beginning of fingerprints

Hi, I have a HPdv6 7229nr with windows 8. Have the departure of fingerprints. It has worked well. I did something [beginner] it does not read my impression longer. Can I reset it somehow?  thanx


Hello molebuster:

Yes you can reset it. I don't know how to excess the control panel in Windows 8, but I'm sure you can. You must go to control panel and open HP Simple pass and open it. Click on the? icon of the brand. Follow the directions for resetting or deleting the previsios cards and fingerprints fingerprint our old. Follow these instructions. You're welcome frrw.

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  • Tecra M7 - beginning of fingerprints HDD link

    So, I removed the HDD to test Win 8.
    After that the replacement of the HARD disk starts the fingerprint.
    The hard drive like a password. I think this is more!

    The possibility that the footprint of the binding to the output of the drive continues.
    Who can help me?

    Hi mate

    Your post is confusing.
    In summary: you replaced the HARD drive and installed Win 8.

    While booting, the laptop request now a password I guess the BIOS password is correct?
    Or password do you mean exactly? Password for fingerprints?

  • Re: Tecra Z40, Win 8.1 - malfunction of the fingerprint reader


    My Tecra Z40 arrived with Win 8.1.
    From the beginning I couldn't use the fingerprint utility.
    When you access the utility won't happen for a while and then the error: "Could not connect to the fingerprint reader" has finally popped up.

    I could also not use the actual construction of fingerprints 8.1 Win (error: this device has biometric devices is not suitable). (PS mind that this built in function is now integrated into the subway and no device biometric parameters are not now present in the control panel to 8.1 win!)

    The problem has persisted despite the last fingerprint utility (which comes with the drivers) have been installed to win 8.1. 64-bit directly from the website of TOSHIBA and despite that a biometric device was still present in the Task Manager ("this device is working properly").


    After literally weeks of research (including getting help from the shop and service Toshiba), I could finally solve the problem.

    I uninstalled the driver and the reader of fingerprints from the Device Manager (then only fingerprint reader drivers really disappear).
    Then I cleaned the registry (I used CC cleaner software) (or install new wasn't a reason any).

    Finally, I installed a Fingerprint Utility equivalent and the driver for Tecra Z50 (fp - sw - (which I expect to be using the exact same sensor)... and since then everything works fine.

    I can now access the utility of fingerprinting and fingerprint log on in Windows.


    It seems the driver on Toshiba support website (I think for me it was the Poles) for my exact machine (made by TOSHIBA - detector.exe) is incorrect.
    To make matters worse the driver does not communicate useful information on his miss - fit in the Task Manager! If I had to recalculate, in money, as long as I have and a whole lot of support persons had spent on it, there really meaning to improve this list of drivers!

    (PS: one of the files in the same directory online regpatch has a virus (VIRUS A Yes) it has been recognized by Antivir!) -Toshiba, you can communicate with someone responsible for the Polish support site!)


    No fingerprints, login is possible in Mozilla or Internet Explorer despite the appropriate plugins have been installed as well as the utility of fingerprints, where the web password option has been activated. (no suggestion seems to appear to reach the service fingerprints for the sites that require passwords, maybe that your service gets blocked by popup blocking browser protection?).

    I'm really looking forward to this feature.
    Make sure that the plugins work correctly with the latest browsers.


    Hey thanks for this interesting thread and a detailed description.

  • TrueSuite Fingerprint Software me lock out of my files!


    I use the TrueSuite Access Manager very happy five months for some of my files important protect from prying eyes. Suddenly, today, when I try to "unprotect" them, I get a message saying "Invalid"File Protection Key"". The fingerprint reader works fine and TrueSuite Access Manager accepts my footprint quite happy.

    I am using Windows XP Pro. The only things that have happened since I last accessed files successfully was a download Microsoft Tuesday last week and my Norton Internet Security 2008 installation.

    I really hope you guys can help ' cos I need to access these files.


    PS, I tried to restore to a previous system restore point, but they all fail...

