Windows Journal program

Where to start learning how to use the program "Windows Journal" and where can I find his 'pen '? Any help pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated.

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  • How to enable missing programs in Windows 7? -for example Windows Journal

    I recently bought a HP computer with Windows 7 pre-installed. According to the homepage of Microsoft and several other sites, Windows 7 is supposed to include a program called "Windows Journal". However, no matter how much I look at, I can't seem to find this program on my computer. I know I don't have accidentally uninstall the program. Any ideas on what may occur? Thank you!

    Go to control panel and open programs and features. Click on the link "turn Windows features on or off' left hand side and when the list of optional features rises to put a check mark in the box for Tablet PC components."

    After this is done, go to start > all programs > Accessories > Tablet PC and then click the Windows Journal to open it.

  • get a program that does what windows journal does

    Now, this windows journal is in the process of uninstalling on the pc via a windows update that I can use that will let me inport pdf format tag (drawing of circles of lines) and write on the page, as the newspaper did then export it réécrirait so to make a pdf file.  Windows said to watch using OneNote, but it leaves me PDFs inport.  Y at - it something that I can use.  Thank you for your help

    Hi Bruce,.

    That is right. OneNote can be exported to the pdf file. For instructions on how to do this, you can click on this link.

    To learn more about our product of OneNote, you can visit this link.

    Kind regards

    Angelo bar

  • Cannot start Windows Journal or Tablet PC Input Panel

    Suddenly, I get the following message appears when you try to start Windows Journal on my Tablet PC:

    "Windows Journal cannot start. There was an error initializing inking components.  If this problem persists... »

    In addition, input panel Tablet PC version 1.7.2600.5512 brings is more a place to write

    Suddenly, I get the following message appears when you try to start Windows Journal on my Tablet PC:

    "Windows Journal cannot start. There was an error initializing inking components.  If this problem persists... »

    In addition, input panel Tablet PC version 1.7.2600.5512 brings is more a place to write

    After extensive Google/Binging I finally jumped on my solution. I have Windows 7 Ultimate and Office Professional 2010. I tried different solutions online without success:

    • Reset
    • Fix Office 2010 (no, I didn't uninstall and reinstall)
    • SFC/scannow (no problem found)
    • The "delete and then add Tablet PC components" in Control Panel programs and features/turn on Windows features
    • Close all browsers (without success)

    Then it dawned on me that OneNote is a design feature. I figured that this was linked to components of Tablet PC inking, as my research has shown people also had problems with Windows Journal. I also had problems with Windows Journal, stating the issue of inking of the components. In OneNote, I went to the drawing Ribbon and tried to shoot when a popup said that I didn't have the Tablet PC features installed (even if I checked that). and offered to install it (Yes!). Curiously, he asked for the DVD for FrontPage 2003, I also installed. Who could guess, but it was my solution. I hope this helps someone.

  • Can I install Windows Journal on a Mac computer?

    Can I install Windows Journal on a Mac computer?  I currently use Windows Journal to teach by posting paper documents on a smart board.  The administration requires me to switch to a Mac, but I don't want to lose the Journal and its capabilities.  I will not need to use a pen on the computer, I use the stylus on the smart board.  I would buy the windows software of newspaper and try to download on a Mac.  Can I order windows software log?

    You have two problems here:

    1. Programs Windows cannot be installed on a Mac.
    2. Windows Journal is not available as a separate program.

    If the Administration allows it, you can install Windows on a Mac with Mac OS X. Then, there are two ways to access the applications Windows explained here:

    You can buy a copy of Windows to do this.

  • "you can type in windows journal.

    can type you in windows journal that I really want to use it as a journal but I can't understand how to type on


    The Journal is a program designed for a Tablet PC, where you use Pen Input to create handwritten notes. These notes can be converted to typewritten text.

    You can type directly into a log file by using some of the tools available.

    Open Windows Journal.

    In the tool bar, select Insert / Text Box.

    Use the + cursor to draw the text box above the box where you want to insert the text you type.

    Click in the text box and start typing.

    If you click outside the text box, the box will disappear, but your typed text will remain. You won't be able to type again unless the text box is visible.

    To make it visible again, bar tools, select Edit and click on the selection tool. Click somewheree inside where you placed at the origin of the text box.

    You can also use other tools to annotate the typed text.

    You can only save one. JNT log file.

    I hope this helps.


  • How to recover Windows Journal?

    I recently bought a laptop. It is pre-loaded with Vista Home Premium, and many other goodies including a program called Windows Journal.

    I've even more recently updated for Win 7 Home Premium. While remaining in Vista, my copy of Windows Journal (under Program Files) has mysteriously disappeared. I thought that the upgrade would restore it, but it didn't.

    I don't know why it disappeared in the first place, but I was wondering if there is a way for me to get it back?

    Try this...

