VMs of automatic start/stop on power loss

Hello! I know that this has been covered at the front (and I read these threads/documents/etc), but I still have questions. Forgive my ignorance!

So far I have activated it so:


But virtual machines under 'Autostart' is still not auto-start. I then found that HA can be a factor (if it is enabled, you can not auto-start/stop VMs). However, it is currently in a State of N/A:


Each VM has this same State N/A as well (and VM Tools are installed on each of them, if it matters). I have not any clusters or whatever it be listed under the House, so I can't understand where really disable HA:



Looks like you run ESXi 5.0 Update 1, and only in this version there was a bug that made the autostart VM does not...

Upgrade to a later patch the 5.0 (or better to 6.0?) level to solve the problem.

More info is here: vSphere Hypervisor Auto Start Bug fixed - VMware vSphere Blog - Articles from VMware

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  • Automatic start/stop for guest settings keep reproduce every time I access the properties


    I have a single ESXi host 5.5 with a single Win 2012 std server prompt.   I have a second guest, but is not in production. Several months ago I "thought" I activated the auto start and stop for this particular customer.  Due to problems of food in the building today, I had the opportunity to stop the comments and the turning off of the host completely.   After the reboot of the host, my guest, never started (automatically). I connected to the host via vsphere client and started manually.  No problems.

    I decided to check the settings of automatic start/stop and it is set to manual.  So, either I never actually put it on automatic (and I just have problems of memory in my head (not unusual for me)) or I put it really, and something happened where he became disabled or brought back to the default value.

    That said, I went to properties of start-up automatic and as mentioned above, found it turned off, I was able to allow him, but when he returned to the screen (after clicking OK), it displays TWO of each of my virtual machines in the Autorun screen.  I went back to see if I could change/delete/remove the extras (I've found a way to do it), and when I came back out of the screen there are THREE virtual computers listed in the pane. See attachment.  Anyone know what is happening here and how can I remedy the situation?

    Am I just being a fool and lack of obvious?

    Thank you.



    Exit the VSphere client and restart it solved the problem.  I presume a video type of bug, or maybe a bug with my version of the client.

  • automate start/stop service essbase Maxl or batch

    HI - how my lot or Maxl file look as if I wanted to go out with a script to stop and start my essbase service? The reason why I do this is because I wanted to stop the service of essbase, so that I can check it in the essbase.log file.

    I'm on essbase 7.0, I read some reviews that stop and start the service essbase can potentially damage the dry file. If Yes, then is it otherwise to archive the file essbase.log so that it doesn't grow in megs.

    Thank you.


    You can use the following maxl

    change the shudown system;

    It may be useful to stop all applications first for example

    change the application system unload all;

    or you can use the windows command line

    net stop essbaseservicename

    and to start

    net start essbaseservicename

    Another method to save the essbase.log is to make a copy of the newspaper and then use maxl to clear the log.

    change the system clear logfile;

    See you soon


  • Automatic start of the database, authentication at the start of the OS failure

    Hello world

    We have installed the oracle 11g on OEL 6.4 database, and we tried to start follow these automaticlly this source


    but instead to use rsh, we try to use ssh to do we create public keys and test our script from root and starting databases successfully. But when we reboot OS it sends this:

    Permission denied (publickey, gssapi-keyex, gssapi-with-mic)

    Kind regards


    A: one of the approaches is to use dbstart and dbshut by init.d scripts

    Another way is to create your own script. To do this, create your own 'freed' in the directory /etc/init.d/ script

    # touch /etc/init.d/dbora


    #! / bin/sh

    # chkconfig: 345 99 10

    Description #: Oracle automatic start-stop script.

    # Applies to the Orcle/10 / 11g


    # Set ORA_HOME

    # Set ORA_OWNER


    ORA_OWNER = oracle

    If [! f $ORA_HOME/bin/dbstart]


    echo "" Oracle startup: error $ORA_HOME/bin/dbstart does not exist, cannot start ".



    case '$1' in


    # Run Oracle databases:

    # The following command assumes that the oracle connection

    # will not prompt the user for all values

    Su - $ORA_OWNER-c "$ORA_HOME/bin/dbstart $ORA_HOME.




    # Stop the Oracle databases:

    Su - $ORA_OWNER-c "$ORA_HOME/bin/dbshut $ORA_HOME.





    #Edit the file "/ etc/oratab" and put the flag of the desired instance started to 'Y '.