    Well, here is where I have to this day...

    The TrueSuite Access Manager is provided by AuthenTec, but is actually just a rebadged version of the Password of ABIG software. The site Web of TrueSuite disappeared off the internet (although you can find one or two references to the fact that there were once). AuthenTec or ABIG offer any support whatsoever. So the only source of help is Toshiba...

    I traced the beginning of my woes to an application error logged in the log of the events of Win XP - fingerprint software didn't. The description of the error says only: "prints notifier Application digital Suite has encountered a problem and needs to close." Large. The application error has somehow broken the link between fingerprints recorded and the key used to 'protect' all my files. Even having a back-up fingerprints was useless, because that was the link between the fingerprint identification system and the file system of Windows that was broken, not fingerprint information...

    I rang the Toshiba help line, who recommended to download and install the latest drivers. What I've done. It made no difference.

    I managed to roll back to Windows to a date earlier than the application error (the problem I had before which prevented me to restore the system to an earlier date was caused by Norton internet Security, a "known" feature). But even once it made no difference.

    So where am I today? TrueSuite has lost the connection between my fingerprints and the key that he used with the file system Windows to protect my files, I was in turn locked out of all files. I can't access, copy, move them or delete them, BACK or Win XP. Toshiba recommendation is to use the provided with the laptop recovery disks and to reinstall Windows XP from scratch. Of course this will not return me my information, but at least it will remove all unnecessary files and free up the space occupied by them!

    Lessons to be learned - if you use TrueSuite to protect your files, think twice. If you want to continue to do so, back up all your files before protecting them. Of course, the backup version of the file will not be protected fingerprint (bat rather the object of the exercise, is not...)

    Good luck.

  • Portege R500 - start of fingerprinting release


    I have a problem with my Porteg R500 with HARD drive. I activated the "Single Sign on" in order to use my fingerprint only once a boot, the heading "Power Pre-os by fingerprints" (TrueSite Access Manager software).
    When I turn on my laptop, after the BIOS check, I wonder to slide my finger on the sensor. I do, but the system hangs upward, with the screenshot of software TrueSite still. No way to use the keyboard (without CTRL-ALT-DEL allowed; if you press CAPS LOCK, SHIFT, there no led lights, etc.), and he remains hung up that I've shut it down by holding the power button.

    Anyone know what's the problem? My BIOS firmware is updated (version 1.60)

    Thank you.


    Has this issue been published since the beginning? I mean from day of purchase?

    In my view the OS and Access Manager software TrueSite is confused upward.
    Who knows why, but I think you have to use your Toshiba recovery disc and put the laptop to the factory setting.
    Then update the AuthenTec fingerprint software.

    Then, you can follow with the configuration of the fingerprint as described in the help of AuthenTec.

    I think you should check this!

  • Portege R700 - registration of fingerprints on Windows 7

    I had problems trying to get the fingerprint utility to work on my new laptop to test. I created a new version of SCCM and associated task sequence that includes the utility.
    However when I run the utility of fingerprinting for the first time that the finger prompt appears that I can't ignore to record any finger prints?
    I'm using version on Windows 7.

    Any help much appreciated.

    Have you read details of setting up fingerprints in the second user manual?
    In use, the system of fingerprint authentication will use the same username and password as defined in the windows OS. If no windows password has been configured, you must do before you begin the process of registering fingerprints.

    Click on start-> all programs-> utilities Toshiba-> Toshiba Fingerprint Utility click the icon in the taskbar.
    The registration screen appears. Enter the password for the current account on the windows password field. If no windows password has been configured, you will be asked to configure the logon password. And then click Next.
    Click the finger did not enter above the finger you want to save, and then click Next
    The note go registration operation appears on the screen. Respect the message and then click Next.
    Then analyzing practice screen. You are able to practice hitting swipe (three times) your fingers to make sure that you use the correct method. When you are finished, click Next.
    Brush three times with the same finger. If successful, the message is displayed. Then click OK

    More details you will find on page 82 of the user manual

  • Portege R830: don't seem to be able to get the fingerprint reader to work

    HI - need help.

