Toshiba 50L7363DG - Application Facebook disappeared


Since I've updated my 50L7363DG Toshiba to Firmware (T7_1_92_61_01_1.exe), there is no Facebook Application more on Cloud TV. Other Applications like Youtube, Maxdome etc are still there, but not over the Facebook Application. He disappeared. TV Reset did not help. Please help me.

Can someone open Facebook with his Toshiba TV / TV Cloud?

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  • How to connect a Toshiba TL838 with facebook profile?

    How to connect a Toshiba TL838 with facebook profile?
    When I try to connect toshiba generate email with info and links for connect facebook with toshiba accounts places but when I click on the links I see only errors.

    _ * EDIT * _

    * Ok I flashed the QR code with my phone and now is connect :) *.

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    > Ok I have flashed the QR code with my phone and connect now :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Toshiba Excite Pro - Toshiba service station has disappeared from my Tablet

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    Try resetting the Tablet back to factory settings.
    Press and hold the volume button upwards and the Start button / stop.
    A menu appears then where you could choose factory reset by using the buttons up/down volume.

    But beware: all data will be erased!

  • Re: Satellite A500 - preinstalled application WinDVD disappeared?

    Hello world

    Recently Toshiba invites me to upgrade Intervideo WinDVD for Blue Ray. After you download the upgrade, when I try to install, I get an error message saying: 'you must have installed WinDVD precedent. " Anyone who is willing to walk me through a solution for this?

    Thank you very much



    Personally, I do not use the toshiba WinDVD application. I guess that, to download the previous version:

    install and download the newest one, then

    and try to upgrade

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    Creative Cloud installer gets to halfway through downloading the desktop application, then disappears, no download, why is this?

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    I tried using safari and chrome, restarted my computer, but none worked.

    I noticed that the site won't keep me logged long either, it keeps switching to BUY instead of DOWNLOAD.

    Any ideas?

    Please read and reply here with the information

    -try some steps such as changing browsers and disable your firewall

    -also clear the cache of your browser if you start with a fresh browser ip.


    A chat session where an agent can remotely look inside your computer can help

    Cloud creative support chat (all creative cloud customer service problems)

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    A:\ >
    Please help me how to fix it

    Can you please explain what you do exactly?
    Do you use the Toshiba Recovery CD facilities to install the OS?
    Please describe what exactly happens when you start recovery image.

    Applications/drivers CD/DVD, you can use if you have installed the OS using the facilities of Microsoft CD.

  • The application icon disappears


    Almost done with the development of my application.

    Now, my problem is that the app icon disappears under circumstances of dome.

    I noticed this on a spirit of 9700 "Bold" (OS 6) enforcement with the Eclipse plugin. The icon is defined in the descriptor of the app and it usually displays. Icon is a 68 x 68 png file.

    No clue on what I should try?

    Thank you guys.

    Kind regards


    Hi Alex,
    Remove the wreck of the ride and if this does not work, try to copy the icon you level up and just use his name.

  • BlackBerry App new application facebook fail

    I downloaded the new facebook application yesterday. It has allowed us to choose our settings for the newsfeed. I always choose "most recent messages.

    Unfortunately, the new facebook app does not the same option for a calendar.

    On my Q10, my calendar showed a post for 3 days (an eternity in the smartphone era) on top of my calendar. This isn't my most recent post.

    I noticed the same thing about Timeline.She my friend messages every day, but I see a post 12 - former day from the top of its timeline when see the Q10!  This is not the case on the desktop version of facebook!

    As a customer, I REQUEST that we be allowed to chose our timeline settings. I ALWAYS want to see the most recent messages on top.  Allowing us the option is a sign of respect.

    I hope that Black Berry and facebook fix this immediately!

    This problem has been fixed and a new version is available in beta Zone.

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    When I'm working in an application (Microsoft Office or other) and I move my hand to the keyboard to type the text in the document, the application window suddenly disappears and the desktop and I have to move the mouse to see the window of the application. This happens all the time even if I don't move the mouse, and while the pointer is in the middle of the application window.

    You can simply see the aero effect

  • Applications of disappearing blackBerry Smartphones

    For some reason, many of the application installed on my 8830 disappeared.   as BB Maps, password Keeper, BBM... disappeared from my phone.  How can I reinstall all the applications that came with my phone?

    It is not a backup/restore, as I tell you... It should be re - load applications.

    It has nothing to do with a new PC... or backup.

  • Error code to install Windows 8.1: 0x80070004 cannot install applications, programs disappear and keep the reset in settings

    When windows 8.1 Prime are out, I tried to install one. Halfway through the installation, an error has occurred (error code: 0x80070004) and my computer has been screwed up since then. All my applications disappeared and I'm not able to re - download. All the programs I install disappear after I restarted the computer.

    My laptop is a hp 64 bit, I received only a year ago. Please help me!

    Sorry I posted this in the wrong place.

    Problems of Installation of WIN8.1 [i.e., facility;] Download; Activate; Another] forum-online

  • Creative Cloud main application keeps disappearing and seems to happen with updates today

    It will not complete the cycle. He told me to update and then he disappeared just completely out of my system. I thought it says error 50 when I tried to download just the application on the website and reinstall. All very odd. I tried this time 10 and 10 different ways so please don't tell me to try again. Thanks for any help.

    Thanks for the links! I had actually found the cleanup right after I posted this and of course adobe tool, as always, it worked. According to me, one of the important suggestions that I found online regarding the creative Cloud application is to ensure that will be signed on their site before upgrading anything, if you have had this problem before. Thanks again for the response.

  • Cloud creative application installer disappears after the step "setup initialization."

    I recently had to reboot my laptop for its parameters for 4 days ago and since then I can't download app CC at all.

    I don't even get an error message, the installation program disappears right after initialization of installation stage.

    I tried to use the uninstall tool, but when I try to reinstall the same thing happens.

    It's very frustrating. I wasn't expecting to have to pay for the CS6 products and for not being able to download the software itself.

    I pay monthly for this service and the days I'm not able to download the software seems frankly a waste of my money.

    Your help would be much appreciated.

    Thank you.

    For Windows:

    Open the c: drive and navigate to C:\Program Files (x 86) \Common Files\Adobe.

    Open the Adobe folder and delete folders named Adobe Application Manager and OOBE.


    Navigate to C:\Program Files (x 86) \Adobe.

    Open the Adobe folder and if necessary remove Adobe Creative Cloud folder.

    Then try to install the creative Cloud desktop application.

  • Applications/iWork disappeared from TimeMachine

    I need to use Numbers ' 09.  Before buying a new MacBook Air in April, I had a folder in/Applications/iWork when numbers 09 app was available.  I could use the old version or the most recent figures.  When I bought the new machine, I've transferred all through my TimeCapsule backup.  Everything seemed to be fine.   But now, there is no record of iWork in /Applications and no way to open my old numbers file that maintains progress important and has found in numbers 09 and discouraged in 3 numbers.

    Is this what can I do to get numbers 3.6.2 and Numbers ' 09 available on my machine?

    You have your old CD/DVD iWork?

    If so - you may be able to load the application on the Mac using a Superdrive drive or the copy of the reader on the old computer after connecting two computers

Maybe you are looking for