X61S-7667 C54 - Windows 7

Is it not possible to install and run Windows 7 in this machine?



I write this response using a X61s running Win7-64. My system has a processor at 1.6 GHz as opposed to the 1.4 GHz in the 7667, but that should not make a big difference. Such a system is very good for general browsing, email, etc.

I have improved my X61s up to 8 GB of RAM (you need an OS to use all 8 GB 64-bit) and an SSD. Who made a substantial improvement in overall performance for intensive applications without microprocessor.

Note that whatever the X61s configuration and upgrades the two main limitations are the relatively slow by current standards CPU and 1024 x 768 screen. You can't go first. I almost always use my X61s with an external monitor to resolution 1900 x 1200.

As long as you are aware of these limits, there still a lot of life in a X61s.

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    • Anyone know if we can install and use windows 2000 Professional on a X 61/X61s (stata questions?)? Is - this dangerous (drivers, potential property damage)?
    • Some drivers are available for windows 2000 Professional. It's loaded with windows 2000 pro recovery disks in?
    • It will improve the battery life?

    Thank you.

    Hi, I had installed on my x 61 for about a year with zero problems of win2k. the reason why I went finally xp was due to new standards unavaiable on 2 k (wga, video hi-def, sdhc, etc.)

    Oh, one thing that does not work: on the card reader sdhc cards. This isn't really a big problem because lack of wga could be...

    for the sata issue I can think of two options: integrate or start in compatibility mode, install the drivers and drivers switch to sata.

    Good luck

  • X61s bluetooth and hotkey driver for windows 7


    I installed windows 7 on my x61s, but can not use bluetooth and also could not find the shortcut keyboard/onScreenDisplay drivers. Any idea, these drivers have been released for win 7 or any way to solve the problem of Bluetooth? (other than go back to vista)

    Cheers for any help!

    You can find some Win7 beta drivers using the link below. Should find the hotkey software. AFAIK this is the only rider currently available for Win7. Regarding Bluetooth, what features are you missing? Drivers and Bluetooth support should be provided with Win7. Didn't need a separate Bluetooth drivers/software on my Thinkpad to get the bluetooth to work.


  • X61s no noise from Windows 7

    I have a X61s which no sound since I removed XP and installed Windows 7.  I downloaded the latest drivers for the audio soundmax integrated to windows 7, but still nothing.  The drivers install correctly and windows can't see any problems with the drivers, I am just not all sounds.  I tried to go to XP drivers, Vista drivers and reinstall the 7 drivers several times nothing will do.

    It is definitely a hardware problem.

    Try to contact lenovo support so that fixed it.

    I hope this helps.

  • Where to buy Windows 7

    I have a x61s I bought there when Vista was offered several years.  I refused and was it downgraded to XP.

    Now I want to level to Windows 7Pro or 8 Pro (drivers appear to be less available for 8).

    Where can I get Windows 7 from?  I want to buy Lenovo, or just buy it anywhere.

    Thanks for any direction you can provide.


    Since your location is USA, Newegg still sells to retail and OEM Windows 7 Professional (single license) versions here:


  • Error Windows Vista Microsoft Works 8.5 copy / paste

    This is the message I get when I try to copy and paste. This problem is new. I tried to copy and paste just a sentence, then a single word, and I still get this message. Any help would be a blessing!

    "The information you copied exceed the size limit for pasting in text processing. Try to reduce the size of your choice, then copy and paste again. »

    Thanks to you all!


    see if this thread is useful.

    See also:
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    If still no joy please don't ask for help in the Microsoft Works discussion group:

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    Hope this helps, Vincenzo Di Russo - Microsoft MVP Windows Internet Explorer, Windows Desktop experience & Security - since 2003. ~ My Blog: http://blogs.dotnethell.it/vincent/

  • Windows 7 - "Entry Point not found" error when trying to play a game

    [email protected]@@[email protected]@XZ DMC 5 could not be located in the dynamic link library wxmsw28u_core_vc_custom.dll.

    Separated from -.


