Satellite A500-1GL: it is advisable to remove the battery when you use the network

I know this is a silly question but its actually something I know not so thought I would ask.

I almost always plug my laptop into the supply line (satellite a500 1gl)
I was wondering have you actually keep the battery installed even when using the electrical network.
Or is it really advisable to remove the battery when you use the network?
I didn't know if the battery should always be in place.
Thanks for your help



A few years ago it was recommended to remove the battery of the laptop if the AC adapter is plugged. What keeps the constant charge battery
New age of batteries are better you can leave the battery in the Bay it s ok and it should not affect the performance

However, sooner or later each battery would die it s only a matter of time, you know

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  • Satellite A500-1GL - power of Windows 7 and the games options

    Hi all

    Some know maybe my previous posts about my problem with the fan on my Satellite A500-1GL worry when I'm online game. It is disturbing to hit the 90%. And his pass even with the update of the BIOS and Toshiba now advise to do a factory restore then fails to send in for repair.
    Looking at the power options,

    I was wondering if someone could recommend this power options I should consider and it would have made no difference for the wise game fan (secondlife seems to be the main problem with the fan turn the crank to the top)

    Any help would be appreciated, trying to think of something that might help which may be a simple solution to this problem of fan
    Torti :)


    To be honest, a lot of activity of fan during the games would be normal I think because games need a lot of CPU and GPU power, they always run at a very high level. This means a lot of heat will occur and it must be cooled to avoid damage.

    Of more if I have the games, it s not important how the fan noise creates because I hear music or dialogue game Isn t it so? ;)

    In any case, from time to time it s advisable to clean the cooling system of your laptop using a jet of compressed air:
    [How to clean a Toshiba laptop cooling system? |]

    And for games, you can use high power option or balanced Windows Performance.

  • Satellite A500-17 x - fan doesn't seem to work when you play

    OK... I have some post mainly about performance drop and overheating so lets keep this simple.

    Here are my problems:

    1. I updated my graphics driver but it has little or no effect on the high temperature

    2. I noticed that whenever I play games (the dawn of war 2, dragon age origin) the fan made little or no sounds, and only hot air comes out

    3. no fan noises--> does not overheat---> shut down

    4. the only time I hear the fan screams hard is when I restart the laptop

    5. I don't know about you guys, but I start having probs since the update of the bios (my insticts told me that I should not have the update, but I did anyway)

    6. If it is a bios problem (which I'm sure it is) can someone send bios 1.30 for me? I called and email my PSA (PC World, UK) and they told me to get it from toshiba which I don't know how to contact them. (my email is [email protected])

    7. If you help me you'll have 7 models from victoria secret for wives and 2 beautiful children

    tank yuh!

    Hi mate,

    You ask first: are you running factory settings and display driver are you using? I also noticed a problem of overheating with non-Toshiba display so drivers since their I choose only the drivers of Toshiba.
    Check this box!

    I m wondering a bit about your statement of your ASP normally you can get the BIOS directly from them. Was it an official Toshiba authorized service provider?
    On the Toshiba site, you can find a list of them and these guys here, you can also get older versions of BIOS

  • Satellite M50-181: OS crashes down and did a restart when you use Winrar

    [email protected],

    I have with my M50-181 and Winrar in the past time a problem. My system hangs down and did a reboot, when I want to check in a file. I have the latest version of Winrar 3.51 and latest updates of Windows XP.

    After reboot I send the bug report to Microsoft. After that, I am eagerly to the Microsoft Web page. It is said that this accident is a product of a driver in my system that failed. But they can't tell me which driver is the cause of the accident.

    Has anyone else got the same or similar problem? Can someone help me?

    Thank you and Bravo,



    What about older versions of the WinRar?
    Have you tried to install other versions?

    Never heard of problems. I also use a Winrar (older versions) and everything works fine.

  • Satellite A500 - 1 GB - copy dialog crashes on the eSATA connection


    I have trouble when using my Samsung storyboard (1.5 TB, eSata/USB 2.0) with the Satellite A500 - 1 GB (Windows 7 64-bit):

    (a) when you use the connector eSata (preferred):
    The drive is recognized by the system, and I can read the directory information. But I cannot copy or play the disc. The copy dialog box freezes quickly and cannot be terminated easily.

    (b) when you use the USB connector:
    It is also recognized by the system, but copy and read operations take ages - I have tried to make a backup of the system, but cancelled after 5 hours.

    The drive works fine with another PC (also Windows 7 x 64), so the drive itself should be ok.

    I've updated satellite drivers today (BIOS, chipset and responsible storage), but this did not improve the situation at all.

    The question is probably, due to the 150 versus Protocol SATA 300 SATA? A500 - 1 GB does support SATA 300 (SATA 2) or just SATA 150 (1 SATA)? Is there a specific SATA driver (Intel?) I might give a try? Where could I check who is currently SATA-used protocol?

