Screen Mode shortcut not working only not with the recent update

Since the update to the latest version of the CC a few days ago, my shortcut to toggle mode screen (F) does not at all. I tried to reset my preferences and I checked my preferences of shortcuts - but nothing seems to fix the problem.

Any ideas?

Well, I finally got it working - but not quite how. A combination to reset the preferences, parameters of deleting and re-installing Photoshop. Although I had to reinstall twice before, it made a difference.

In any case, fixed now fortunately! I appreciate the help.

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    Roger 510 wrote:

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    Hi kristijan_st,

    Please see the article below relates to the last update for Photoshop.

    This article is not directly editable in Photoshop...

    Let us know if that helps.

    Kind regards

    ~ Mohit

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    Sorry, I can't offer a solution but I wanted to get this thread to keep up-to-date.   You aren't the only one with this problem.  I have an iPhone 6 s + and with IOS 9.3.1 update, calls I am doing in the completely distorted sound car.  Also appears that Bluetooth is disconnection/reconnection intermittently.

    Just found the problem today so I did not go through the process of removal of device re-matching, etc.

  • Screensaver not working only not with the hot corner

    I used to have my screensaver set to start with the upper left corner of my screen using the feature 'hot corner '.

    However, lately, he doesn't. I tested it with all the other corners, and it does not work.

    I tried other functions with the hot corners and they all work very well. This is just the screensaver that does not work.

    I can set the timer and lights up the screen saver, but not with the hot corner.

    Someone can help me with this, or have any suggestions?

    See you soon!

    Hello Kaijuman,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    I understand that when you try to start the screen saver by using Active corners it is not. I would like you to test this behavior then starts in safe mode, and then try another user account on your Mac.

    Start in safe mode

    Follow these steps to start in safe mode.

    1. Start or restart your Mac.
    2. As soon as you hear the startup tone, hold down the SHIFT key.
    3. Release the SHIFT key when you see the logo Apple appears on the screen.

    After the Apple logo appears, this may take longer than usual to reach the login screen or your office. This is because your Mac performs a check of directory of your drive to boot in safe mode.

    To leave safe mode, restart your computer without pressing any key during startup

    How to test with another user account

    You can find out if unexpected behavior is related to the user file or a parameter in trying to reproduce the problem to a different user account. This process includes creating a new user account, connect to it and test for the issue.

    Create a test user account

    1. In the Apple menu, choose System Preferences.
    2. Click the users and groups in the System Preferences window.
    3. Click the lock icon and enter an administrator name and password.
    4. Click on the button Add (+) below the list of users.
    5. Choose a type of user in the new pop-up menu.
    6. Give the user a name and first name, account name, and password.
    7. Click OK.
    8. Close the System Preferences window.

    Connect to the test user account

    Log out of your current user account by choosing logout in the Apple menu, and then open a session the new account that you created. If you are prompted to login with your iCloud or Apple ID account when you log in, skip this step.

    Try to reproduce the problem

    Please let us know what the outcome is so we can help you.

    See you soon.

  • Menu bar no longer works with the IE Update

    With the recent update of IE my main menu bar no longer works, "stationary" function does not work and it looks like the links are broken, but the links do not work if in fact, you click on it.  My vista machine, it is OK, but my XP machine, it does not show as a link. The submenu however works yet, here is the code, the first line is in the main menu and does not, the 2nd line a submenu and works.

    Here is the site

    In the main menu, this is the code for "Adventures":

    < td = '002' id class = "link4" onclick = "" location.href ='Teambuilding exercises - Adventures.php' ";" onmouseover = "changeC('002','link4h'); "onmouseout ="changeC('002','link4'); ' > < table > adventures
    < /tr >
    < b >
    In the page of adventures here is the code for the submenu for "Enigma Metro":

    < id td = "303" class = "Sublink4" onclick = "" location.href ='Outdoor-Team - Building.php' ";" onmouseover = "subchangeC('303','Sublink4h'); "onmouseout ="subchangeC('303','Sublink4'); ' > Riddle Metro < table >
    < /tr >

    Any ideas how to fix the main menu bar?

    Thank you


    Well, the aroow is visible now. Maybe you should add a background image in the .link4 style.

