Sat Pro P750 - 6 GB of RAM by default, but only 5, usable 16 GB

Hello! I just buyed a brand new Toshiba Satellite P750 for college and I really like it! It's a very good computer. But he seems to have a little problem. By default, the computer comes with 6 GB of ram installed, but in the control panel of the system, it shows 6 GB (usable 5.16). I heard that it can be problem like that if you try to have memory on a computer i7 based to heart. The thing is I had no memory, the computer comes with 6 GB. Windows 7 64 bit is installed.

Sorry for my English and thanks in advance!

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To be honest I don t understand your problem. New notebook with factory settings is optimized to run stabile and Toshiba the guys who designed the recovery image set these options to provide portable performance best and stabile.

In my opinion you shouldn't change anything. Why don't you play with these settings?
Well equipped operating system Don t touch.

Optimize the operating system pre-installed for your needs and be happy.

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    Of course you can do it. I did it on my old Satellite P500 and it works perfectly.

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    I just bought a new Sat Pro P870 PSPLFA-O1C001, which comes with Windows 8 and no downgrade disc.

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    But I still have a "other devices" - (USB) Universal Serial Bus controller.

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    Anyone able to tell me what is this device?

    Thank you

    I put t know if this will help but try please install THIS driver.

    Please post comments.

  • Black screen on Sat Pro A10


    I have a Sat Pro A10.

    My problem is that my screen is so dark, that I can't see the content (maybe it's the backlight?). However when the computer starts, I can see the login screen of Toshiba fine. I also have the image if normal poster if I close the lid, and then open it. However the screen will stay only normal for a few seconds.

    Anyone have any ideas what is wrong here? Why does the screen work at boot and then deceive you? Is this a hardware or a software problem?

    Any help would be great.

    Hi Alex,

    It sounds like a problem with your inverter FL. You will need to take your laptop to a partner of Service allowed for it to be repaired or replaced.

    Kind regards

  • Restore media for a Sat Pro A10

    Hi, I lost my press kit for my Sat Pro but unable to download the drivers from the support site... everytime I try I just get a message saying that the file is not found. Can I download an ISO of the restore media, or someone can look at the download page for this laptop.


    First of all, you can not download an ISO of the Toshiba Recovery CD image file!
    You can buy the CD of restoration but not download.

    If you wish, you can contact the ASP in your country and ask for this CD. It s not expensive.

    Regarding you driver problem;

    Well. I have checked the page of European disc of Toshiba and was able to download drivers for Satellite Pro A10.
    So I know exactly why you can't download the drivers but there is nothing wrong with the page.

  • SD slot, it doesn't on my Sat Pro M30

    Hi guys,.
    I'm having a problem with my SD slot, it doesn't. I checked my device manager and I found it in my device list, I have troubled shoot for problems and appear nothing wrong with it.

    I insert the meadia card in the slot and I have the blue light flash once then it shuts down. I check Explorer if I can find a new driver was added and I'm not finding.

    Y at - it software or drivers I should have to get this working or what?

    Thanks in advance guys.

    Sat Pro M30

    Hi aks

    Try reinstalling the SD Card Driver Set V2.0.4. You'll find the CD-ROM of tools & utilities.

  • Noisy dvd/cdrw drive Sat Pro A100


    Ive just got my new laptop A100 Sat Pro and check that everything works
    I noticed that when accessing a dvd in the dvd/cdrw Mat * one player combo UJDA770
    He is much stronger with pronounced sounds/cries as he accessed but subsequently, he
    can play a movie dvd without much noise. Including these noises ar not when a cd is
    in the drive.

    I am new to laptops, and I don't know if this is normal because the disk is so small?

    You could someon please let me know if this is normal or not?

    Thank you


    Hey Kevin,

    As you can imagine, it's not easy trying to diagnose noises without being able to hear, but there are various noises emanating from the optical drives depending on what they are doing both.

    These sounds are usually a slight noise whirring when the disc actually rotates. applied by a series of light clicks as the lens unit is positioned to read the titles of the index. Once this has been done the unit should return to its noise whirring normal light as the disc is read progressively.