    #Add released in init.d

    [#[[email protected] ~] # chkconfig--add released

    #Set the right permissions

    750 /etc/init.d/dbora #chmod

    [[email protected] ~] # service released stop

    log file /dbserver/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/dbhome_1/shutdown.log

    [[email protected] ~] # start service released

    log file /dbserver/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/dbhome_1/startup.log

  • schedule the automatic start of oracle 10g R2 on RHEL5

    Hi master,

    I use oracle 10g R2 on RHEL 5. I want to program the automatic start of the oracle on linux start database.

    for that I have referefed the docs and plan its in the file/etc/rc3.d. but it does not work.

    It is written in the docs that this charger friub fron of process this file and start their beds according to their number.

    the file is as follows...

    #! / bin/sh
    #chkconfig: 346 99 10
    Description #: Oracle automatic start-stop script.
    # Change the value of ORACLE_HOME to specify the right Oracle home
    # To your installation directory.

    # Change the value of the ORACLE of the connection of the
    owner of oracle # on your site.
    ORACLE = oracle

    PATH = ${PATH}: $ORACLE_HOME/bin
    HOST = "hostname".
    Platform = 'uname '.
    If [!] "$2" = "ORA_DB"]; then
    If ['$PLATFORM' = "HP - UX"]; then
    Remsh $HOST-l $ORACLE n ' $0 $ 1 ORA_DB.
    on the other
    rsh $HOST-l $ORACLE $0 $ 1 ORA_DB
    case $1 in
    $ORACLE_HOME/bin/dbstart $ORACLE_HOME
    $ORACLE_HOME/bin/dbshut $ORACLE_HOME
    echo "use: $0 {start |}". stop}.

    What should I look for?

    my listening service is also not automatically get started. I have to manually...

    any suggestion?

    Thanks and greetings

    Published by: vikrant dixit on December 23, 2008 21:58

    This link willl helpp

  • Z600 workstation: workstation Z600 not auto start after power loss

    I use a HP Z600 workstation.

    BIOS version

    786 G 4 V0.3.54

    OS is duel boot Windows 7 Professional 64 - bit Ubuntu & 14.04LTS

    Using Setup F10 I have:

    1. active Advanced-> Bios Power On for all days of the week and took one hour for power on

    2. under Advanced-> Device Options, I enabled wake on lan

    3. under advanced-> power on-> Options after the loss of power, I put the option "always on."

    If push the power on button on the front of the machine, it auto starts with Linux.

    If I pull the plug, the machine switches off immediately.

    If I plug the machine in, nothing DON'T get PAST!

    It lights up. I have to press the button.

    If I unplug the machine and then plug it in and wait for the moment Pwoer of BIOS on, do NOT start machine or turn on at the set time. Again, I must press the button to turn it on.

    What I'm missing or doing wrong. The machine is used as a remote server. It should restart automatically after a power loss.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Nothing changed and the problem disappeared.

    Had a power outage for 4 hours in the building.

    When the power was restored machine automatically restarted.

    So pulling plug on Z600, machine is not self-priming.

    Be able to fail the entire building: boots of router, monitor, Z600 and machines.

  • How to set up so that VMs automatically starts when the host reboot?

    We lost power this morning and all 4 ESX hosts are down.  When the power is back, we observe that VM is not started automatically.

    We find we have not enabled 'start and stop Virtual Machines with the system.  In this way, we have allowed it.

    We'd like to know, is it necessary to move all virtual machines (those we would like to bring start automatically when the host is in place) "Manual start" to "any order"?

    In addition, as the setting is on each ESX host, will be the setting (i.e. automatic start in any order) for a particular virtual machine carried over to another ESX host if it is has been vMotioned?

    Thank you

    (1) Yes, it applies for each host and is not shared between all the other hosts and is disabled by default. You must activate it by going to configuration tab look for 'Machine virtual start/stop' to activate and set the priority/delay for your virtual machines

    (2) personally, I don't use this feature, it could be the case that the default update the settings back... it would be surprising if that were the case, I re - activate and try to stop or restart and see if that is the case. If it's the latter, I would file a ticket with VMware if you have a support contract

    (3) No, if everything is configured correctly and the change of the start/stop is retained through reboots, they should automatically turn on virtual machines in the list that you specified.


