Satellite A200-1AX - overheating of the graphics card in Windows 7 64 bit


Model of my laptop Satellite A200-1AX possessing a Mobiliti Radeon 2600 video card.

After installing Windows 7 64 bit can't find the correct work display driver.
Fan does not work quickly, by the suite and heavy applications is overheating and the laptop is turned off.
Not able to find a driver for Windows7 64 bit or Vista 64-bit for my card on the Toshiba site.

The site of a driver for Radeon 2XXX series:
Windows 7-64 bit ATI Catalyst a? ¢ Display Driver Version: 9.9, Edition Release
Date: 09/09/2009. -Drivers do not help.

I tried to increase the fan speed you programs 'ATI Tray Tools', has not helped.

Please help me with my problem. Sorry for my English



The drivers of Toshiba laptops are a bit different and not the same thing as the drivers from the manufacturer of the graphics card.
The original ATI drivers are made for office use and not for mobile use. Drivers Toshiba takes supported thermal protection that allows to control the performance of gpu and the dissipation of the heat.
If you want to use a page ATI driver then your GPU could create more heat as usual which leads to the unexpected shutdown.

I installed Win 7 on my A210. I didn't install the driver of ATI graphics card because the Win 7 automatically recognizes the graphics chip.
After installation, I went to the Device Manager. Then, I chose the graphics chip and looked for the driver automatically. Windows has found the right driver and installed this
Since the unit works perfectly with Win 7

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    Hi mandragor6,

    What model of Satellite A200 you have exactly? What is the part number?
    And what program tells you this information? These 3rd party programs show sometimes as well erroneous information.

    As far as I know no A200 model is equipped with a X 3100 graphics card. They have HD2600 graphics card

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    > Can upgrade you the graphics card in it? I know that you will very likely not be able to because it's a laptop, but I am struggling to find out if you can certainly or not?

    I don't know much about your model and have no idea if a removable or integrated graphics card. But as he posted the article toshiba does not approve the upgrade of Cpu/Gpu

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    HP has released a disc for the PC in question, associated with 64-bit Windows 8
    Greetings & LC = IT & CC = IT & DLC = IT & sw_lang = & Product = 5212723

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    I have need some answers and solace to the questions I have on my laptop. Here are the following questions:

    Laptop overheating fast enough, hereby, I mean in about 10 minutes, the laptop Burns upward. It is the model or is there something wrong with it? I can't keep the laptop without maintaining that it plugged into the wall at all times. That this has something to do with my battery like that I need a new?

    I am able to install the new RAM * (2 GB Max) and if yes, someone knows how it slots are for this model? (Not really opened to check because I'm bad to put things together after taking them apart)

    I am able to install a new graphics card for the laptop or I'm stuck with ATI RADEON XPRESS 200 M Series? (and if it is not too much to ask, is the graphics card, I have good, bad, or so - so)

    Sorry if there are too many questions, but it would be really nice if I get the answers to all these.

    Hi Honu_2,

    (1.) you should clean your laptop using a jet of compressed air. This could blow out the dust from the cooling fans and read this article please:

    2.) Yes, it seems that you need a new battery if your laptop only works with AC/DC adapter connected.

    3.), you should check your owner's manual. As far as I know this model supports up to 2 GB of RAM. This means that you can install 1 GB into the two slots.

    (4.) the graphics card upgrade is not possible because it s/set soldered on the motherboard and your laptop is designed only for the preinstalled graphics card.

    By the way: these questions are already answered here. Check out the forum for similar topics, you will find many interesting things! ;)

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    Thanks Jaso444


    If I understand correctly, you have an Australian model, then you should visit:

    This is a page of pilot for Australian laptop models. Choose your model and serial number and download, then. UnRAR / unzip the downloaded file and install it by following the instructions on the screen

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    My question is very simple that I write on the subject.
    Is it possible to upgrade graphics card on the model named "Satellite A300D-125 cm?

    I know it seems absurd for some users, but I have to say there are phones that you can update their graphics cards easily. On laptops from other manufacturers, you can!


    Why do you want to update the graphics card? Do you have any problems with it?

    Well, I n t have good news for you because it of not possible to update the graphics card on this laptop because the graphics card is soldered on the motherboard.
    So I prefer this Toshiba document:

    Good bye

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    As you can read in 100 other discussions here in the forum s not possible to repalce the graphics card because it s attached to the motherboard.
    [Is it possible to upgrade the CPU or GPU of a Toshiba laptop computer? |]

    Here are several interesting information:

  • Is satellite A200 - possible to replace the grapchics card?


    I've had my Toshiba A200 - 1 M 8 for two years now and everything was going well until one day, while working on this subject, it is just went down. The arrested LEDs had any, even when not connected to the power supply and the laptop wouldn't start. I checked the habit - power cable bad, trying to see if the leds are gone or the laptop start with and without the battery in. Then I checked if all the cables are connected to the mother board the right way - they were. Know a little of material and to be a student of applied computer science, I thought that the problem was probably with the motherboard or something related to it.

    So, an I unplugged devices connected to the motherboard to see if this allows the flow of power through the Commission. Long story short, it turned out that when I disconnected the graphics card (radeon HD2600 256 MB) the LEDs showed once again, and of course, the laptop started, but only a sound signal once or twice, which is normal when there are essential, as the map, missing. After a further inspection, I found that two blocks of memory on the card have burned completely, which explains why it did not work.

