Toshiba Mini is dead - battery maybe?

Hello I have a Toshiba still Mini that only recently. I think it must be the battery at least I hope so. How can I open it, what kind of battery does it take and how much do they cost? Help, please. thanx

What are the symptoms?

When it feeds on the charger?

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  • Satellite click on Mini - BIOS and battery keyboard problem

    A mod can explain please why all my messages complain that Toshiba cannot resolve the well-known problem of the Mini click keyboard battery have been removed?

    Caveat emptor, it seems that not only the product does not work as advertised, but all attempts to engage the problem and alert the community seem to be censored, too...

    Please try this (which worked for me)

    Turn the laptop completely off by holding down the power button.

    Place it in the charger.

    test to see whether or not he is totally turned off by quickly tapping once on the power button. You should see two indicators of battery.

    Wait for the top has accused...

    When you see that the load indicator is on the second battery, this unfortunately will not charge it. However...

    Press the quick power button to see the two indicators.

    Remove the plug from the charger to the laptop (not the wall) and reinsert it back quickly

    Then wait...

    After 20 minutes to feel the charger on the wall... If it's hot, it recharges the battery in the keyboard...

    Use Bios 1.7 or 5 before you do (I tried it on 5 bios)

  • Satellite A100: Dead battery + Random closures

    Hello everyone

    I'm having some trouble with my Satellite A100 after taking in a service center and I hope you can help.

    One of the brackets holding the button broke on my laptop so I took it to a service center to replace. Once I come back the laptop I noticed that the battery was completely dead and that my laptop stops after about 20 minutes of playing any kind of video game. I thought that the judgments must be an overheating problem, so I cleaned the fan with compressed gas however it made no difference. What is strange about closures, it is that the fan does not work at high speed until the computer shuts down, and according to a temperature probe, I downloaded that the internal temperature is not greater than 55 degrees. I tried my friend's battery in my Toshiba and it worked, so I know that it's just a dead battery and not a motherboard problem, but I mention that the two problems occurred at the same time and in some sort could be related. I have no idea what is the problem and I can't take to service center because I am currently a student in Finland and cannot afford to be without my laptop for a week.

    Thank you for your help.


    Update: I just upgraded my BIOS from 2.0 to 5.1 and had a mistake on the first boot: 0251: checksum CMOS bad system - default configuration used
    I hit F2 paged through the BIOS settings, then straightened and everything was fine. Should I worry about the error? Or is it normal for the first start after an upgrade?


    1.) judgment of problems:
    I'm a bit confused of m.
    Was the laptop connected to the power adapter when the bottom is closed?
    You said you used another battery for laptop you and it worked. So in my opinion, there is a problem with your battery
    Try to replace and check if it works

    (2.) the system CMOS checksum bad:
    It s nothing unusual. The same thing happened to me after that the BIOS updated. I simply set the BIOS settings by default and everything was fine
    Don t worry

  • Upgrading the BIOS on T61 with dead battery

    Can I put the BIOS on my T61 if it has a dead battery?

    I don't know any way to do

  • BlackBerry Smartphones 8130 dead battery / flashing screen?

    Hey all the... I have an 8130, used for a few weeks with happiness, opportunity and then I let my battery choke yesterday. Since that date, when plug it into USB-> PC or the wall charger BB all that I get is the white screen with blue streak through the empty battery. The backlight flashes also - from top to bottom (not extinguished/turned on) on a very regular basis. I had plugged a few hours at work, no change. If I remove the charger, it dies. I tried to hook up w / Office Manager, now that I'm at home, it dosent sees the device. JL_Cmder arrive deviceinfo either. It was not fallen or done it get wet. I just hung my Orb login for the first time and finished streaming videos (very cool btw).

    so... is this just a dead battery?

    I went to Verizon today store to get a new battery, and the guy he said that I have TO buy from them, and they store them. That made me angry so I left without buying a... but is it true? It seems to me that there are a lot of places sell them.

    Thanks in advance!

    You can buy your battery anywhere where they are sold, even an ATT or TMo dealer, you have the same battery, you, who should be the yellow battery C - M2? Even BestBuy has sometimes.

    LET your connected USB and charge for a few hours and then with the USB plugged, remove the battery and reinsert. See if boots and LEAVE longer, load to 100%.