    Hi Patricia,

    Please contact the Microsoft Community.

    Which game you try to play?

    I would have you try and re-install the game and check.

    In addition, I'd like to as you open the prompt in elevated mode and then try and register the DLL by using this command:

    Regsvr32 write the name of the DLL file.

    We know if that helps you.

  • Material X61s interrupt up to 40% of CPU resource

    Hello, I have recently updated my hard drive of my x61s a seagate Momentus 7200.3 GForce - 320 GB 7200 RPM 16 MB ST9320421ASG. After that I did a fresh install with Windows XP Professional on the new drive twice! Every time when installation is finished, I'm starting to get an interruption in equipment wired with constantly consume up to 40% of my cpu, resource and cut my half battery life. I tried to disabled the component one after the other in order to locate the problem (what componet sends the interruption). But I found nothing. And the interruption does not start immediately when I boot XP. He sometimes starts later after login or start some programs like opera or Firefox browser. Anyone have an idea about this problem? BTW, I already use the system update to get all my drivers and bios to the old version. Thank you!

  • X61s - save and restore - there is no option to restore factory

    I have a X61s with Vista Home Basic and I want to use ThinkVantage to a factory system restore.

    I can start the restore utility & rescue (via the button ThinkVantage or F11), that's fine.

    The problem is: there is no option "Restore Factory. I'm only given the option to restore from a backup.

    Any ideas? The fact that I can access the utility R & R but not get this "Factory Restore" option.

    Thank you

    kamszelei, welcome to the forum,

    of a lurker

    What version of think Vantage system however you have installed?

    If you have version 3.13.0009 installed, please try the following: start Windows and run TVSU.  She's going to update, restart, and then update again. I hope that the ability to recover the contents of the factory will be at your disposal.

    Please also check the following registry key; Common HKLM\Software\Lenovo\TVT

    If the "System Type" key is 1, change it to 0. If it is already set to 0 doesn't change anything and let us know.

    Hope this helps

  • Error 2100 with disk SSD Sandisk on Thinkpad X61s

    A month ago, I installed a Sandisk SSD in my Thinkpad X61s. At first it worked great, but then he started having the following problem more frequently:

    All of a sudden the computer would freeze completely and indefinitely, or he would give me a blue screen. That was quite rarely. Now it happens right on start, after the office is responsible. This also applies when I start mode without failure.

    The other problem is that he sometimes would not start at all, gives me the following error:

    2100: HDD0 initialization error (hard drive) (1)

    My google search suggests that it is a common problem that many people have had to face. Yet I found no definitive solutions.

    Some people have suggested that the problem may be due to a loose contact / SSD not properly seated inside the computer. This is certainly not the case for me. I opened the compartment of the HARD drive and SSD is sitting here as tight as a bug in a rug

    Others have proposed an update of the Firmware of the SSD. In this case there is no such update to the SSD, I bought.

    So here's my questions regarding other solutions:


    I currently have the latest BIOS lenovo-approved. This is the version 2.22.

    It seems to be a BIOS not official that many people are praising called the BIOS of Middleton. It is available here:
    Does anyone have any experience with it? Any tips on how to install it or what to beware?


    I am currently using Windows 7. Out of curiosity, I wanted to see how a Kubuntu Live CD would work. I don't spend a lot of time in Kubuntu, but during the period where I was, didn't crash the system. So I was wondering if Linux has better drivers for SSD than Windows. Any thoughts on the issue?

    (I must admit, however, that I * have * seen Linux users complain about 2100 error.)

    Is there something else I should try?

    I also had problems with a SanDisk Extreme in my X200s. essentially the same problems under Linux. According my research, Sandforce based drives don't play well with some laptop computer firmware (X 61, X200s), since the firmware will allow Sata Link Power (that is to say let fall the link to low power when not read & written). I'm guessing that when on AC this feature is disabled (always happes but not as often). Windows has a registery for this patch and Linux you can also turn it off. This isn't a real solution, even if it will help (because you still have to boot for the patch is taken into account). I had to replace my SanDisk with a Samsung 840 (disk password protection does not work on X61s or X200s for the Samsung however). Thread discussing the Windows registry patch: http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=96663 - Monty.