    Or do you have other clues on how I could solve this problem?

    Best regards


    Theoretically, your external hard drive eSATA connection could be defective so have you tested the USB connection only on your other PC or eSATA too?
    In addition, you should test another cable, I had a USB cable, did the same problem and after Exchange of cable, everything was ok.

    There is no special driver for it on the eSATA connection. I think that it s part of the chipset driver for reinstall the chipset driver could also be helpful.

  • Satellite A500-1GL - graphic card problem and overheating

    TOSHIBA SATELLITE A500-1GL - I almost year.
    Already, the first problem appeared immediately after the purchase.
    After a telephone conversation with the service and install some problem driver disappeared but unfortunately it was another, computer laptop start overheating especially on games but evan on movies more make strange noise.
    I ve already used about 7 different cooling pads but none of them helped, I change the fan settings, cleaning by compressed air did not help at all.

    Is there a way I can fix this?

    Should I send it to Toshiba as it is still under warranty?

    Can you please tell us what is the first problem?
    To be honest, you should let Toshiba service to check this and give you 100% of mobile working.

    What you want to do? If the same symptoms are there even if laptop with factory settings, I think it is certainly the issue of guarantee.

  • Touchpad no longer works after update BIOS on Satellite A500-1GL

    Hello world

    I just bought my laptop Satellite A500-1GL today. I started at the top and plays a bit (nothing serious). The touchpad worked very well at the moment.

    Then I discovered this tool to update the material and the update of the BIOS that worked without any problems. After I restarted the laptop, BIOS, loaded the default values of the installation and recorded.
    After that Windows 7 (x 64) started the touchpad no longer works...

    I downloaded the driver here and installed again once, still does not. I went into the BIOS, disabled the touchpad (I thought that maybe it's a bug...) and started again. It still does not...

    I enabled it again in the BIOS, tried to push the function + F9, but it still does not... Finally, I used the recovery and installed a Windows 7 costs.
    But unfortunately it still doesn't.

    Now, I'm out of ideas, can anyone help?
    Is there a chance to get the older version of BIOS to downgrade it?

    Thanks in advance ;)


    It seems strange that after update Bios touchpad no longer works.

    > Is there a chance to get the older version of BIOS to downgrade it?

    To be honest, I don't know where to find. In any case, do a search on Google. Perhaps, other users of the forum can give you a link to download.
    The downgrade of the Bios is riskier upgrade procedure. So, be careful the next time...
    Advice for the future; Do not touch the running system.

    Good luck!

  • Satellite A500-1GL - some FN keys only work does not correctly

    I have the Toshiba Satellite A500-1GL, and I have a problem with the FN key (actually not the key itself, is the other keys, the keys that have orders)
    for example:
    FN + ESC = mute, and it works great!
    But... FN + F8, should turn the wireless, but it's not!
    Here is a list of what work is / is not:

    FN + ESC: Mute {color: #008000} (Working) {color}
    FN + F1: Lock/unlock windows {color: #008000} (Working) {color}
    FN + F2: Search {color: #ff0000}(Not Working) {color}
    FN + F3: Sleep {color: #008000} (Working) {color}
    FN + F4: Hibernate {color: #ff0000} (doesn't) {color}
    FN + F5: Screen output Monitonr/projector {color: #008000} (Workin) {color}
    FN + F6: Decrease brightness {color: #ff0000}(Not Working) {color} it really increases the light!
    FN + F7: Increase brightness {color: #ff0000}(Not Working) {color} it decreases! O_O
    FN + F8: Turn the wireless on / off {color: #ff0000}(Not Working) {color}
    FN + F9: Toggle the Touchpad {color: #ff0000}(Not working) {color}
    FN + space: focus {color: #ff0000}(Not Working) {color}

    I tried to use the Toshiba Service Station to check for the update, but I couldn't find!

    I'd appreciate any help.
    Thanks in advance.

    See you soon


    You need to reinstall the Toshiba Flash Cards Support utility and added value package!

    First remove the two pieces of the system software.
    Restart the device and then first install the PPV then Toshiba Flash Cards.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite A500-1GL - service Intel RST does not

    Hi all

    Looks like I'll have a series of problems. I just noticed this message on my Satellite A500-1GL and I was wondering what this means and how do I solve it? When I clicked it, I got a pop up saying that he was trying to connect to the service, but nothing happened. I don't know the logo normally has a green but now has a yellow check! I tried a reboot, but it remains the same.

    Can someone explain what it is and what I need to do to fix it?

    Thanks a lot again

    Hi torti,.

    I put also don't know much about it but I searched a bit using Google, and it seems that Intel RST means Intel Rapid Storage Manager for hard disks.

    If you Google, you will be advised to reinstall in page Intel or Toshiba.

