Scanner HP Photosmart C4780 does not

I have a HP Photosmart C4780 printer and OS X 10.9.5.  I'm trying to analyze something to PDF and I get a black picture.  When I scan a 8.5 x 11 size paper as an image it scans only 1/4 of the document.  Please let me know if there is a driver will fix this. Thank you.



The HP scanning application is incompatible with the Mavericks and, consequently, the output being not registered correctly.

You can find more info on the question in the thread of information:

Open the Applications folder, then the Hewlett-Packard folder,

The HP Scan right-click and select move to trash, then annexcs the trash.

Then, install the HP Easy Scan application, which is the last version that supports your operating system:

The HP Easy Scan will be installed in the Applications folder.

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  • My photosmart 5510 does not scan the pictures correctly on my mac os


    Just like the title says, my Photosmart 5510 analysis correctly on my mac. The photo I, m continuous cutting, scanning sends an incomplete picture when I scan photo to file. I did everything positioning of the image anywhere on the scanner in the selection of all the different options to send the photo wireless on my mac. The scanner seems no analysis does not completely. Any ideas? Help, please. '

    Thank you!


    The default analysis workflows configured to scan photo 6 x 4 in. make sure you change the scanning settings to not crop the area swept as follows:

    If you use Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion), make sure to install the critical update below, otherwise skip to the next step:

    Now change the settings as follows:
    1 open the HP utility and select your device.
    2. based on Scan Settings open the "Scan to Computer".
    3. click on the tab "scan tasks.
    4. Select the shortcut Scan allows to analyze, and then click on edit.
    5. in the section of scanning from an HP device, click the blue triangle to expand the menu.
    6. in the expanded menu now, open the drop down next to cultures in and set as none.
    7. click OK and try to scan.

    Kind regards

  • Photosmart 6510 does not print in black

    My photosmart 6510 does not print in black. I presume that it was the cartridge but I replaced the cartridge and it still does not print. I cleaned the print heads and the cartridge ink levels are full.

    The printhead, cleaning of the screen failed touchscreen printer running.  But when I sat down at my computer and used the program utility printing, he did.  I ran an initial print head cleaning my computer and then clicking the button indicating that the print heads were NOT clean.  He then ran a deep cleansing process.  Then I lined up the printheads of the same print utility program.  Now it works!

  • Photosmart B8550 does not print black

    Photosmart B8550 does not black print.

    With the new black cartridge the report 'Pure Prinhead', but not when you print the actual page?

    No problem! I like to try to help out!   If you get the print head and installed and still have a problem, feel free to post back.

  • HP Photosmart 5514 does not print correctly

    I have a HP Photosmart 5514 All-in-on the printer. I restarted my laptop and now it does not print right.

    The printer prints the test page (chosen among the parameters of the printer) just as it should and it also prints everyting I scanned (pdf), but nothing else, really. Of other pdf files, it prints only the hyperlinks, but not the text. No print from word, excel or the web browser.

    It will be not as copy. It scans alright (in a file), but the printing part is the problem.

    I deleted all drivers, restarted the computer and installed all the drivers available. I made this 5 times now and nothing works. I have windows 7 and I'm using the USB cable. The printer was working with the same computer and the same software before maintenance.

    Welcome to the HP community @Aronia !

    I saw your post on your Photosmart 5514 does not copy and not printing from your computer, however, it will scan. I will do my best to help with the problem to see if we can fix it for you.

    Try power resetting the printer to start:

    Press the power button to turn the product on.
    With the product, unplug the power cord from the back of the product.
    Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet.
    Wait at least 15 seconds.
    Plug the power cord into the wall outlet.
    Reconnect the power cord to the back of the product.
    If the product does not light by itself, press the Power button to turn it on.

    When the printer powers back up, try to make a color copy from the front panel of the printer.

    On the computer, run the print and Scan of the doctor. This diagnostic tool will check for all conflicts that may be causing the problem. The tool will show you a report at the end. If there is a problem that the tool could not fix, you will notice it in the results.

    Please respond to me with the results to look over it, and we can go from there if necessary.

