BlackBerry Smartphones calendar does not synchronize with Outlook

Used to synchronize with Outlook 2003 calendar. Tasks, notes and contacts will be however. As part of the services by default, it lists Facebook as my calendar (CICAL). What should I do to change this so that my calendar syncs correctly?


So much worse... fixed it by removing the for CICAL service book restarting DM. Hope it works at home...

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  • BlackBerry Smartphones calendar does not synchronize with exchange

    I have a 9700 BB which is not sync with outlook.

    I tried to delete the service book CICAL and forwarding it through BES.

    Tried to turn it back on and then tried to wipe and activate but still can't make it work.

    starting to think it's something on the side of exchange now.

    no other people can suggest. ?

    Fixed it, option wireless synchronization in the calendar.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones BB does not synchronize with the Desktop Manager

    Suddenly, my BB 8220 does not synchronize with my Desktop Manager. He tries to synchronize the calendar and then I get an error message: BlackBerry desktop has encountered a problem and needs to close. It should also synchronize my contacts and tasks, but does not get it until now. My DeskTop Manager is version 4.3. All solutions?

    Hey ShelleyPringle,

    Welcome to the community of BlackBerry Support Forums.

    I suggest you upgrade your BlackBerry Desktop Software and then try to sync.

    Go to to get the software and then try to perform the synchronization.

  • Smartphones blackBerry curve calendar does not synchronize with the desktop computer

    I have a Curve 8310 and just downloaded the new version of the device 4.5 software. Since that time, the calendar in the BlackBerry doesn't send new appointments to the office. When I go in the Options of the calendar and click on the default device, the wireless sync option is marked 'No' and I can't change it to Yes. Any thoughts? Thank you.

    If I were you I would contact the IT admins. Among them, there will be some BES admins who work is to make synchronization work for all its users.

  • Events of Blackberry Smartphones blackBerry calendar does not synchronize with MS Outlook

    Using Enterprise Server for Blackberry synchronize all events calendar of the device to Outlook. Have tried Wireless sync and Sync Desktop Manager without result.

    Has not changed - thanks for the help but... New appointments work very well - this shutdown problem

  • Flight of blackBerry 8330 Smartphones, Desktop does not synchronize with the new phone

    A kind person recently broke my window of the car and took my 8330.

    I regularly synced my old phone using Desktop Manager.

    Switch device Wizard wants my old 8330 connected to synchronize new 8330.

    Of course, I don't have the old 8330.

    I don't know that I'm missing something here.

    Can anyone offer assistance?  Please, I beg you!  I'm dying here.

    Thank you!

    So good news.

    Connect your current device to the USB > PC.

    Open Desktop Manager > backup/restore > advanced.

    You should see the IPD backup on the left pane information and the information of the current device in the right pane.

    If the left pane does not, above this window, choose file > Open and navigate to this known IPD file. Load it.

    Now, you can choose one by one or all THE items in the list to transfer to the new device. Highlight each database you moved to the new device and click the right arrow environment to move these data.

    Follow the prompts which if ensuits and you'll be good.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones calendar won't sync with outlook

    I had my blackberry for over a year and recently it stopped sync my BB with my outlook calendar. It synchronizes the address book, tasks and memos fine, but totally ignores the calendar. I've seen several suggestions here and tried but still doesn't work.

    It says on the desktop software of BB that my BB is not a calendar installed but it does and it works fine on the device, he just won ' sync. There are 2 calendars on the Facebook feature (which, if I knew how I would delete) and my e-mail, but I address email is the default I think.

    KB23978 should help you with the problem of "calendar is not installed.

    Regarding the removal of the facebook calendar, just go into options > advanced > service books > find 'Facebook [CICAL]' and delete it

  • BlackBerry Smartphones "BOLD" do not sync with Outlook 2000

    Outlook 2000

    Desktop Manager 4.6 without the media manager,

    The DM is not Outlook 2000 as an application to synchronize with.  I had a curve over the last 2 years, with what version of DM that he came with that I was able to sync with Outlook 2000.  Here's what I discovered and someone please tell me where I'm wrong so that I can sync my new "BOLD" with outlook 2000.