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  • Tecra A5 PTA51E stop start if the power is not connected

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with my Tecra A5 PTA51E.
    The laptop stops the start if the power is not connected (works with batteries). First of all, I see the Windows Logo, but then I have black screen. LEDs and fan are on. I have to restart the laptop 3 - 4 times to get a full boot and see the Windows XP login window.

    I tried to update my bios, but I find the same problem also with the latest version (v2.10) installed.
    I also tried to disable saving energy Toshiba but nothing happened. Battery is charged and don't play no beep alarm.

    Thanks for help.


    It is not easy to tell what can be the problem, but I recommend you to set the default BIOS settings. I put t know if this will help because I guess that is not material just a software problem.

    Best way to test it to install the OS by using recovery media.

  • iBooks automatically starts an audio book... How to stop? Help please - thx!

    ... When I plug Apple EarPods, helmet or an audio jack in my car, iBooks automatically starts an audiobook... it happens all the time when I want to just listen to a song or answer the phone! How to stop?

    Help please - thx!

    I have this problem as well on an iPhone 6. I went to Audible for listening to audio books, but iBooks keeps opening and automatic reading a book that I wasn't even listening when I plug in my headphones. Sometimes there is a delay, then I will listen to something on Audible for a few seconds, and then it stops and be interrupted by iBooks from. It is really unpleasant.

    I really don't want anything to play automatically when I plug my headphones.

  • Photosmart C6180 problem of Power-Up/Power-Down - loops on/stop/start/stop etc.

    I had the C6180 Photosmart wireless connected to a Mac OS X 10.5.6 laptop Macbook Intel and IBM PC XP SP 2 for more than 2 years.  I did have major problems with the printer.

    Recently, I have known a couple of electric in my house.  Since then the printer has turned off randomly once or twice.  Today the printer began to turn off/on/off/on/turned off/turned on etc.

    It lights up and shows the HP logo and process bar animation for one minute, followed by the message: "abnormal termination.  To avoid damage on the button to turn off the printer.  Do not use a wall or the band switch to close.  Press OK.  Then he stops and leaves upward.

    I tried to enter batch Mfg mode by organizing the * and # keys.  It flashes "Mfg commands - enter special Key Combo" for the second of two, then stops and makes a loop on/stop/start/stop again and again.

    I have disconnected all data cables, installs the printer in another room, closes the wifi on both computers and connected directly to the wall on a different circuit to eliminate problems of low power as the culprit.  I swapped the power cable between the wall and the block of the AC adapter with the same exact type of cord of another piece of equipment with the same results.

    I wonder if it is a symptom of a surfboard logic damaged in the printer, or a problem with the AC adapter?

    If it is the logic board, does pay to get it fixed?  An equivalent printer for Mac would cost about $200.  Not to mention that I came just to have stored on cartridges.

    What is a likely indication of a problem of brick AC adapter?  If so, should I spring for a replacement block AC adapter for $30?

    I was not able to find this question in a post on the forum and I was wondering if it's 'Au revoir' to the C6180?

    Thank you for your contribution to this number

    Try this:

    1. If the printer is still on, unplug all rigid and flexible cables at the back of the printer.

    2 unplug the power cord also from the wall...

    3. wait for two minutes.

    4 reconnect the power cord to a wall outlet first.

    5. hold the pound (#) and six 6 buttons.

    6. all by pressing the two buttons, reconnect the power cord to the back of the printer and at the end of two seconds, exit book and six buttons.

    7. turn on the printer if it goes out...

    Let me know the results.

  • Automatically start vCenter and vms


    We have Windows Server 2008 R2 running vCenter 4.1 connected to host computers running ESXi 4.0 Update 1.  Every time we restart the server, the vmware vCenter and vmware vCenter Webservices services start up, they are set to start.  They need to be on the delayed start?  I check the event logs to see what is happening.  Is there a log of vmware that I could look at?

    In addition, we want to implement our virtual machines as the domain controller starts automatically, but I can't find a way to do.

    Thank you


    Thank you very much, we are using SQL Express despite 2 virtual machines running SQL Server 2008 :-)  I'm going to the delay value and see.

    If it does not help there are some registry entries, you can make


    In addition, we vSphere Essentials.  How can I know that if it is configured for high availability and where I see these priorities?

    Essentials does not come with HA.  You can configure your options of start/stop for your guests by going to the configuration of the host tab: start/stop of the VM - properties (upper right corner)

  • During installation my PC (new) power loss; How to remove a partial installation of PE and start fres

    During installation my PC (new) power loss; How delete a partial installation of PE and start again?

