WPSM54G cannot find print server and not able to print the test page

After several days of trial and error I am so far I'm willing to give up and put this peace of equipment for sale. It is my last attempt to find a solution.

I have a Canon MP510 printer connected to the print server and I managed to configure the print server so that it establishes a wireless connection to the router. I can see the ip address assigned to my router print server and I can log on to the configuration of the print server page.

When I want to set up your computer (software print copy of the Canon MP510 print server) I can not complete the wizard. Step 1 is successful. It shows the print server and the MP510 related to port 1, but in step 2, I get a message that the print server can not be found.

I looked on the forums how to solve. I already tried a fixed ip address to configure the printer manually but not any which solution worked.

Your print server must be set to a fixed IP address, try this IP address: Disconnect ethernet cable between your router and the PS... Both devices power for one minute cycle... Follow the link here after changing the IP address on the PS...

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  • officejet1100 HP does not print the test page

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    As OEM HP is responsible for the good operation of the printer and their
    drivers provided. Check with HP support, their documentation online and
    drivers and ask in their forums.

    HP - DeskJet 1100 c - there is no Windows 7 drivers so check with HP
    Support and their forums to see if there are work-a-rounds.

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    The main issue is probably the drivers, but these can help:

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    Find and install printer drivers in Windows 7

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • How can I keep my HP1510 all-in-one to print the test pages as much?

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    Pages are likely alignment pages.  When a new cartrdige is installed the printer will print an alignment page which should be placed on the scanner glass and press the button of scan to complete the alignment process.  If the alignment is not complete it will repeat when the printer is powered suite or maybe at the end of print jobs.

    The alignment page will stop printing when the alignment process is complete.  See the page here for more information.

  • hp4315 is in 22 minutes to print the test page. resolution of the problems of detection without problem.

    hp4315 is in 22 minutes to print the test page.  resolution of the problems of detection without problem.  Using Windows 7 64 bit

    This is caused by the failure of one of your cartridges. I'm not sure that the Officejet 4315 will print with a single cartridge installed, but try the following: remove the black print cartridge and print a test page.  The printer prints at a normal speed?  Is therefore the black cartridge was the issue and needs to be replaced.  If it isn't then, put the black back cartridge in and remove the color cartridge and the test page printed.  If the printer now prints speed the color cartridge is responsible and must be replaced.

  • 1 - How do I print the test page? 2 - How to change the default printer?

    1 - How to print a test page?

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    Yes, essentially the same as in Win 7.   Select the properties of the printer to print the test page.  That's where.

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    I turned the printer off and then back on and tried the instructions in the user manual to clear paper jams. When I turn on the printer, all lights are turning ON one (as the normal boot sequence) and then warning led flashes. I couldn't hear any engine wheelchair or his mechanics during this process. Web server page printer (with wifi) showed the status of the printer as "jam in the drum area.  I removed and re-inserted Imaging drum by following the instructions to replace the imaging drum.

    What I see after turning on th eprinter is just attention light flashing and I can't even print a test page. I don't hear any rotation of the engine sound of the printer. Pleas help me out of this problem.

    I solved the problem myself. Although I couldn't find any piece of paper left by normal inspection of the outside of the printer, I removed the Assembly / separation and roll pick-up from the input tray to find a small piece of paper remaining on the paper sensor flag. Very hard or literally impossible to find something in this place by the normal health check.

    To eliminate the epickup roll pre-assembled under th eprinter th, I removed the right side panel and the left side panel for th eprinter. I was happy to see the piece of paper that has ruined my day quiete. Deleted and everything set up as before and successfully took a test page print.

    Thank you for repair of HP, which led me to get inside the printer.

  • Office Jet 6000: cannot find how to print the test page with Office jet 6000

    I can't find in the properties of this printer HOW to print a test page. I was running out of ink black, and all color cartridges are rather recent and not on show at low levels. But, after replacing the black cartridge the first doc to test printed came out very uneven and unreadable.  There is no error message.  How in diagnostics on this printer to test the printing?  I tried not to print a doc of color (as photo) yet.