    1 - type features on the start menu, then choose 'or turn off Windows features turn on" ".

    2. check the Tablet PC components (lights), and then click OK.

    If it was useful, you can vote by clicking on the green triangle. If it solves the problem, click on propose as answer. Thank you!


    How can I remove tablet Pc & Windows Journal? My computer doesn't even have the capabilities of Tablet pc, but this program is here & I can't remove it just by clicking on delete.  It is also not in my list of programs on my uninstall program.

    Go to Control Panel > programs and features , click on or off Windows features turn on and uncheck Tablet PC components . Boulder computer Maven
    Most Microsoft Valuable Professional

  • Windows Journal is not open previously created templates or create new ones with pilot writer Ledger

    I used the driver Journal editor to create templates of forms I fill out frequently or that I frequently have to annotate Office documents.

    Recently the newspaper stopped opening these templates and I'm also able to create new models. I can still write normal notes on the default 'paper' line. When you try to open previous models, the newspaper stops working and gives me a message to indicate that the program has stopped working and Windows will close the application, and let me know if a solution is found.

    I uninstalled the driver of editor of Journal and the touch interface and Windows Journal and re-installed everything new + fix the driver of the writer. Well, none of this has solved the problem.

    Other advice would be highly appreciated, since I have now come back to fill in forms by hand again once and then their scan to computer.

    Kind regards



    What exactly happens when you try to open previously created templates?

    You can create a new one and use it?

    chk this link.

  • I can't find the windows journal in my Windows 7 operating system. It is included in the Starter edition?

    I tried to use windows journal as it works with the digital pen, but I couldn't find my Edition of windows 7 starter.

    I'm not sure its included with Win Starter.

    Type, Journal, in the search text box of files & programs, if its installed displays the shortcut

  • Games for windows live program does not. is not resident evil 5

    I am resident evil 5. the game won't start it comes up with an error xliveinitialize. also games for windows marketplace program will not work. I have download. install it. then try to run and he told me that the software files are missing and I want to install them. so I click Yes and it will make me re-download anywhere. and that never works. so now, ive got a game, I can't play and a program to make the game play that will also work. What can I do to fix this


    (1) what version of windows are you using?

    (2) at what point of the installation you get the error message?

    See the link below.

    If the link above is not enough, post in Games for Windows - Live forums.


    I hope this helps.

  • Windows import program does not close after you import photos from a camera.

    Windows import program does not close after you import photos from a camera. It is frozen on the desk and the computer must be restarted to use the program again, windows does not detect a problem, how to fix it.

    original title: importer of photo and video for windows


    1. which version of the operating system is installed on the computer?
    2. don't you make changes on the computer before the show?

    Method 1:
    You can perform a clean boot and check if the problem occurs.
    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7
    Note: After a repair, be sure to set the computer to start as usual as mentioned in step 7 in the Knowledge Base article.

    Method 2:
    Alternatively, you can change settings for importing pictures and videos in windows by following the steps from the link.
  • My Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor installs, continues to say a word about the windows logo program program...

    I am running XP Professional V5.1 (Build 2600.xpsp_sp3_gdr.100216 - 1514: Service Pack 3) This warning is displayed when I try to install the game:

    "The software you are installing has spent not Windows Logo testing to verify its compatibility with Windows XP. (Tell me why this is important).

    This software will not be installed. Contact your system administrator. »

    I think maybe it's directx as the game tries to set up first, but it can also be the game itself. My computer handily meets all requirements and beyond for the use of the game to the quality maximux and my friend has on his XP service pack 2 computer. The game is also a game of 'Games for Windows PCDVD'. I need help with this ASAP because I set up a lan party developed on this game (he planned for weeks and built facilities of conquest of the whole of europe with a risk as the installer on table) and I can't seem to install which will forfiet me to participate in my own setup if I can find a way around the problem.

    Is there a way to disable the "windows logo program" blocking me? If this is not the case, what can I do to get the game installed. I think that this "windows logo program" is an addition of SP3. Please help if you know what's happening, I don't want all this time spent planning for such a stupid thing to get lost.

    What is the version of DirectX installed on your XP computer?

    Recommended is version 10.

    Here is an article with the exact error message as that of what you receive which may contain the error correction:

    You cannot install some programs or updates


  • Where is the Windows Journal tutorial?

    I would like to know where he was preparing to so, I am trying to put in place and received the same message. Can anyone help?

    I have not found the Windows Journal tutorial but I found some good links that might be useful. There are several pages.



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    I have several files in the folders in my e-mail Outlook Express on Windows XP program.  Is there a way to reduce the subfolders so that they are not always exposed?  I know how to collapse the folders, but when I open again the email program, I can still see all the folders.  Doesn't the arrangement of "collapse" once I'm in and out and back in the program.  Thank you

    Tools | Options | In general. East: Display folders with unread messages automatically checked? Uncheck the box if it is.

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