    Tip, don't ever let your dough in less than 15% charge.

    Read this for tips battery:

  • Apple should use Storedot 5 min of full battery dead

    I heard that fresh battery in 5 min. apple that need to use the iPhone 7 or something very similar. I would definitely buy it then.

    If you provide information to Apple, the forum is not the place to do so. They are not here, and this is a technical support to the user forum. For more information on Apple, use the page feedback here. and click on the box in this area.

  • Satellite on Mini L9W - B - battery problems + hibernate option

    Hi there, first time poster/toshiba user here...

    So I got my mini click about 2 weeks ago... but from the first day the battery does not seem to charge directly.

    The Tablet battery would charge very well and would be up to a full 100%.

    Then the keyboard battery would start to load and show he's in charge, but he would stay only in this way, the percentage of the battery in the keyboard levels would not rise.

    The combined batteries would be a total percentage of 51% level and never more. And when I unplug the charger the battery of the Tablet were starting to ODS of. The keyboard battery would always show 0% if hooked up or not.

    I have updated BIOS 1.6, update, reinstalled windows to original settings and even tried the suggested continuous load here and also proposed by customer support 24 HR but nothing has changed.

    I'm a little at one end with that like as I'm living in Singapore, I can't send it sent to be repaired as it is not under warranty here (they don't even have hardware/software for her apparently) and it will cost me $150 just for them to watch.

    I was told by tech support when I discovered the problem BIOS 1.6 would solve the problem. But he didn't... and a little weird as they took update BIOS 1.6 a few days after the release of it.

    A little frustrated because I like really the laptop (perfect for on-the-go/travel).

    Another thing I would like to ask, is this model has a Hibernate option? I looked in the manual and it says that it is a he, but all my attempts to try to activate the Hibernate option gave no results.

    I hope someone can help me!

    I think the battery charge question could be linked to the BIOS and my experience an update of the BIOS (the next version should be v1.70) should solve the problems of charging the battery...

    I think that you should pay attention to setting notifications to date that appear in the software Toshiba Service Station... and I think you need to perform this update of the BIOS after releasing.

  • Satellite A500 - update BIOS with dead battery

    Hi all

    I have a Satellite A500 (PSAR3E) laptop and I need to update the BIOS to the latest version.
    Unfortunately, my battery died completely, and I have no chance to get a working one.

    I was trying to update the bios all day, but no matter how I try (even created a boot back drive and took command line phlash16, /forceit and so on) it keeps telling me that he needs at least 10% charged battery present.

    How can this problem be solved?

    > If I remove the battery, engine update fails, say there is no battery present, if I fix the battery, then update will fail saying the battery must be at least 10% - but he died, this percentage is 0.
    And you write about original Win version that you have downloaded from the Toshiba BIOS download page and started in Windows?

    To be honest is unclear to me that there is a trick to avoid this situation.
    Maybe something stupid, but now, do you really need to install the update to the BIOS?
    Is there a problem with your machine?

  • Tecra M4 - dead battery - is this a BIOS or firmware problem?

    Hi all

    I'm on a Toshiba * Tecra M4 * model * PTM40E-01L01RGR * Bios version * 3.5. *
    From one day to the other, the battery is completely dead - this means time battery falls about 2 hours to zero in one day.
    Now, the battery may not be chanrged no more - it's as if there is none installed.
    So no start no power no power cord and if you unplug the phone cord is switched off immediately.

    From my experience if availability of battery becomes slowly shorter and shorter the battery is old or fails. But if she doesn't have a function from one day to the other, I'd say it's a typical problem of firmware or bios.

    Is there an update of the firmware or bios Tecra M4 (support page SAIS not - last date is 3.5 installed) or is it a software patch or solution that I can use to recover the battery live?

    Thanks for the help!



    All new BIOS updates are published on the European driver Toshiba page.
    If you use the latest version of the BIOS (compared to the version on the page), then other BIOS is not available.

    Of course, it of really strange that your battery doesn't work more than one day to the next, but I would still recommend a new battery to check because it s really sound like a battery problem.

    Cheers mate

  • Dissatisfied (e) with the support of Toshiba due to dead pixel

    Poetential beware buyers of Toshiba products. Toshiba offers very little support. All they do is try to weasel out of warranty repairs. After owning 14 computers laptop toshiba, for me and my company, I will never spend another dollar with Toshiba.

