Satellite Pro L20: WLan cannot find the IP address

I just bought the Satellite Pro L20
I have the ability to go wireless, but when I try to use it is not find my ip address?

can someone help me? : D

Groovyjax xxx

You should check the settings of the router. Check if the MAC address filtering is disabled.
In addition, to access the WLan card properties and access the properties of the TCP/IP protocol.
There you can check if the parameters are set on the automatically

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  • Satellite Pro L20: WLan connection is limited to 5 meters

    My Satelite Pro L20 is connected to the Orange livebox, but cannot go further than 5 meters and disconnected. Any help?


    One question;
    Where is placed the WLan router?
    In the same room you book or are the walls between the router and the wireless network card.

    Sometimes, this could be a reason for a lower range of WLan.
    But we must try first of all to enable full implementation of card WLan.

    Please enter the WLan card properties. (Device Manager-> right click on the WLan card-> properties)
    There you can select the Advanced tab. You should see the power of the economy option of-> please turn it off.
    In addition, you should find there more options that could increase the range of WLan and performance. Please check.

    Of course a new version of the wireless network card could also improve the performance of the WLan card.
    I m not sure what card have you use but please consult the WLan and Toshiba card manufacturing site.

  • Satellite Pro 4600: where to find the drivers

    Where to find drivers for Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600 drivers?
    We cannot choose this model in the support page...

    The drivers for this laptop Satellite Pro 4600 series are on the European driver Toshiba page.

    The laptop seems to be an oldie and therefore you should take a look in the _ * Archives * _ folder!

    Best regards

  • Satellite Pro A300-1DZ cannot find HDD after BIOS update

    Hello world

    I recently bought a Satellite Pro A300-1DZ flea market.
    Put a new copy of Windows xp family.
    I then install all the drivers necessary own site of Toshiba and the end of it, I thought that it is perhaps a good idea to update the bios?

    OH DEAR what a big mistake.

    Now the netbook won't start windows.
    So I thought it's ok, I'll just start from the begginning and reinstall windows again, but he tells me that it cannot find a hard drive on my netbook?

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm going crazy,
    Could someone tell me please how to fix this? Thanks x


    I think the value of the option SATA AHCI and hence Windows XP mode cannot find the HARD drive.
    It's because of the SATA controller.
    You can set the SATA AHCI compatible mode mode mode and this will allow you to install Win XP on the laptop without the use of SATA drivers.

    So, you have two options if you want to install Win XP:

    -> AHCI mode, but you must include the SATA drivers
    Compatible mode-> Win XP installation possible without SATA drivers

  • Satellite Pro L20 - where to download the recovery disk?


    I lost the disk to the operating system as well as hard drives. Y at - it a link to download?

    Toshiba Satellite Pro L20
    Model No.: PSL25E-00100SAR
    PM 740 / 512 / 60 g 54/15xt/ds2/lm/w
    Series No z51373y3w
    product key: tdh2 - qdsrj-*-*-xv926


    The Toshiba recovery disc can t be downloaded. If you want a new drive, you must contact an authorized service provider. Maybe they can order a new one for you.

    Alternative you take Microsoft Windows disk and install the operating system for this disk. After that, you can download all the drivers and tools on the Toshiba site. It takes a little longer and it s not so uncomfortable.

  • Satellite Pro L20 - I can identify the right recovery disk?

    Hi all

    I wonder if there is a way to identify what recovery CD or DVD came with a particular laptop model?

    I have a number of Toshiba laptops and it is that recently that I started to write a note that's CD/DVD with a machine.
    for example
    GMR400788EN0 goes with Satellite Pro A200 PSAE4E-03U017EN

    I'm trying to figure out which CD is going with a Satellite Pro L20, PSL25E-00800CEN

    Thank you


    Sorry, but I think that there is no way to identify which CD belongs to what laptop.
    If your laptop comes with the recovery disk it should be a CD label or so on it.

    Anyway, it shouldn't be a problem, and you should test if it s the right recovery disk.
    Or you have so many Toshiba laptops? ;)

  • Satellite Pro 6000: can't find the right WLAN driver

    I have re-installed Windows Xp on my laptop Satellite Pro 6000. Everything works except for the wireless connectivity.
    When we look in the Device Manager, I see that the WLAN driver has not (or wrong) was installed.
    Then looked at the Toshiba site for the drivers, but I am not able to find the right one. I found some drivers, which seems to be the one, but unfortunately after installing the drivers, wireless connectivity is still not available.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
    Best regards, Robert

    Hi Robert

    Stand by! Connectivity is not available or the WLAN card is still not installed correctly in the Device Manager list?

  • Re: Satellite L300D and Win7 - cannot find the WLAN driver

    I have the Satellite L300D (PSLC8C-06T01R) I just got this in the month; I decide to put Windows 7 on thinking there would be all the necessary drivers. Well I was wrong; Once I installed 7 we find all drives but the wireless card. I don't then told me the Vista disks would work on Windows 7 so I tried and no luck, I then put Vista on and everything was fine, then when I went to look for the driver for the wireless card in Vista, it doesn t do anything the card is always 'does not work correctly.

    Vista Atheros wireless drivers or something else on the site Web of Toshiba don t do anything.

    If anyone has the same problem made me know, or if anyone knows how to fix this or even if it is possible to find the drivers for windows 7 that would be great cuz that s my goal (Windows 7)

    Please as soon as possible I need this laptop at the University.

    For me, it makes sense to collect all relevant information before you do something again. Obviously you didn't check before installing Win7 Toshiba support page. Until that Win7 is not released Toshiba will offer no tricks of Win7.

