Where are minimize them, fullscreen and exit buttons?

The reduction, full screen, and exit buttons are completely absent in Firefox 29.0.1.
Also I am not able to customize the icons in the toolbar, the way I like them. For example, I like the page refresh/stop button to the left of the window loading url. Other tool icons are missing too.


Have you tried to activate the title bar as well as (in the screenshot, button from the title bar on the lower left)?

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    Imgur mirror: http://i.imgur.com/FSEJFH9.jpg

    Well, this is not possible. Minimize, maximize, and close theme button is defined by the system, or in your case Windows. So, if you want to change this theme to match with Firefox, you will need to change the theme of windows by a correspondent.
    Using the default windows theme is recommended for good match because the theme designers create their themes as standard. so, it must match each theme of Firefox. Using the default minimize, maximize, and close windows theme will perfectly match with the theme of your browser or change your theme of browsers to match with the theme of the system. Anyway your choice.
    Thank you.

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    Boulder computer Maven
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    If you do not see the corners rounded to each corner of your window, it's probably outside the screen area, move with "Alt + SPACEBAR.

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    The /dashboards of canned reports are in the catalog. on the machine where you installed the application BI, OracleBIData\web\catalog
    You can find EnterpriseBusinessAnalytics.zip, then unzip this file and update the instanceconfig.xml and restart presentation services.


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    1. What is the brand and model of the computer?

    2. is it a laptop or a desktop computer?

    3. the problem occurs after leaving the game or program?

    4 did you a recent software or changes to the material on the computer?

    Method 1:

    If this happens when you leave a game, I suggest you to follow the steps mentioned in the link and check.

    Open the troubleshooter of display quality


    Method 2:

    I also suggest you go through the steps mentioned in the link and the Coachman.

    Change your screen resolution


    Method 3:

    Step 1:

    I also suggest you to check if the problem persists in safe mode.

    Start your computer in safe mode


    Step 2:

    You can also check if the problem persists in a clean boot state.

    Clean boot:

    This could happen if one of the substantive programmes is in conflict with the proper functioning of your computer. To help resolve the error and other messages, you can start Windows 7 by using a minimal set of drivers and startup programs. This type of boot is known as a "clean boot". A clean boot helps eliminate software conflicts.

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or Windows 7 http://support.microsoft.com/kb/929135

    Note: when you are finished troubleshooting, follow step 7 article to start the computer to a normal startup.

    Hope this helps and keep us posted.

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    Defender is probably not necessary with McAfee...

    Both offer a real - time sweep and may potentially conflict with each other.

    You should never have more than one security product installed on the PC, providing active protection / scan. This can cause performance problems, system instability and conflicts between programs and can affect all installed antivirus product efficiency.

    Vista is historically a slow start... I have improved the startup of my Vista laptop with a reinstallation of the operating system, without installation of I-tunes (the computer was used by my daughter-in-law) and I added 1 GB of RAM.  It starts very well now.

    McAfee is known to adversely affect the performance of the computer - I him have not used for many years.  The last time that I removed McAfee from a slow computer, that it was like the addition of several gigabytes of RAM to view was an immediate performance improvement.  If your computer has a good processor (preferably bicoeur) and several GB of RAM must be able to run Vista (and McAfee) however.

    Good luck...



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    I think that you barely scratched the surface of '... WTF did do that ', but if you stay long enough you'll see more of the things that make you ask, 'who does this decision' and ' really think it through?

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    Log in to the Mac App Store with Apple ID with which they are associated, click the purchases tab and redownload them.

    If they were deleted without being associated with an Apple ID, click here , or contact Apple.

    If they are associated with another Apple ID, you can contact Apple as above, but it can be said to buy.


  • where are the challenge questions and answers stored in OAM?


    OAM 10g, where the challenge questions and answers are stored?

    What is the best way to migrate the OAM 10 g challenge questions and answers in OIM 11 g?  Is it recommended to migrate or users request to reset the challenge questions and answers in OIM 11 g?

    Thank you



    As a best practice after the migration of 10g OAM, you can force the user to set the questions and answers of security. The chances of error will be zero in this case.

    Also in the years/qus secuirty IOM are stored in table PCQ in encrypted form.

    ~ J

  • Can I move minimize them, restore and close more Firefox symbol and the description of what tab I'm on the Menu bar?

    On the seal, I want to put the top line of the screen - one that begins with the symbol of Firefox and then continued a question | Support Mozilla - Mozilla Firefox on the same line the file edit etc.

    Open customize and in the lower left corner, click the title bar to hide the title bar.

    And I would recommend not having the menu bar show all the time. You can hit the ALT key when you want to access the menu bar.

  • Where are my apps? And authorization of boredom PC with new Apple ID?

    Last January, I've changed my AppleID to a new email address. But I think that Apple always thinks that I have an old email address.

    Then, I connected my iPhone to my laptop to back it up. I him have not done since the end of last year. When this happens, iTunes give me two choices: set up a new device or 2) restoring my backup, which was made last November.  I don't want I want for iTunes to recognize my new phone, but iTunes will not.

    I also noticed that even after the connection, apps only appear are those under my old name of e-mail. And when I click on the app, my email_ _old is referenced. But I've changed AppleID as shown above. (Also, when I try to allow the computer to my _new_ email, I get an error message saying authorization was not made.)

    Hi JacobianWife,

    I understand that you have a new iPhone, and you try to save up to iTunes on your PC.  However, I'm sure about your comment "I changed my Apple ID."   Do you mean you went on the appleid.apple.com site and edited your Apple ID existing, or that you mean that you have created a new Apple ID?   Looks like you have created a new Apple ID, and if this is the case, you will not be able to access any purchase you make on your old Apple ID.

    What I would say is to contact our Apple ID account security team so that they can help you straighten it.  Once you do, you will be able to re-download your past purchases, and to save your iPhone again use iCloud or iTunes.   I would add some general information for you below, but in your situation, I think that individual support with someone who can access your account would be the best course of action.

    Contact Apple for the Apple ID account security support

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    On your Apple ID email addresses

    Manage your Apple ID account information

    Take care

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    «.. . just received my new BlackBerry Bold 9930 and I love it, this new cell is added my 9650 and so I like too this one breathtaking 9930 the 9650 "out of water"!  However, I like to think I'm skilled at all things BlackBerry, I am having a devil of a time trying to find themes for the 9930.  I searched the site of BlackBerry and have also searched the net for more information, and I've not found anything significant enough to convince me.  In other words, the only thing I found was 9930 wallpaper and which consisted of flags of different countries and a couple of what is appeared-to-be-themes that consisted of a Christmas or some other isolated icon located next to the menu (hmmm, it's really a theme?)!

    The only thing I can think is that themes for the 9930 has just have not been developed yet, am I correct or there at - there some magical path to 9930 themes that I've yet to discover - I appreciate and certainly 'like' any help anyone can provide! »


    Cathy Ann

    You're right, the theme for OS7 development package has not yet been published by RIM.

    However, in the last two days a developers has sorta broken the key... and released some.


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    When I started using Muse, there are a few themes that you can use as templates, but I can't seem to find how to get to them now - an idea? (it's probably me being stupid!)

    Hello TherealDrewvis,

    In case you can't see them in the home screen, then you can download them from of boot files. Adobe Muse

    Kind regards


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