    I would normally do a system restore, but, given the new PC - literally old - 2 hours I don't want to go this route so avoidable

    Hi xpkrqschism,

    You must manually remove partially installed files and folders from the system.

    Please see KB: http://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop-elements/kb/manually-remove-photoshop-elements-11.html

  • HA and auto start / stop

    for the virtual machines that are part of the HA cluster is still not possible to control the parameters of start/stop automatic start and delay?

    any plans for it in vsphere 6?

    Since the Center of Documentation of vSphere

    If the failure of a host and its virtual machines need to be restarted, you can control the order in which this is done with the restart VM priority setting. You can also configure how vSphere HA responds if hosts and how vSphere HA responds so guests lose connectivity network management with other hosts using the host isolation response parameter.

    These settings apply to all the virtual machines in the cluster in the event of a host failure or isolation. You can also configure exceptions for specific virtual machines. See individual vSphere HA to customize the behavior of a Virtual Machine.

    VM Restart priority

    VM restart priority determines the relative order in which virtual machines are placed on new hosts after a failure of the host. These virtual machines are delivered to market, with the highest priority of the VMS attempted first and continuing those who have priority low until all virtual machines are rebooted, or no resources cluster more isn't available. Note that if vSphere HA fails to power on a virtual machine of high priority, he engages to try any lower priority level of virtual machines. For this reason, the priority of restarting VM cannot be used to assert a priority to restart for a multiple application of the virtual machine. In addition, if the number of host failures exceeds what admission control allows, virtual machines with the priority the lower cannot be restarted until that more resources will be available. Virtual machines are restarted on the hosts of failover, if specified.

    The values for this parameter are: off, low, medium (default), and high. If you select off, vSphere HA is disabled for the virtual machine, which means it is not restarted on other ESXi hosts if a host fails. The disabled parameter is ignored by the vSphere HA VM/Application monitoring function, as this function protects virtual machines against failure at the level of the operating system and not the failures of virtual machine. In case of failure at the level of the operating system, the OS is reset by vSphere HA and the virtual machine is running on the same host. You can change this setting for each of the virtual machines.


    The thing with VM restart the priority that it is currently the order that the boot of VMS is attempted after an HA event. It is not a guarantee that the virtual machines will start in a particular order. It can work well for your environment. I recommend you to test if you can.

    Here's a post from www.yellow-bricks.com about restart priorities and some of the issues in more detail with them:

    I put priorities of reboot but still my VMs seem to be lit in a different order

    And here is a rough idea of what we're looking to future:


    I hope this helps.

  • My Vmware View automatically starts my VM. Strategy of remote desktop in View Manager does not

    I saw 4.6, atomated created using floating assignment. Remote Desktop political power is set to take no action of power.

    My problem is that if I turned off my VM manually, the display manager will automatically start my VM. Sometimes it takes 3 minutes ahead of the display automatically power on my virtual machine.

    I want to stop some of the VM who use it not to decrease the OPS are / s of my SAN server. We have a problem with PAHO are / s that causes all time latency to all my VM. I have VM 503 in my vSphere, this train of vDesktop and vServer. All that are affected, once that our ES Ops / s increase up to 6000.

    Someone has an idea for this one? Thank you!

    In the configuration of the pool settings tab, there are an option for the number of spare parts (workstations powered).   Reduce this number if you want to deposit it number of workstations are always turned on.

  • Qosmio X 500 does not start and the power LED is flashing every 5 seconds

    I need help my X 500 does not start now. I tried to launch the NB as usual and suddenly the X 500 start or even power up.

    If I press the power button / stop it makes no noise, the power LED on the button and the second power LED just bliks once and turns on and keep blinking every 5 seconds.

    I tried to:
    * Remove battery and power up with AC only
    * power only to batteries
    * remove the battery power button hold for 30 seconds and over power with AC, battery only athen

    but it did not help.

    I checked the LEDs AC & battery, but they do not blink, they are just RED, so there is no problem in battery or AC.

    No idea where could be the problem?

    Thanks for help


    The failure of RAM could be the reason for this behavior of the laptop.
    Remove the RAM modules with good modules tested and check the functionality of the laptop.
    In the case of RAM isn t the troublemaker, the motherboard could be affected.

    Good luck and share your experience with us.

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