    I guess you should check your code for errors more.


  • an anti-virus scan windows came with the windows can I get rid of him?

    the anti virus scan window comes more update as well as the security already updates.i have avast.and when I was all he said he wants to sell me the already has product.i of antivirus software that say my computer is clean and safe.the windows antivirus told me that I have several infections.i know this isn't true.but I still can't install the security updates without having to install the windows antivirus.How do I remove the update?

    No, it came not with the security updates. These are malware that came in a different way. Scan your system with anti-malware/anti-spyware programs.

  • Update KB937287 keep apearing as the only updated, try install many times, but does not work, tried it with the standalone version and it keeps apearing

    Update KB937287 keep apearing that the only update, tried to install a lot of times, but does not work, tried it with the standalone version and it keeps apearing, when I install it does not display an error message, just say that again was successful but when I try to look for more updated it apears again.

    Hi mayortom,

    Thank you for visiting the Microsoft answers Forum.

    You can follow the steps outlined in the article below:

    Troubleshooting Windows Update or Microsoft Update when you are repeatedly offered an update

    I hope that helps!

    Thank you and best regards,
    Abdelouahab Microsoft responds to the technical support engineer

  • Minecraft PC version touch screen mode does not work does not correctly

    Hey, I just discovered that Minecraft pc version has a touch screen, I tried to use it, but I can't go anywhere, I can look from left to right, top down, but can't go forward or backward, can you guys tell me how to use it, or fix it?  or do something to make it better? my brother and I wanted to play multi player, he was going to use my PC while I used my tablet, but the touch screen mode was not very good, I couldn't use it, because I couldn't go anywhere. Please help me

    Hello Captain,

    Thanks for posting your question on the Microsoft community.

    We need more information about the issue so that we can help you better.

    The touch screen feature works in other applications?

    Thank you for details on the question and your efforts to resolve.

    This problem may occur because of the corrupt app or settings and game files. Touch screen can not work properly due to corruption drivers installed.

    I suggest you to run convenience store app and check the issue.
    See this link:

    Please also updated drivers chipset of the site Web of the manufacturer of the computer and the check.
    Download and install the drivers

    I hope this information helps.

    Please let us know if you need more help.

    Thank you

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    Hi, I have not been able to "play to" music files stored on my Seagate external drive to a receiver AV Pioneer... "Play"works very well with the stored music files on my drive c of the laptop. Music on my external hard drive will appear in my library. Have laptop Windows 7 with Media Player... any help appreciated... .thanks


    Do you have any application installed on the computer security?

    Method 1:

    If you do, I suggest you to disable anti-virus and check if it solved the problem.

    NOTE: Antivirus software can help protect your computer against viruses and other security threats. In most cases, you should not disable your antivirus software. If you need to disable temporarily to install other software, you must reactivate as soon as you are finished. If you are connected to the Internet or a network, while your antivirus software is disabled, your computer is vulnerable to attacks.

    If the step is not enough, then you can go to the method 2:

    Method 2:

    I suggest you go through the steps and check.

    a. closed Windows Media Player12.

    b. Access Services [table-> system and security-> administration-> Services tools]

    c. find the service named "Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service"

    d. stop the Service manually.

    e. Locate the "UpnP device host"service. Stop the service and restart it.

    f. run "Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service" now.

    g. close windows all associated and the Panel. Open Windows Media Player, right click on a playlist and see if the Play option lists the TV. Try to play now.

    Hope this helps and keep us posted.

  • Windows updates have been loaded last night no idea those who. Now my computer does not restart. I can't restart in safe mode. I can't reboot with the original disc from the manufacturer. I have Vista OS with a Dell laptop inspiron 1720.

    I have the page that says that Windows does not load the last time and you have the choice between about 4 ways to load. Not the work.
    I tried the dell disk and who does not. All this just goes back to safe mode page.

    Visit the Microsoft Solution Center and antivirus security for resources and tools to keep your PC safe and healthy.  If you have problems with the installation of the update itself, visit the Microsoft Update Support for resources and tools to keep your PC updated with the latest updates.

    Consumer Security Support homepage

    For more information about how to contact your local Microsoft subsidiary for security update support issues, visit the International Support Web site:

    For enterprise customers, support for security updates is available through your usual support contacts.