    Have a great Thursday!

  • HP Photosmart C4780 do not print directly

    HP Photosmart C4780 do not print directly

    Solved the problem by reaching my finger in the back and jumping of the machine advance with my fingernail.

  • HP photosmart C4480: HP photosmart C4480 does not print colors

    I had other questions on this matter. Changed to the new color cartridge. The printer will print a new alignment page that has the color on it, but all the images or type I try to print in color out just black and white. I don't have an option of black and white levels in my print window. Also do not have a function of options as someone did in a similar question. Impossible to find anywhere in the preferences system, in the window print function buttons printer to specify the color and black and white.

    Never had this problem before using Windows or Mac computers. Printed of this same laptop several times over the years, no problem. This just started happening out of nowhere starts at the beginning of this summer. Same notebook printed in color in the office. No indication I need new drivers, tried to reinstall the printer just to be safe.

    Any ideas? !!

    Thank you!

    Hi @2534Melissa,.

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support!

    I understand that you are unable to print in color with your HP photosmart C4480 printer. I will definitely do my best to help you.

    In my view, there is a problem with the device driver, follow the instructions.

    Step 1: Resetting the printing system:


    To begin, I will have you reset the printing system on your Mac. Please click herefor instructions on how to perform the reset. When the site opens, follow the steps under"Reset printing in OS X Lion system" because the steps are the same for Mac OS X 10.10. This Reset deletes each printer on your Mac. However, it does not uninstall printers. Therefore, if use you other printers on the Mac, once the reset is complete simply make sure printers are attached via a USB cable or connected network and (+) add hide them po do add not your HP Deskjet back in right now.


    Once the reset is complete, proceed to the next step.



    Step 2: Uninstall the drivers and software:


    Please click here to find out how to properly uninstall your printer. Once the site opens, select the drop-down list 'Mac OS X v10.6, OS X v10.7, OS X v10.8 and OS X v10.9' and follow the steps under two method to complete uninstallation.


    Once the uninstall is complete, please continue on.

    Step 3: Check and repair your Mac disk permissions:

    1. Open Macintosh HD and go to Applications
    2. Go to the Utilities folder
    3. Open disk utility
    4. Select the hard disk volume, you use (usually on the left)
    5. Select verify disk permissions
    6. Once this process is complete, select repair disk permissions



    Step 4: Manually install the driver Package:


    Please click here to manually download the package from Apple to HP v3.0 printer driversupdate. Once the site opens click on the download button at the top. Follow the instructions on the screen to install the driver package.

    Step 5: Check the Apple updates:

    1. Go to the Apple
    2. Select System Preferences
    3. Select software update
    4. Click update now
    5. Install your available updates
    6. Computer restart


    Step 6: Add the device:


    1. click on the menu of Apple , then Preferences System.


    2. click on Print & Scan and then check if the name of your printer appears in the printer list.


    3. click on the name of your printer, click the sign minus (), then remove the printer.


    4. click on the plus sign (), click Add a printer or a Scanner, click the name of your printer.


    5. click on the area of use or with the help of Print and then select the name of your printer on the shortcut menu. Ensure that the Deskjet driver is selected.



    6. click Add to add the printer to the list.




    Once your printer is properly added to, please try printing again to verify that the problem is now resolved.

    Posted by Mr X-23.

    Please reply to this message with the result of your troubleshooting. Good luck!

  • HP Photosmart C4780 do not install (Windows 7 64-bit)


    Recently, I moved to a location that does not support printer wi - fi.

    I bought a usb cable to connect my Photosmart C4780 to my pc Windows 7 64 bit and I tried the method of installation of HP usb but the printer could not be found. I also tried to use the Windows printer installation, but this also could not find the printer.

    The computer is found 'USB' noise when I plug in the printer, but no message appears.

    I appreciate the help and can try and give more information if necessary.

    Thank you very much.

    Hi Gboy123,

    Use a USB cable and let me know what happens?