    I have a Toshiba R830 I got "downgrade" to Windows 7 32 bit version pre-installed 64-bit. Long story - but it's the software compatibility.

    Despite the download and the installation of what I think is all the relvant 32 drivers - I don't seem to be able to get the fingerprint reader to work.

    I downloaded and installed the software fp-sw-201103311304 Tosh - chilled out and tried to install it.

    It's actually hard to know if it is installed! I get a window telling me it will extract the file in a directory C:\temp and tells me at the same time that 'tinstallwb.exe' will start once the extraction is complete.

    It seems to extract - but I do not see that the installation is happening.

    Subsequently it is has that nothing listed in the title of the programs - and nothing "launches."

    In Device Manager - I can't see anything that is listed as "fingerprint reader" under security features - the list is TPM 1.2. Not actually sure that is nothing to do with the fingerprint reader - well I've enabled and then disabled via the BIOS.

    Am I missing something?
    Could the reader [which I have not used since the new - even if it's only 8 weeks] have stopped working?

    Would be very grateful for pointers.

    Try to start the installation manually. On the desktop create a folder unpack and after doing the beginning downloaded exe. Extract the files to the folder unpack and disable command run after extraction.

    When files are checked almost open and Toshiba archive extracted file extractor. You will find setup.exe.
    Try please to start it manually.

  • Tecra S5 - fingerprint logon stopped working when I chanaged password

    I have a laptop Toshiba Tecra S5 and I use logon of fingerprints from the beginning.

    It stopped working when I have chanaged my password.
    Fingerprints are associated with the old password.

    I looked everywhere to find where to change it without success.

    Can someone point me in a right direction?



    I think you should remove the old prints and need to configure this new.
    As far as I know, you can use the new password to connect.
    Then access the setting of Trusuite software, remove old prints and reconfigure using new digital prints.

    Theoretically, this should work.

  • Portege R500 - Fingerprint Software has suddenly stopped working: driver error

    Hi you all,.

    yesterday it worked perfectly, now the driver of fingerprints could not be initialized (charged ok, error system at boot).
    Now the fingerprint software is useless, since the device no longer works).

    Uninstalled and reinstalled does not.



    He s strange a driver doesn't work all of a sudden.
    However, perhaps there are system files or corrupt driver who knows...?  :|
    If the software and reinstalling driver don t help, try to roll back the OS to the point of time at the beginning.

    In the worst case, you will need to use the Toshiba Recovery CD to restore the machine to factory settings, but I hope that the Vista System Restore tool.

    Good luck and best regards my friend

  • fingerprint laptop scanner HP ENVY m6 m6-1225dx

    I can't configure the fingerprint reader.  I jumped the password established when I got this HP laptop.  Now when I boot my laptop scanner blinks, but it won't let me set it upward and you request a password or a scanner.  Because I never put my password I've just close it and use my laptop.  But now I know not where/how back in the beginning in order to complete the whole upward.

    There must be somewhere in this my new computer to finally put in place.  Any help would be greatly apprecitated.

    Hello Suzbluz,

    I see that you are having problems using the fingerprint on your HP computer reader. I have some suggestions that can help with this question.

    Here is a link to the instructions for use of the software SimplePass. It has lots of information on changing the settings within the program.

    You will need to remove the software, and re-upload it to recover the installation options. If you decide to uninstall the software, you should be able to reinstall from the Recovery Manager. Let me know if you need help with that.

    Here is a link to the troubleshooting steps for the reader of fingerprints as well. This could be useful now or in the future.

  • Win 7 slow start - connection with fingerprint reader


    I have a T400s (2.4 GHz and 4 GB) with an Intel SSD and WIn 7 RTM with the last drivers beta of Lenovo.

    I have the fingerprint reader enabled for the connection and my startup time of 35 seconds is now shared almost half in the connection of fingerprints and the other half in the rest of the startup procedure.