    So now, here's my question: 1. is it possible to buy a replacement directly from Toshiba? If not, how can I specify what I seek, when searching through stores online and how can I check if it would be compatible with my laptop? 2. If it is possible to replace the card, it would be possible to replace with a better model (like hd3470), this means that my laptop would be able to manage the best card and is it still possible to find a better card, mounting my laptop (physically, I mean, it's pretty tight in there: P)?

    Thanks for any helpful answer in advance, if more information is needed to answer my questions, I would be happy to provide it.

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    (1) an authorized service provider can replace the VGA card to you, directly from Toshiba. There is a list of the ASP on the Toshiba site, in the support section.

    (2) Unfortunately, you cannot upgrade the VGA card in most laptops because there is no common standard model, the BIOS is coded to work with a specific VGA card and the cooling system is designed for the dissipation of the heat of this VGA card.

  • HP Pavilion 500-130DE: HP Pavilion 500-130DE do not see the graphics card in windows and can not change the primary graphics card.

    So I got a new (TG 640) graphics card for my pc. I tested it on another computer the day before. Worked well. I plugged my HP Pavilion 500-130DE and started. I changed my slot onboard DVI cable to the GT 640 and cable says no signal. While the pc was still on I switched the cable back to the integrated graphical location motherboard and got the windows login screen. So I thought that BIOS yet configured when the integrated graphics card (Intel HD 4600). I turned off the pc and booted to BIOS. But I've never seen a such limited BIOS before! Only thing you change is boot order. I saw a tab advanced but could not find the settings that I needed. In the only device manager devices that appears is the HD 4600. So I checked power is 300W should be sufficient for a map of 75W (only need the PCI for power). Someone knows how to fix this?


    After the PC starts to open the window RUN and enter: MSINFO32

    If the BIOS on your PC version is version 8, and then review the information below.

    HP Secure Boot Windows 8 themes Computer does not start after the installation of a video (Windows 8) card  

    A word of warning: the reality is that there is no guarantee that any particular graphics card will work in any particular PC, even if the graphics card works in other PC or even the same or similar model PCs. Know what the return policy is before you buy.

    Thanks for posting on the forum.

  • How can I improve the graphics subscore for windows 7 64 bit?

    How can I improve graphics subscore for windows 7 64 bit

    the graphics is 5.0 and I used to improve, but how?
    Original title: computer Preformance

    There is nothing you can do. The score you get is comparable to what this laptop model should get.



  • Re: Satellite A200-28 cannot read the SD card of the digital camera


    I just tried to get my laptop Satellite A200-28 to read my camera, an SD card and it happens in the card reader, but nothing happens.

    To what extent do you have to press or on my desktop, is not go very far before the card starts to blink and it opens the contents of the card. But on my laptop nothing.
    Just, it lets you put the card in but does not seem to realize is there actually.

    Any help on this would be much appreciated as it would be so great could receive laptop to read my camera card as easily as my office.


    :) Thanks for your comments buddy!
    Good to know that you resolved your own

  • Satellite M70-147 - rpm and the graphics card.

    What is the number of turns of the M70 - 147?


    It is also not clear what graphics card is inside. In the header, it says:

    ATI MOBILITY RADEON X600SE with up to 128 MB of RAM or the ATI MOBILITY RADEON X 700 with up to 256 MB of RAM

    but it says in the specification:

    MOBILITY® RADEON X600SE 256 MB HyperMemory

    Thanks for your time and your answers.

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    AFAIK the m70-147 was delivered with a 80 GB HARD drive.
    This HARD drive has the rotation of serial ATA interface and 5400 RPM of the training.
    I put t know if is it possible to use the 7200 due to heat production.
    The HARD disk with a 7200 RPM produce more heat as a 5400 RPM HARD drive.
    In this case, it is possible to s that you have an overheating problem.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A200 - how to increase the graphics memory?

    Hi, another question.

    I am unsing an A200-1CC, it's an Intel 945 Express Chipset Family settled. I tried to install a game that requires memory graph 256Motets. I received an error message "Shadow Pixel 1.1" maybe not supproted... and the page the maanufactured FAQ told me be sure to habe 256 MB in use.

    The A200-1CC has a 1024 MB of RAM and uses only a little over 100 MB memory graphics. I have check the Intel web page. My 945 Chipset supports Pixel of the shadow; and memory maximum grpahics used in 256 MB. So I increased my mother-2048 MB memory card today. However; It shows still 122 MB graphics memory in use. Page intel says that sometimes you can adjust the DMTV in bios, but that does not apply to my system.

    Any chance to get used to 256 MB graphics memory? -I use a Vista system...?

    Thanks in advance for any idea you may have.

    ;-) Ingo


    No, you can increase the video RAM and there is no option to change this.
    The video RAM will be assigned automatically, but you can t change that.

    I know this good news of aren t but in my opinion the Intel graphic card is not designed for games. An nVidia or ATI card graphics would be a better solution for the game.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A300-1EG - dead with the graphic card pixel problems


    Not after two months of use of a brand new Toshiba A300, I had a dead pixel.
    Its only I guess, but what intrigues me is that it could be somehow merged with disorders, that I got with my graphics card.
    I had trobule with S-video use, there was a bad image, without collors.
    Is there a chance that I can have my screen replaced?

    Im still under warranty.

    Thank you


    Regarding the dead pixel:
    > Is there a chance that I can have my screen replaced?
    I doubt that the screen would be replaced only due to a dead pixel.

    Please check out this article from Toshiba. I found it in the page of knowledge base of Toshiba.

    + What is the maximum number and type of fault of pixel your monitor LCD Toshiba can expose by 1 million pixels? +

    You will find details of the maximum acceptable number of holes per 1 million pixels.

Maybe you are looking for