    However, some drives, including the data (games or software) will produce more evidnet clicking and rattling from the unit of the lens are having to constantly reposition themselves in various locations on the drive.

    In addition to the above, some discs are not quite concentric and this can set up a slight oscillation of the disc as it spins. This will be evident by a distinct rumbling noise as the disc rotates.

    If the device emits a loud noise then it will normally indicate a contact between the disc and a part of the possible training of the lens or the drive nut. This is definitely not normal and if this occurs several times and on different disks, then I'd have the optical drive, checked by a Toshiba ASP.

    Kind regards

  • RTC & Sat Pro 6100 battery

    Sorry for my bad English.

    If the cmos of laptop battery (I have a sat Pro 6100) is damaged completely, the laptop also ignite?

    Hi Biagio,

    The RTC (or CMOS) battery is installed on the motherboard, and is used to keep the BIOS settings when the laptop is turned off. If the RTC battery is faulty then the date/time and other parameters of the BIOS only be not maintained when the laptop is shut down for a while.

    The normal battery will be affected by the failure of the RTC battery and will always recgarge as usual when the laptop is connected to a power source.

    The RTC battery can be charged by connecting the power supply but leaving the laptop off for about 24 hours. If the date and time is always lost after that the RTC battery should be replaced by an authorized Service Agent Toshiba.


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  • Windows XP system is unstable and slow - Sat Pro A10

    Do not know if I have a Windows or a HDD problem :/

    Systems have become unstable a few days ago and started to slow down. Finally started getting delayed Windows disk write errors.

    Current situation is that Web pages with javascript on them don't work (windowsupdate, ms webmail sites), and some local programs seem not to launch (information system).

    Tried the upgrade of IE. I tried MS supports javascript trobleshooting. Run the check disk and defrag of many times.

    Think to take (Sat Pro A10) in a repair shop, but not 100% convinced that it's the hard drive that I can't find anything that verifies records that suggests a problem :(

    Any help?


    Just a little tip: one day, when you have time, you can search for HDD Regenerator tools on the net. With this tool, you can check if the HARD drive is OK. It is always good to know that the disc has no bad sector HARD and because of this cause, to slow down the pace of operational or OS even total crash.

  • Sat Pro 4270: Compatible CD/DVD Rom

    Can someone advise on a compatible dvd DVD / CD RW drive for Sat Pro 4270


    I found on the official website of Toshiba these devices:

    Read-only Drives
    Ext. Slim Line 24 x CD-ROM Drive PX1052E-1NMD
    Ext. Slim Line 8 x / 24 x DVD Drive PX1053E-1NMD

    Writable discs
    Ext. Slim Line 8 x / 8 x / 24 x / 8 x Combo Drive PX1055E-1NST
    CD-RW/DVD Rom Drive PA3438U - 1 external CD 2
    External DVD Super Multi Drive PA3454U-1DV2

    If you wish, you can visit this site:

    Good bye

  • Need a DVD/CD-RW player in-house for Sat Pro 4270

    I have asked this before, but did not drive
    I need a drive DVD/CD-RW internal for Sat Pro 4270
    Can anyone advise a specfic drive that will work

    Hi Charles,

    Please check the following URL: - (click on DISKS for information.) ://

    Kind regards

  • Re: Sat Pro A10 and Sat 10 - the difference - need new keyboard

    Hey all!

    New ID as I am garbage to remember the passwords/log on emails...

    I have a Satellite Pro A10, which needs a new keyboard - there's loads are circulating on ebay for Satellite A10 - but not the Pro - now I'm almost 100%, it'll be the same keyboard - right? the 'Pro' ILO denounces just usually extras bits and things qhizzy-, but basically they are the same hardware platform slot - i.e. the same keyboard between the A10 Sat and Sat Pro A10


    : D thank you in advance for letting me sleep at night!

    I agree with you. There is not much difference, and the construction of the laptop is the same.
    I'm 100% sure that the keyboard is the same.

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