    I have a custom P750. 10 days after receiving it, the motherboard fried. Instead of offering me a replacement unit, I had to wait several days for a box, mail it to the wide, wait for repairs and wait that they to return. I could not drop off at the local Toshiba repair shop. In fact, I could, but if I did, I would be responsible for the cost of repairs. I've no idea what logic there is for this, but there you go. After this test of three weeks, I finally got my machine.

    Fast forward to this weekend. A pixel is grilled on my screen. My warranty is in 2 weeks. So to start the repair process. I'm amazed when the Lady informs me that Toshiba will not fix it. She says "we don't set the screens I have only pixel dead" and "a pixel does not affect the performance of the machine. Well forgive me, but of course it affects me looking at a black dot on my screen 24/7. I ask to speak to a supervisor, she put me on hold, comes back and tells me that she spoke with a "level 2 technician" who informed her that they wouldn't fix a screen with a pixel died. Again, I ask to speak to a supervisor, so she tells me that I will return a call.

    An hour later, I get a call back from a "supervisor" who tells me that they will not set a screen with a dead pixel. I'm trying to explain to him, that pixel is the defective screen, and I want to fix under warranty. If I sell this machine, and someone asks me "Is there dead pixels?", I have to say Yes and lose money in the process. He still tells me "we don't set the screens for a pixel dead." While I try to explain which guarantees one is, he cuts me and told me he spoke with someone, and they determined that pixel is the result of physical damage and therefore not covered at all. ?!?!?

    Hi Poman

    You know it's not easy to say anything on this subject because you're crazy enough now and I don t know if we discuss your problems on reasonable means.
    I understand you and I think that I wouldn't be happy when my dear P500 Satellite had too dead pixel. As you already say it is very annoying to see it 24/7 on the screen.

    Anyway, as you probably know support must follow certain rules and it's very sad if you have contacts with eager people. Please don t understand me wrong but perhaps your behavior on the phone was quite aggressive and on the other side people were completely non-professional.

    In any case, this dead pixel problem is defined and how it works, you will find on the document from Toshiba:

    Below, you can find info on the other hand secured claim.

    For 10 years I use Toshiba notebooks only and I can't tell how it works with other manufacturers but I n t think Sony or Samsung will give you new notebook due to pixel of a death. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don t think so.

    Bye and good luck

  • HP Mini 311 - HP battery alert - main (internal) (601) - error at startup

    I have a HP Mini 311-1037NR (the product number is VBM262UA #ABA).   My OS is Windows 7 Home Premium.

    When I start my HP Mini 311, I get the following message:

    HP battery alert

    The system has detected the following battery storage capacity is very low.  For optimal performance, this battery will need to be replaced.

    Battery (internal) (601)

    ENTER - continue starting

    So my questions are:

    First of all, what exactly is the problem here? After that I Googled, it would seem that the problem is NOT my external battery, but my battery.  Which battery is need of replacement?  Has it a name?

    Second, is there a user guide out there that could help me with the process of replacing that someone can provide a link, or least send me the page that helps me?  Is there a YouTube video (even better)?

    Third, what exactly is the part number of the battery that needs replacement and exactly where can I get this (how much $$ it cost)?  This issue is important because I can be able to know how to replace the battery, but without the possibility to buy a replacement battery, I'm still dead in the water.

    Fourth, my HP Mini 311 dies just when I unplug the unit.  A remedy for the above question will remedy this issue?  I really enjoy using my little HP Mini's, I prefer to be able to use it without a power cord.

    Thanks in advance for any help.


    Hi Tim,.

    No problem and it is certainly wise to check a response.

    I would say that you posted your question to the correct Board.  It is generally preferable just post once on the relevant map.  I agree that the term "internal" causes unnecessary confusion.

    Here is a link to your & Maintenance Guide.

    Yes, I am sure that the 601 error code refers to the main battery of your laptops (602 is a failure code for machines that have a secondary storage unit).  Interestingly, there is no code generated for an RTC battery fault - error or one in the diagnostic test built for her, than the usual symptom of the system clock reset after each stop.

    There is also a document from HP about alerts on the following link starter battery.