    As you can see, Google can answer most of the questions. ;)

  • Satellite A500-1GL (PSAR9E) turns itself on at 08:20 every morning


    I've had my Satellite A500-1GL (PSAR9E) for a few weeks now and it's great except, that he puts himself on every morning at about 08:20.

    Messages to the event log "event log has started" the last ten days or more:

    February 16, 2010 08:20:22
    February 15, 2010 08:20:22
    February 14, 2010 08:20:26
    February 13, 2010 10:17:37 (but I used the machine that morning and only stop at about 09:00).
    February 12, 2010 08:20:28
    February 10, 2010 08:20:28
    February 9, 2010 08:20:25
    February 8, 2010 08:20:30

    * The machine is * shut down * every night, (hibernation or suspended), usually between 23:00 and 01:00.
    * I was * stop * switch wifi on the case of the machine every night after his stop, (because I was wondering if the problem came from wake-up-on-lan).
    * I've been unplugging all the usb devices on the machine after
    * I have even unplugged my helmet just in case it makes a difference, (it's not)...

    I was leaving the unit plugged in, but there has been no interruption of power any since I got the machine.

    There is no one else at home when this happens, and I have no pets!

    I'm completely puzzled as to why the machine turns on, (and almost exactly the same time each day!)

    Anyone have any ideas here?

    Thank you


    Hi freddo

    Have you tried to load default BIOS settings?
    Entry of the parameters press F9 BIOS and save the settings.

    Check if this happens again.

  • Satellite A500-1GL - cannot upgrade the BIOS


    I tried to upgrade the BIOS on my Satellite A500-1GL (PSAR9E) for awhile now, but a dead battery so I can not go beyond the security check at the beginning. Is it all of the way around it, like I'm connected with current alternative, so I don't see what the problem is! Could I have possibly self-extracting zip files.

    Any help would be appreciated as this is very frustrating!


    I think that you will not be able to update the BIOS, if your battery is dead.
    Victory based BIOS update can be updated from Windows system, and there is a security option that allow you to update the BIOS only if the laptop is connected to the power adapter and if the battery is charged.

    You can update the BIOS using a traditional BIOS version, but as far as I know that Toshiba service partner could do that.

    If you have two options:
    Purchase a battery in order to update the BIOS by using win according to BIOS version or you will get in touch with an ASP in your country and will ask you to update the BIOS by using the traditional version of BIOS.

    But the BIOS update is necessary to you?

    I have a laptop with the old BIOS version and I don't have that day even if the new version has been released.

  • Satellite A500-1GL - Touchpad can not be disabled


    I'm new here and I have a * problem *:
    Unfortunately, I can't turn off my touchpad. With the FN + F9 and not even with this little button above the key.

    I hope someone can help me quickly. Before, thank you in advance!

    Sorry for my bad English, I hope you understand what I mean :)
    best regards from Germany,

    Jonny ;)

    PS: my laptop: Satellite A500-1GL


    Have you tried to reinstall a driver for the touchpad?

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  • Satellite A500-1GL - Microphone does not work after install the OS re-

    re-installed OS updated all bios drivers etc. Can't get anything to record. Skype not getting no sound. Do not record other programs.
    Have uninstalled and reinstalled all the audio drivers, including the driver of the webcam.
    Have you checked the forums, but cannot find any solution.
    Can anyone help?

    Satellite A500-1GL.
    Windows 7 64 bit

    You have reinstalled original Win7 64 bit family Premium that you got with your machine?

  • Re: Differences between Satellite L505-144, L555 - 11K and Satellite A500-1GL

    What are the main differences between L505-144, L555 - 11K and A500-1GL?

    They are the same price and seem to be very similar, with only small differences in processing power, graphics and sound.

    What is the best model?


    I think you should take a look on the page of specification for Toshiba laptop and need to compare two specifications:

    * Satellite L505-144 *.

    * Satellite A500-1GL. *

    Satellite L505-144 was released in the United Kingdom and the Satellite A500-1GL was published in Germany.

    L505-144 supports more rapid and better CPU, it was delivered with Win 7 32 bit and 64 bit. It supports rather than ATI GPU nVidia but the HARD drive is smaller than 320 GB instead of 500 GB

  • 'Maya 2010' go on Satellite A500-1Gl?

    Hey guys

    I m new to the forum I wanted to just some good advice on wheter the Satellite A500-1gl runs Maya 2010.

    I ve been reading people saying the i3 processor won t be enough and others saying that it will be run this portable fine alone in my price range and probably the best I've seen and I have searched for 3-4 months now.
    I m not really looking to make anything just for the modeling and animation I will to my University.

    Here is a link to the site of Maya 2010 which shows you the software requirements

    Please you need to buy a laptop as soon as possible and any advice would be appreciated.


    A500 is portable enough powerful and I guess it can handle Autodesk, however, it is best to check if it's compatible for A500

Maybe you are looking for