connected to:
    Oracle Database 11 g Release - 64 bit Production

    I can log in as a user authenticated outside windows CLIENT running on Release

    SQL > connect / @TESTDB

    But the syntax of connectivity above Proxy fails with below the CUSTOMER

    SQL > connect [proxy_user] / @TESTDB
    SP2-0306: invalid Option.
    Usage: CONN [ECT] [connection] [AS {SYSDBA |}] SYSOPER}]
    where < logon >: = < user > [< password >] [@ < connect_identifier >] | /

    But works the same syntax of database OS!

    I can connect to TOAD, but can not connect from SQLDEVELOPER or SQLPLUS

    My sqldeveloper version is:

    Build a HAND - 64.45

    and sqlplus:
    SQL * more: Release

    Any idea?

    Thank you.

    Published by: najet November 18, 2010 15:09

    Hi najet

    If you get SQLPLUS work SQLDeveloper (thickness jdbc/oci/instant customer) is definitely worth a try.

    I don't know what the problem with your configuration of the proxy usecases that I am familiar are:
    Through the UI SQLDeveloper

    There are two ways to make proxy connections:
    where p1 is user proxy and c1 is a client of the proxy:

    method 1/single session (if no 2nd password or unique name required)
    Main connection popup
    user: p1 [c1]
    password: p1

    2/two method session
    Main connection popup
    user: p1
    password p1

    context connection authentication

    client proxy: c1
    no password or unique name

    Team SQLDeveloper

  • Migration tool - using a connection through a proxy


    My Internet connection is through a proxy. How can I configure the Migration tool to use that proxy? Is this possible?

    Otherwise, the error message is: an error occurred when connecting to the Oracle for CRM on demand server.

    I did a test with a direct (without proxy) connection to the Internet and it works, but unfortunately I need to use a proxy.

    Has anyone already done this?

    Thank you

    Simona Hello,

    Edit the MigrationTool.bat file where use can find the following line

    "%JAVA_HOME%"\bin\java-Djava.util.logging.config.file="%ODESA_HOME%"\"%ODESA_HOME%"\resources\OdesaConfiguration.cfg-Dodesa.home="%ODESA_HOME%" - jar "% %ODESA_HOME%"\odesa.jar. "

    It changes as shown below

    "%JAVA_HOME%"\bin\java -Dhttp.proxyHost = proxyhostURL - Dhttp.proxyPort = proxyPortNumber - Dhttp.proxyUser = someUserName - Dhttp.proxyPassword = somePassword -Djava.util.logging.config.file="%ODESA_HOME%"\"%ODESA_HOME%"\resources\OdesaConfiguration.cfg-Dodesa.home="%ODESA_HOME%"-jar "% %ODESA_HOME%"\odesa.jar. "

    I added the Java Options for Proxy as the host, Port, user name, the password make sure that you set the correct information and run the batch file.

    Hope this helps :)

    Kind regards
    Deepak: kamal

  • Preferences, that is, proxy information is not saved. Tried all the fixes in FAQ

    After a malware infection recent firefox stopped to connect to the internet. "Proxy server refuses connections." I cleaned up the infection then reset Firefox but the problem persists. I did the fixes suggested IE prefs and user files. Now if I close Firefox the proxy connection I put in works however will receive the PC, the default login manual connection to the proxy, which moved to port 55636.

    Start Firefox in Firefox to solve the issues in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions of the origin of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox (Tools) > Add-ons > appearance/themes).

  • My problem is a misuse of the proxy settings and I can't even remove it by editing the file pref.js. She just keeps restore use manual proxy settings.

    I had the trojan cycbot and removed. However my browser will not connect to the Internet, unless I don't manually select no proxy connection settings. then restart firefox, settings changed to a manual proxy.

    I think what you can do here is to go to Subject: config then in the filter at the top, enter each of these entries at a time, then right click on them and choose reset. This should restore their default values.

    So network.proxy.http_port should come back to '0' when you do this instead of its current value of 64586.

  • Unable to connect to the internet after the automatic update

    Firefox has an auto update this morning and since then I always get the page "the connection was reset". MSN messenger work always for the internet connection is not the problem. It's on my laptop (I'm currently on my PC) and it is on Windows XP, the firewall is ESET Smart Security. I checked the error Console, and it is one that appears, "" Livemark Service: food processor received invalid channel for".

    This has happened

    Each time Firefox opened

    Is automatic update on June 27, 2010

    NVM I just had to change the automatic proxy connection settings
    the automatic update should have changed the settings

  • Skype will not connect / Connect.

    I'm unable to connect to Skype. When I try, it just sits at the signing in the screen for 5-10 minutes and then told me that Skype could not connect. I tried several different suggestions for articles, I've read. Weather it be to clean the registry, uninstall/re-install, reset of internet connection, the ports/ip setting, firewall reset. None of them have worked for my question. Help, please. :/

    Note that the port number for incoming connections must not be empty.

    If you have previously set Proxy connection options, then these parameters should be removed from Windows registry too.

    You can try to run the PolicyFix.exe tool to clear the registry:

Maybe you are looking for

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