    HP has designed a quick and easy tool that diagnoses and solves many problems of printing, scanning and connectivity: The HP Print and Scan doctor. HP recommend you to download and install Print and scan doctor no matter what time you need to solve a problem with your HP printer from the link below.

    I would like to know what are the errors you receive?

  • HP Photosmart C4780: HP photosmart C4780 will not scan to my computer

    I plugged in just this HP all-in-one to my computer.  It does not analyze to my computer.  It will scan on an SD card without problem.  What can I do to make the scan to my computer?

    Hi @Lisa213,

    Thank you for joining the HP Forums!

    I read your post on how your HP Photosmart c4780 printer will not scan on your computer. I'm happy to help you!

    A few questions for you:

    • How is the printer connected, wireless, Ethernet or USB?

    • What is the operating system you use, Windows or Mac? What version?

    In the meantime, maybe one of these guides will help:

    For future reference, hereis the user guide for the your printer.

    If it helps, please consider clicking on "accept as a solution." And, please click the thumbs up icon. The two icons are below this post.

    Hope this helps, and hope to hear from you soon!

  • HP Photosmart D110a does not connect after the software update of the router

    I'll try a restatement of my first message:

    Two days ago I had problems with my Internet service provider modem.  This problem has been solved, but leads to a second problem still does not connect to the internet.  Then with the help of technical support D-Link, an update of the software has been downloaded to my wireless router and installed and now I can connect to the internet.

    But today, I had to use my printer/scanner for 2 1/2 year, HP Photosmart D110a, it is not connected through the above wireless router.  (The blue light on the printer blinks just).  Tech support says I'm out of warranty, so I hope someone can help me here on this forum.

    Thank you!

    Glad you got it to work, please mark it as Solution accepted so that others can search and find the answer too.

  • All-in-one printer, HP Photosmart 7510 does not recognize my computer as part of the network.

    Range of all-in-one printers, HP Photosmart 7510

    The function scan of my 7510 new does not recognize my computer as part of the network. (He said that the scanner can not find the computer)   It prints fine from the computer, however.  HP ran diagnostics and cannot find the problem in their system.  Suggested that I try to find a solution to the millisecond.  I was unable to find a solution yet.  Can anyone help?


    I suggest try to connect your printer to the computer and check if the scanner works.
  • HP Photosmart C4780 connects not (wireless) on Mac or wireless network

    Sorry for the long post, but please someone help me!

    I bought my new printer a few days (actually 14th) and began to implement on my MacBook Pro with my Wi - Fi, which is routed through a Linksys router and mainly through my desktop computer (a PC with Windows XP). I used the CD that came with the printer to set it up on my Mac and it has set up the fine by USB, but when I try to set up the wireless, I get the following message:

    "Device not connected: to configure the network settings for the selected device, please connect via USB temporarily." The device can be disconnected from the USB once the network settings are transferred. »

    I reconnected and got the same message over and over again, so I decided to set up on my desktop computer instead. This does not work either and I got the same message on my desk I have on my laptop. Uninstalled on both computers, reinstalled and I STILL got the same message. At this point, I'm about to throw all the electronics in my bath tub and be done with them but on the contrary, I checked (and double checked - and triple checked) my router via my browser settings, fact that I know the SSID and the password and reconnected to the network through my laptop... Once again, the same message. I tried the network installation of push, the installation of the network PIN, I feel I have tried everything! Probably miss me something small, but eyes fresh is always an asset.

    Can someone help me? I printed a Test report of the network so that a Page Network Configuration and settings I received both... if need be, I can post the information from my router, in order to verify to implement, but after two days of trying to implement something that should have taken ten minutes (sometimes) I'm at my wits end.

    Network Test report:

    "Your HP printer cannot find your wireless router. Check our wireless router has power. Make sure that your network (SSID) HP printer name exactly matches your router (SSID) wireless network name. If they do not exactly match, run the installation of the wireless network to set up your HP printer. »

    How to change the network name of the printer to match?

