Apple does not list a country the list code to add trust number (validation of 2 steps)

I used the gate 2 years with my number + 849xxxxxxx

Today I turn off validation of 2 steps to config something, so I tried to reactivate it.

Then, I realized that Apple updated the list of country code, and this is totally wrong with the Viet Nam.

It is + 848 (Viet Nam) instead of + 84 (Viet Nam) as before.

+ 848 is a new type of phone number here in the Viet Nam, many people here still use the old kind of number like me (+ 849), not the + 848. That's why I can't re - activate 2 validation of steps again.

My friends also had the same problem as mine. I think that Apple should give the country code option to + 84 (Viet Nam), not the + 848 (Viet Nam) as soon as POSSIBLE, now that my account is not protected because of this error.

Thank you.


I totally agree with you.

I have not even worse, I can't receive the verification Code when loging, so I can't download the new version of my application.

I hope that Apple will fix it as soon as POSSIBLE.

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    lol, he likes to go to the doctor and saying "doctor!" I'm hurt! "But I don't remember where!

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    See you soon!

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    Once you have set the IP address manually, you still have the same problem with by entering the PIN code?

    Please let me know the results.

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    Convert your ActionScript in HTML5

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    Thank you


    @seanb_us - I filed a bug report now on this behavior; You should probably do too. Your experimental project will be probably ideal for them to use if they need to see what is happening.

    PS - the recipe SSL is the choice that you make on the pod single Source Layouts (who came out of your help). The term 'recipe' is filched from the large (Rick Stone) @Captiv8r ;>)

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    Here's a possibility... go to... Start ORB / Control Panel.
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    "Always show icons, never thumbnails" / apply / OK.

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    When you try to import a .mp4 file in windows movie maker, the program does not list the file when I search for it in his file.  Help, please.

    As I suggested previously, conversion to a format like
    . WMV before you import it into Movie maker may be the solution.

    The free Converter from Microsoft can be a place to start:

    (FWIW... it's always a good idea to create a system)
    Restore point before installing software or updates)

    Download Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 with Service Pack 1 (SP1) (freeware)
    (runs under WinXP SP3 / Vista / 7)

    When you install the program...
    Start Microsoft Expression Encoder 4
    (Start / programs / Microsoft Expression /)
    Microsoft Expression Encoder 4)

    On the "Load a new project" screen...
    Left click... "Transcoding project '...

    When the program opens, click on... File / import...

    (If at any time you get lost while browsing
    the program of... to... Window / active Reset
    Type or workspace... CTRL + SHIFT + R)

    Look for the file/s that you want to convert.
    (If files do not appear... open the fall
    window and choose... All files)

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    (the file you want to download is: ><>
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    Vista Home Premium
    Windows Media Player 11.0.6001.7004

    Anyone know how I can list MP4 music files in the library
    I tried monitor records, in the library more options, IE by selecting the folder where are all my music files, but it does not put everything in the library. If I put a music WMA file in this particular case it lists fortunately.

    Hello Descant,

    Thank you for posting.  What you need is a tag Support plugin for Windows Media Player.  I have included a link to the forum of WMP plug-ins with more information on this subject.

    Please let me know if it helps you.

    Engineer Support responds to Microsoft of Zack

  • I am trying to download the trial version of Adobe Pro XI but the Download Assistant does not display it in the list despite the signing in. What is wrong with him?

    I am trying to download the trial version of Adobe Pro XI but the Download Assistant does not display it in the list despite the signing in. What is wrong with him?

    I had the same problem - my solution:

    1. If you create a connection to Adobe, make sure that you click the verification link in the email sent to you to verify your account.

    2. I leave the download Assistant, then began the process to download the original page download Assistant - he asked if I wanted to run the already downloaded version, which I chose.

    3. once the download wizard opens again, I logged in using my newly created connection and then, he showed the free trial in the product list (it has not been listed as free, but it was).

    My download is happening now - about 1 hour to go.

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    I downloaded the new 6.2 hotsync (which is listed as 7.0.2 in the lower left corner of hotsync), I have a new toshiba laptop with vista 64-bit os, laptop has bluetooth and the bluetooth works because I already set up to work with my treo 755 as a modem. In any case, when I'm trying to set up the connection to hotsync option so I can sync my outlook with the treo, connections in hotsync does not list bluetooth as an option.  I read that it will only show if the material has bluetooth.  Again, I have no bluetooth and it works very well with the treo when I put up as a modem for a wireless connection.  Any thoughts why hotsync is absent from the bluetooth connection option?  It is defined as discovereable as well.

    Thank you!

    At this point, the only thing left that I could suggest is to buy a bluetooth USB dongle and see if it will work. When you install the dongle, do not use the cd to install the drivers, let Windows install the drivers. It sounds like this is similar to what we were looking for with the Toshiba Bluetooth radio but the dongle uses a different radio and they worked for Bluetooth hotsync on other 64 bit Vista systems.

    Dongles/adapters listed as compatible are the following;

    • Belkin Bluetooth USB adapt BT
    • Motorola adapter USB Bluetooth (Verizon only)

    I sent you a private message to this topic.

    Message relates to: Palm i705

  • Hi all, I bought apple phone I 5s recently is the power button / stop does not. Bought in the United States, but I was shifted to the India, the works of will to guarantee in India please help

    Hi all, I bought apple phone I 5s recently is the power button / stop does not. Bought in the United States, but I was shifted to the India, the works of will to guarantee in India please help

    Ask an authorized service provider regarding iPhones, a guarantee of a country may or may not be honored in another function where you take the device.


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    I bought a Satellite Pro A300 that came with Windows Vista pre-installed on it. I was offered a Windows 7 Uprgrade for 30 by Toshiba that I bought and got 2 discs:

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    What model of laptop do you have?

    Have you tried to choose another model instead of your laptop model?
    Do this!

    I read about a similar question here in the forum and the user could solve this choose another laptop model number.

    By the way; all Win7 drivers can be downloaded from the page of European driver from Toshiba:

    See you soon

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