    Or (the finger) described another way if the machine is turned off and I slide my finger to start the machine, it takes about 17 seconds before the fast logon is indicated.

    Then the machine says 'pending' for 15-20 seconds during which my personal connection icon is flashing by until it ends the connection and almost immediately displays the desktop.

    I am surprised by the very slow connection with my finger already slipped. It would be much faster to turn off fingerprint reader and connect using a password. Someone had this problem and knows how to fix?

    Other problems with the boot, I found (and fixed) is the use of a solid as the Windows background color which, for some reason, costs about 15 seconds at boot time! I also had to reflash the firmware of my SSD to win 10 extra seconds at the beginning of the startup procedure.


    Hello again,

    Sometimes I had to wait several seconds after sliding my finger, to the process of connection of kick. I checked the event viewer on my thinkpad T400 and found the security processes that are at work when loggin. I have excluded them from protection against viruses (Microsoft Security Essentials) and restarted the computer. When the logon screen appeared, I spent my finger and boom, the connection process began immediately.

    Excluded processes are:




  • L412 upgrade to scan fingerprints?

    IM in the beginning of the upgrade of my L412, I'm looking to add the option of biometrics to my system because it is not come with her. Can I get a new palmrest with the scanner easily, but that was to replace the card where the sd reader is or my model has connections to the scanner bio?

    You should have to do just replace the palmrest. The same water is the same whether or not the Palm has a fingerprint reader.

    Here's the manual of L412 hardware maintenance:

  • HP Simplepass allows not more than one fingerprint

    Hi guys,.

    I have a HP ENVY 15-j112tx, I had now since the beginning of this year as a replacement for my TouchSmart from HP ENVY 15 - j009tx which broke down at Christmas. On my j009tx, I was able to attend several fingers, the software looked just like the pictures on the HP site tutorial, to implement simplepass. On this new laptop however, there is no possibility to register more than one finger, I can't seem to find anything in help for it and I don't know how to upgrade or downgrade the software that came with my previous laptop.

    If anyone knows how to get around this problem, I would really appreciate help!

    See you soon

    Hi Krystian,

    I'm fiddling around with a machine of tower that we have here, and I think that I thought about it. Open your Simplepass and go to my settings (the gear icon) and select Edit. Make sure 'use of fingerprinting as my SimplePass' is checked, and select next. You will then be asked to scan a fingert. Once you have saved the impression, it will keep two fingerprints.

  • problem with the fingerprint sensor


    I had vista and I just installed Win7 cuz I got some problems with the vista boot, I therefore had no choice but to install win 7. in any case, my laptop no longer recognise my fingerprint sensor digital (I installed the software FP of Lenovo Web site)

    Please someone knows how can I make it work?

    Thank you so much, its really urgent.

    Hello so I finally managed to fix the problem.


    1 clear your fingerprint drivers. (delete any software that you have installed for the fingerprint)

    2. go into Device Manager - you will find biometrics there is still something (my windows is in Hebrew, so I don't rememeber correctly how it is translated into eng) remove something biometrics, it can be found as authentic Tec Inc..

    3. restart your laptop

    4. When you go back to windows, windows will detect the do you have a hardware not installed and will begin to install, then any software you like for material from fingerprints.

    This solution has been tested on (Win7)

    Let me know if you have any problems,

    Good luck

  • DigitalPersona U.are.U 4500 fingerprint reader biometric

    I can't do the scanner 4500 Digital to install on my computer running Windows 7 and the drive didn't come with any software disk

    Any material support, regardless of the operating system that you choose to run, is the manufacturer of the equipment.

    You say you have this device? :

    Support could begin here:

    According to the web page compatibility Windows 7 for the DigitalPersona U.are.U 4500 Fingerprint Reader biometric Center of the unit * is * supported... sort of.  I guess that digitalPersona has given Microsoft a driver to install with Windows 7 early on.  Involving it should find and install the driver when you plug it in.

    However, if it is not, the support is still to come from the same place.

Maybe you are looking for

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