    As I see you have Canadian cell phone model and I don't know what WLAN card is inside, but in your a story thing confused me. You have installed Vista again. I assume you have done this with original Toshiba recovery image. This recovery image is designed for certain model of laptop and contains all the necessary drivers for all hardware components. I don't understand what the problem with the wireless network card.
    I have to ask you if you have installed Vista with the Toshiba recovery image?

  • Satellite Pro A200: Windows cannot find WLan

    Something is wrong with my laptop, I have Toshiba Satellite Pro A200 with XP Pro SP3...

    When I try to search for wireless networks using the Microsofts, he found nothing, but can from TOSHIBA ConfigFree.

    You're probably, who has to use Toshiba then - software is not possible, cause ConfigFree supports the WEP keys, but most of the keys used here wireless are WEP - TSK or something - not supported by ConfigFree.

    How can I make my Microsoft Windows to detect wireless routers?

    Have you tested without SP3?
    Many people here have reported on the various problems after installing SP3.

  • Satellite Pro L770-14N - cannot find any drivers

    Hi all

    I bought the laptop Satellite Pro L770 - 14N PSK3TE. I installed a clean version of windows 7 ultimate, but I can't find any drivers for this model.

    For example,--> on page dowbload toshiba, is the required WLAN driver not in the download section.
    I have dl the driver from Atheros page.

    Find all the drivers, but we're missing in Device Manager.
    Is a driver package available?




    The Toshiba European driver page seems to provide all Win 7 64 bits of the Satellite PSK3TE L770 Pro series drivers.

    The WLan drivers can be downloaded here:
    This is the official Portal of Toshiba WLan and there you can also find Atheros Wlan driver.

  • Satellite Pro A10 - where to find the drivers


    I have an A10 Pro Satellite I am trying to set up for a Christmas gift for my daughter, but I'm unable to do to go on line.

    I was told that I need the drivers for it.
    I was looking at this forum and I went to the download page mentioned in the discussions I've read.

    I tried to fill in the form to identify the drivers I need, but I was not able to find the good ones, as I can't find the model in the menu drop down it returns a lot of possible drivers. I downloaded a few of them on a flash drive and tried to download on the Toshiba laptop, but with no joy.

    Please can someone help me identify the correct drivers that I need to help me configure the laptop?
    Sorry to be so dence but his father and I don't know anything to do a laptop internet ready.



    The drivers for this laptop are on the European driver Toshiba page.
    This book belongs to a series of older and so you can find the drivers in the area of the ARCHIVE.

    Check this box:> support download &-> download drivers

    Here, you have to choose:
    Archive-> Satellite Pro-> A-> Satellite Pro A10 Satellite Pro

    You can connect this laptop to the router using the LAN port.

    I m not very well if you'll be able to connect the laptop to the router using the WiFi because that card WLan was optional on this laptop and possibly there is no WLan card.

    If you want to check if the wireless card is installed, then you should check the device-> maps network manager
    LAN and WLan card must be registered.

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro M30: Where to find the BIOS for download

    I'm looking for the new version of BIOS to my laptop.
    When I go to driver download site I can see only Satellite Pro M70 downloads but not by Satellite Pro M30.
    Where can I find the version of the BIOS, My F keys do not work and maybe the new version fix it (BTW I use XP SP3)


    It seems that all drivers for some older series of laptops have been moved to ARCHIVE.
    So please first select the Archive.
    Then satellite Satellite Pro Pro Satellite Pro M30 M

    There, you can find all the drivers and BIOS.

    BUT NOTE; the update of the Bios will not help you to get the Fn keys work.
    You should first try to reinstall the * common Modules *, then the * utilities Hotkey for display devices *.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite Pro M30: Where to find the Vista drivers?

    Hello everyone,

    Please I need to know how to find toshiba updates drivers for windows Vista, my computer model is Satellite Pro M30.

    Please guys, I found it very difficult to not be updated. I've already updated my Rams to 1 GB.

    PS: It is a sequel to update my VGA 256 or 512.

    Hi Ziad

    Unfortunately, your laptop is not Vista support and you will not be able to find the official drivers on Toshiba download page. All you can do is find the drivers (if available) on the manufacturers of hardware technical support site.

    Update graphics card is not possible.

  • Satellite Pro L100 - where to find the plastic lid frame?


    I put t really know if this is the right place to post this?
    I have a satellite Pro L100. I had for about 2 years.

    On the first day, I had problems with plastics in the screen and the "lid" two cracks they been replaced twice.
    Today already, I need to buy a new one but I run problems trying to find part numbers.

    I know as L100 model number but they keep asking for a number three-digit and I have no idea where to find it.

    So on that help in would be great.
    Also how can I find the part number for the plastics?
    It happened at the stage where the screen is about to fall!

    Please help, thanks


    Usually the laptop model number and serial number are at the bottom of the device!
    There are different labels and one of the labels should provide these figures.

    Then you can contact the Toshiba ASP in your country to order framework compatible display.

    I put t know the part number, but I m the ASP would be able to help you

    Matt comes to the Paris

  • Satellite Pro M30: Where to find the new battery


    I think I need a new battery for my Satellite Pro M30. When the battery is fully charged, it will be only for a few minutes. The light comes on when connected to AC so I know that it charges.

    I guess my battery died (I had the computer for almost three years now) and I need to get a new battery. Problem is, I don't know where to find it. The Toshiba homepage doesn't seem to provide.

    Is anyoine knows what to do?



    Your suggestion is right! This really looks like a dead battery and replacement is necessary.
    So, you know the details of the battery?
    Usually, batteries compatible and taken in charge are listed on the Toshiba site Options & accessories.

    I found this site on the European site of Toshiba:> product-> Options & accessories
    Here, you can choose your laptop model and you will get a list of compatible parts

    Oh compatible parts you can order the ASP in your country.

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