    Summary of diagnosis:

    Wireless on: PASS

    Wireless work: PASS

    Find the network name (SSID): FAILURE

    Security: PASS

    The printer settings compatible with the wireless router settings: does not work

    No filtering: does not work

    Related: Does not work

    Signal strength: does not work

    Other networks detected matching your network name (SSID): does not work

    Detected wireless networks: 1

    Downlink Count: 0

    Channel: Does not work

    Although I was given my SSID (which does not match my home network - but how can I change this?) and my MAC address (I guess for the printer), so I didn't have the IP address of my printer has no way for me to get online to check all the settings! Is there another way to get this IP address?

    Summary of configuration:

    Communication mode: Infrastructure

    Authentication type: open

    Encryption: no


    Network Setup page:

    General information:

    Network status: offline

    Type of connection: no

    URL to Web server integrated:

    Firmware Version/Hostname/serial number were all given

    Admin password: not set

    802.11 wireless

    Hardware address (MAC): data

    Status: disconnected

    Port 9100

    Status: enabled


    Status: enabled

    Service name: Photosmart C4700 Series [6 last digits of my MAC address]


    Status: enabled

    Microsoft Web Services

    WS discovery

    Status: enabled

    WS Print

    Status: enabled

    PC connected (s)

    Address IP/hostname: (nothing is here) Time since last access (mm: SS): (nothing is here)      

    Number of 802.11 networks discovered: 1

    (my correct information of wireless network is here, including the SSID, Mode (Infrastructure), BSSID, Channel, privacy (RSN), Auth (WPA - PSK), Encrypt (TKIP-AES), Signal and WPS (no))


    Did you read this on your Verizon FIOS router? :

  • Photosmart 6515 does not print black ink after replaced the cartridge

    I am very frustrated! I can't get my Photosmart 6515 print black ink.

    Our school sends the documents by e-mail now that we have to print at home. Ideal for them, but not for me. They are usually in PDF format, so I do not have the ability to edit and change the blue color to print, either.

    I only use HP cartridges on this printer. I know it's more than a year, in order to call phone support will do no good.

    I replaced both cartridges and now it shows black ink completely full, but when I print the printer status report, black is not displayed. Black does not appear on the tool pages, either.

    I tried the command "clean printhead" several times. I unplugged and waited. I took all the cartridges. Connections look clean.

    What should I do to perform a partial reset or full?

    Hi Photokool,

    I understand that this has been a frustrating experience for you, and I want to help him.

    I will send you a private message, please check the little envelope on the upper right of the forums page to check your Inbox of Forums.

  • HP Photosmart C6380 does not scan or print photo with Windows 8

    Just bought HP M6/1125DX/15j with Windows 8. My current HP printer is a HP Photosmart C6380 All In One.  The printer does not work, but the photo and analysis part icons no longer appear which were on my front desk. I tried to download the entire program which said would update my printer, but after 6 tries to one hour each, at the end he just said my download has been cancelled. Is there a chance that my printer will be supported by Windows 8 and how do I do that if I can't download.  Or am I stuck buying a new printer? Thank you


    The C6380 is supported in Windows 8 and has a Solution Full Download.  I would try using the Print Wizard to download and install the drivers.

    Try this link for the Print Wizard.

    Print the installation wizard

  • Photosmart C6300 does not print on my Mac since I put in a new ink cartridge.

    My photo ink cartridge was low, so I put in a new HP photo cartridge.  Now my printer does not print on my Mac.  Just paper goes through and come out blank.  I turned it still works, but not printing.  I got taken out and back again without success.  Also, I restarted my computer without no printing.  I tried a test message, but still no printing.  I don't know what to do about it.

    Hey @bluebirder,

    Welcome to the HP forums!

    I see that you have a cartridge that is not printed in your Photosmart c6300. I can help you with that.

    This document describes How to solve print quality problems with your printer. If after completing this document you still see blank pages then the cartridge should be replaced. You can contact HP support by clicking here and filling out the form below.

    I hope this helps you feel and I hope you have a nice day!

    If this solves your problem then please help others to find this post by clicking on accept as Solution on my post.

    If you appreciate my help so please let others know by clicking on the icon below my post thumbs up.

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