  • About this Mac window

    A week ago I updated my Mac Mini end of 2014 to Sierra and, among other drawbacks, I found that the "to comments of this Mac window" doesn´t show when it is called. In addition, the button of the substitution of Apple ban on which they consider unreliable applications (i. e.  those not manufactured by Apple or not using the iTunes channel) is now gone and I won't unintentionally control I have in my computer. In this case, this means that I can't update latest version of Penny Fletcher of his useful Multimarkdown application.

    You can adjust your settings to allow internet content to other websites by clicking on System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General and down, adjust the setting "allow applications downloaded on:

    To call ' about this Mac' Panel, press the black Apple > about this Mac

  • I resized the Partition Mac to make more space for BootCamp and now Windows will not boot

    On a collague MacBook Air running 10.11.4, we used disk utility to reduce the Mac Partition so that we could then use a Windows tool to extend the BootCamp partition. However, upon restart, we got a BACK screen with the error that Windows cannot start because it cannot find the boot device.

    Help, please?

    This is not a mechanism supported by Apple to change the size of the Windows partition. Apple supports the remove/reinstall only.

    We try to remedy. Please after the release of the following OSX Terminal commands.

    diskutil list

    Cs diskutil list

    sudo TPG - vv - r see the/dev/disk0

    sudo fdisk/dev/disk0

    What is the model/year of the MBA? Please, do not post the serial number of your Mac. Orders 'sudo' will ask for your password.

  • After recent, iPhone, 6, update, Windows, Explorer, does not work, see, iPhone

    I installed the latest update required for my iphone ios 6 a few days ago, and now when I try to download pictures from my iphone to my PC (via USB connection), the PC does not see the iphone.   iTunes sees it yet, but windows Explorer does not work.  It seems that some setting has been broken through the update of ios.  A way to solve this problem?

    Restart the computer and the iPhone. Unlock the iPhone before connecting it to the computer. Any change?


  • How to prevent the automatic launch at windows startup 10 itunes

    I have the latest version of Windows 10 and the latest version of iTunes on laptop Lenovo 2015 of 64-bit model.

    How can I prevent iTunes from launching at startup of the system?

    Try this...

    1. Right click on the taskbar.
    2. Select the Task Manager.
    3. Click the Startup tab.
    4. Click the iTunesHelper app.
    5. Click the button disable.
    6. Close the Task Manager.
  • Bootcamp Windows - partition cannot be mounted

    Hey all,.

    I've been using Windows on my iMac (late 2012, Yosemite 10.10.5) without problem but today after I started MacOS Yosemite (to control simple file), cannot start again to return to Windows. Had no problem Bootcamp before... have not used to any advantage either 3rd disk utility. The only thing I have recently increased the Windows size 200 GB partition by decreasing the MacOS partition through disk utility (a month ago, no problem since then until today)

    1. Windows has disappeared from the startup disk

    2. disk utility shows disk0s4 gray and cannot be mounted. In addition, the correct partition size was 700 but here its listed as 500 GB GB (which was the old size before you increase it)

    3 when I try to restart with pressed ALT, Windows, but cannot restart, with a black screen showing "a disk error occurred.

    I'm not very familiar with techniques more. Only, I tried to install "Find" but cannot achieve anything with it.

    I tried your advice above and seems THAT NTFS is there...

    one last thing... when I try to check disk0s4, said "it should be repaired. When I hit repair; It says this:

    Need my Windows as soon as POSSIBLE, what more should I do?

    I don't have not upgraded to Sierra again. That I should? Or it will be even worse?

    I have tons of files on Windows that I need and unfortunately not supported for a while anywhere (sorry about that now).

    Help, please...

    stuff more to indicate...

    and I know if it's significant but cmd + s & ' fsck - fy "has not done anything other than check the Mac partition.

Maybe you are looking for