    Can I update the driver?  Help, please.


    Test print page options under properties of the print driver for your device.

    But I don't think that solv your problem.

    You must print alignment and another test for correct print quality problems.

    Here is the HP site, gives detailed instructions form document.


    Good impression

  • Not able to see the published task and not able to reset the version for the task


    Created a task, validated, by selecting the task button you click on publish in the tools to publish the task.
    Customer application (Callcenter) sailed Administration - Business Process - > deployment task
    Here, unable to see the task added to activate.

    I tried twice to copy folder but not able to see.
    I am not able to reset the version for the created task.

    Could you please let me know how to overcome these.

    Using the database of the siebel8.0.0.5 example

    Thank you

    NO, you don't have to copy the srf tools file to the location of the customer.

    just when compiling your project or changes you must click on the Browse button and navigate to the customer i.e. srf "/ web client/objects/enu/siebel.srf".

    but before, also compile all projects to the strategic outcomes of the client.

    the other thing you should check is client and tools should point to the same database that you should check the cfg files of the two respectively in [[example]] section connectstring = "\sample\utf-8\sse_samp.dbf."

    no doubt, maybe that's the problem.

    Neeraj Varma


    Printing a test page only prints the top line of the test page.

    This printer work with Windows 7 for me.

    I tried to print a document in word with the same result (only the top line of the document will be printed - and errors)





  • Not able to open the modal Page by a link attribute of report

    Dear all,

    Not able to open the Page modal by an attribute of report link, kindly help me...

    I use skills builders modal plugin page...

    Thank you and best regards,


    Here's what you have to do.

    You set up your link column as follows:

    Text link: what you want

    Link attributes: onclick = "return false;" class = "open_modal".

    Target: Page in the present application

    : The page number to open in your modal window

    You configure your dynamic action like this:

    Event: click on

    Selection type: jQuery selector

    jQuery selector: .open_modal

    (Notice the period at the beginning!)

    Action: SkillBuilders Page modal [plugin] (2.0.0)

    Scope of the event: Dynamics

    And finally, in your real Action (SkillBuilders modal Page (2.0.0)), location of the URL must be defined as an attribute of the element triggering.

    And that's about all it takes.

    I hope this helps.

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    could be faulty ideas please

    Please contact the supplier or the manufacturer of your printer/cartridge.

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    (1) resources for the resolution of the printer in Windows XP problems:


    (2) Troubleshooting for when you cannot print in Windows XP:



  • C4750 only prints the test page for office

    My C4750 has just stopped printing from my office and now only prints a test page.  It has been configured to print wireless and my laptop is still able to print anything there.  The printer is now connected via USB and is still the only thing I can print a test page.  MS Office said that no printer is installed.  Firefox said an "unknown print error has occurred" and Chrome says "no printer is installed.  I've disabled the antivirus and tried to reinstall and still nothing.  If I try to install via the packaged HP Installer happens to expire on the first step of"control systems".  I had to manually extract the package and are pointing to the correct drivers.  There is nothing wrong (no yellow triangles) according to the properties of the printer.  This has happened in the past, and the only way to remedy this is to format the hard drive and reinstall the OS.  Everything works very well since mid-December when I've upgraded to an SSD and did a fresh install.  Yesterday my printing problems are back.  No third-party programs have been installed, and only Windows updates it has installed have been updated to Windows Defender.  I tried to re - download the HP install thought package he was corrupt and still not bring anywhere.  My desktop is Windows 7 64-bit.  Any ideas?

    After another full weekend, trying to get this to work, I still have nothing.  Game over HP.  Get the best driver support and pay attention to the outcrys of your customers.  Apparently I'm not the only one with this problem and HP could care less.  I personally will move to the Dell products here on out.  Our Dell servers at work have been nothing less than phenomenal, and Dell customer service is blowing HP.  I'm glad that this problem happened before we have replaced 200 aging computers.  HP may be cheaper, but it is not worth the headache.

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