    ~ Robear Dyer (PA Bear) ~ MS MVP (that is to say, mail, security, Windows & Update Services) since 2002 ~ WARNING: MS MVPs represent or work for Microsoft

  • Photomatix plugin does not work with the new update

    I use the Plugin "Merge to 32-bit" with the photomatix software make my HDR editing. With the new update of Adobe, this plugin has stopped working. Anyone know if it's because Adobe LR has blocked or something in that sense or is it just a bug in the new update?

    Photomatix has decided to go back to me again and this time with a link that fixes all photomatix plugins in LR. I've already tested and all included plugins fusion to 32 bit running again. Thanks to the team of photomatix.

    Photomatix Pro Plus Bundle Installer

  • Windows 8 will not load after the recent updates. Flashing black screen...

    Last night (14/02/2013), I installed a set of 11 updates (one option, else important) and after restarting my machine after startup logo, the screen of my computer just started flashing from black to grey (when it is grey, I could see my cursor, could move it, but could not do anything else)... He did this for almost an hour until I finally got to load the system restore my Windows 8 Pro x 64 purchased disc.

    Not only has this happened to my desktop pc (a HP Pavilion p6620f), but also exactly the same thing happened on my wife's cell phone when I have updated with the same updates later last night. His laptop computer to a laptop HP Pavilion g7-1310us. of course, I had to again do a restore of the system on lappy.
    The updates I had downloaded for both computers on 14/02/2013 are as follows:
    (1) cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 8 for x 64 systems (KB2792100)
    (2) security Update for Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 8 for x 64 systems (KB2797052)
    (3) security Update for Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 on Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 for x 64 systems (KB2789650)
    (4) security Update for Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 on Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 for x 64 systems (KB2789649)
    (5) security Update for Windows 8 for x 64 systems (KB2778344)
    Update security 6) for Windows 8 for x 64 systems (KB2790655)
    (7) security Update for Windows 8 for x 64 systems (KB2799494)
    (8) update for Internet Explorer for Flash for Windows for x 64 systems 8 player (KB2805940)
    (9) update for Windows 8 for x 64 systems (KB2795944)
    (10) Windows removal tool malware for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 x 64-based Systems - February 2013 (KB890830)
    (11) update for Windows 8 for x 64 systems (KB2793210)
    I would really like someone to be able to help me with this. I bought Windows 8 Pro to my laptop from my wife and also 3 other copies for my father-brother machines... and now, I had to disable the Windows updates for each of them because of this!
    All our computers are HP, maybe that has something to do with it? I do not know. Or maybe it had something to do with the fact that machines did not originally come with pre-installed Win8 (as I said above, I bought the discs retail - 5 of them).
    I really enjoy using Windows 8 and won't go down to Win7 after all my work and spent $$$.


    With the help of my friend and colleague some at, Greg (gsw953), which has tested this situation on a machine of his, we think we have found what was causing the problem:
    All my machines are patched (I used UltraUXThemePatcher to patch mine) to run custom themes, 3 rd-party... Of course, the patcher (all of them, not just the one I use) modifies several system files (for example the shell32.dll file and a few others), what makes your system able to run themes not digitally signed by Microsoft. This seems to be the rub.
    The way I solved this Aalders - UN-patch my system. Most patchers have an uninstall feature that uninstalls the patcher and adds by default, system files not patches in your system from backups that patch is when you have it installed. Once I did, I got all the updates, restarted, then re-patched my system and everything was fine.
    I have the feeling that this same routine can must be made (UN-patch, get updates, re-patch) whenever MS publishes major updates of Win8... It is prudent to disable automatic updates. Better to have Windows Update notifies you and lets you decide if-or-not to install... and also it's a good idea to READ THE DESCRIPTIONS OF THE UPDATES to see what they are - maybe even search them individually on the ' Net before you allow it to install.
    MS has a long history of updates that fub a system patched... it's as if they don't want look us cool themes. they want that we have all the same, default * that they provide only. Shame on them.
    Once again, in the end, the fix: Nations United-PATCH your sytem... get updates... and then re-PATCH. Worked for me. Touch wood...

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