    Best regards

    DP - K

  • Toshiba Excite Pro - Excessive battery drain

    A few weeks, my Toshiba excited Pro started draining battery standby time ago tomorrow. He's going in less than 24 hours from full to empty. On the battery monitor, it says 'Tablet standy' is originally battery drain - isn't an app has become crazy.

    I tried to restart, I tried to use not all the apps that I have installed, I even tried a factory reset. Yet the battery drain. I have a feeling that it could be linked to an update of the infrastructure of the Google Services.

    Anyone who knows the same problem? I guess we need a firmware update to solve, and I'm not optimistic to see everyone.

    So should I return it? I'm put off by the clause of the Toshiba warranty that says they're going to charge me 60 pounds if the Tablet 'requires only an update of the firmware'. I think it is exactly what it takes, but first Toshiba would need produce the new firmware. I guess I should go through the retailer then?

    Up to now nobody has reported such similar behaviour of the Tablet and so I think that the theory about the Google service infrastructure could not be completely correct. But that's just an assumption...

    AnywayI read some reviews on the battery drain problem in mode 'sleep' with other android tablets.
    Someone wrote that partition the cache wiping system can help if the appliance starts to behave strangely or slowly, or in the case where the battery would start to shift very quickly.
    System cache partition is a system such as the log files data storage area, frequently accessed data app which has been temporarily put in cache, and downloaded apk Installer files from the game of Google.

    In order to clear the cache partition, you need to access the Recovery Menu (button / stop + volume up).

    However, there is a proposed solution that has been suggested by other users of android. Not sure if this might help you.

  • POLL: who can get on Satellite click Mini L9W - B battery keyboard?

    To help establish the extent is the question of the non-recharge of the battery on the Mini click, let's take a quick poll. Please note that the version of your operating system and the BIOS and we can see who can and who cannot do this indictment.

    Thank you!

    To start we...

    No, it does not load at all.

    OS: Windows 10
    BIOS: 5.2

  • Click on Toshiba Mini - lack of Microsoft Office

    I'll try to be as clear and concise as possible.

    I just bought a Toshiba with Windows 8 and supposedly click Mini a free one year subscription to Office 365 Personal, which was a big reason to buy. Windows 'guest' improves immediately to 10 Windows, I did. When I looked through the apps install Office/activate my membership there was nothing! I have reset the device and he is now on Windows 8, but still no office! I spoke with someone from Microsoft tech and he says I need a product key, but there is certainly nothing in the box or on the computer. This model is provided with Office 365 preinstalled and only that requires activation? Is it possible to restore the device to exactly as it was fresh out of the box?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can shed some light!

    Originally posted by Colin1970
    I'll try to be as clear and concise as possible.

    I just bought a Toshiba with Windows 8 and supposedly click Mini a free one year subscription to Office 365 Personal, which was a big reason to buy. Windows 'guest' improves immediately to 10 Windows, I did. When I looked through the apps install Office/activate my membership there was nothing! I have reset the device and he is now on Windows 8, but still no office! I spoke with someone from Microsoft tech and he says I need a product key, but there is certainly nothing in the box or on the computer. This model is provided with Office 365 preinstalled and only that requires activation? Is it possible to restore the device to exactly as it was fresh out of the box?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can shed some light!

    I have exactly the same problem. Bought mine a month ago. Only reason why I chose this particular model was the free subscription of office. I call customer service today but remained without response (even if it was only about an hour). Wonder how much people is tearing their hair on that one? Well, good luck to everyone who is affected, hope that the customer service will come with a solution, otherwise I would consider this a clear case of a product sold!

  • Toshiba Satellite Pro 2100; battery (probably) problem

    About a year ago and a half year I bought the Toshiba Satellite Pro 2100. Every thing worked perfect up what a month ago, and then my adapter not workt more. With a multimeter I discovered it was broken, so I bought a new (from you guys)

    But 2 weeks later a new was also broken. Then I used my father's map (it has the same specifications) which merged in 1 week.

    What is going on? Where is the problem. I think it's my battery.


    It seems that your adapter is damaged by the oscillation of voltage.

    I can't image the laptop that has the same voltage as the AC damaged HQ with a swing of voltage!

    IF you wish, you can contact a Toshiba Service partner. They can check the power supply, I have the laptop and HQ.

    Bye Bob

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