    New versions of DM don't see Outlook 2000.

    Older versions of DM see outlook 2000, but they do not see the "BOLD".

    If I can get just the drivers without Desktop software manager, I think I can make it work with an older version.

    I hope I explained the problem.

    Thank you

    It would help my contacts but not the calendar and tasks.

    I have updated to Outlook 2003 and that solved my problem.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Software fails during synchronization with Outlook

    When I am syncing via USB my Storm with Outlook 2007 docking station, it fails when it reaches the timetable of the process part.  I use sync 2 channels on all of the components (tasks, contacts, calendar, etc.) and be successful, except when I accept a nomination of someone else in my Outlook calendar.  If I create an appointment in Outlook or on my BB, it syncs very well.  The only work around is send 1 channel from my computer to the Pocket PC and after that it's over, I turn it on to 2-way.  Of course, I could accidentally lose some entries and is certainly not a good workaround solution.

    I'm operating Desktop Software version 4.7 and my OS is Vista 64-bit.

    Hi and welcome to the jfetzer forums!

    See this link:

    Read the tif.log file after completing the Task 4 then go to task 5 once that the calendar entry deleted.

    Post back and let us know how it goes.

  • Google Calendar does not synchronize with all calendars.

    Just set up my new Surface RT to synchronize my Google calendars, but it is not to shoot the 'other calendars' (shared) I subscribed to by URL. For example, I have a calendar for my dish Uni which is drawn in Google calendars, but does not appear on my Surface because it is not one of "my calendars".

    I read that the solution for this on mobile devices is going to, log and Google Sync allows you to choose which calendars synchronized. (See this section of help here: is used for Windows However, the Surface has a full desktop browser, so I can't access this page there...

    Isn't rather stupid that it is not just to sync all of your calendars by default? I mean Holy crap, if I see something in my calendar on my PC I have probably also want to see on my tablet... Any ideas?

    Original title: Google calendar sync "other calendars".

    Paste my answer to the same question on a different thread (

    I was finally able to resolve this (work around actually up to MS and Google work things). I followed the following steps:

    1. in IE10 (desktop mode), click the tools (Alt + X)

    2. click on F12 developer tools

    3. in the window that opens, click Tools

    4. expand the "Change user agent string" tab and select "Apple Safari (iPAD)"

    5. return to the window of IE10 and go to this address:

    6. connect to your google account if you aren't already.

    7. click on "WindowsMail.

    8. in the URL, you will see this string (without the quotes): "supportMultiCalendars = false". Change cela to "supportMultiCalendars = true" and reload the page.

    9. now your google calendars will be displayed. The main google calendar will be displayed as "my calendars". Other calendars will appear as 'shared calendars' and calendars under this option will not be selected.

    10. in order to select those "other calendars", disable JavaScript in IE10. Do so by following the instructions here (these instructions are for IE9, but also apply to the IE10):

    11. Select the calendars you want to add (I don't remember if I was refresh the page before the change takes effect Javascript).

    12. click on "Save".

    13 open the calendar application to make sure that your "other Google calendars" now appear in the app.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones bb do not sync with outlook express address book

    The Director of the office, it seems to sync properly, no error message. But nothing new appeared on the address book in Outlook Express. Should not phone numbers and etc. copy in outlook and contacts list? Help!

    That seemed to work! Thank you very much!

    Another question - I put it on my blackberry to delete messages on the box to the letters and Pocket, but it does not. I have to go and delete all messages on my pc again. A way to solve this problem?

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Sync does not work with DM 4.5


    I'm having a problem to sync my data with outlook. When I try to set up sync, I get a popup that says: the computer must be connected to the Internet to set up initially sync settings. Please check that you are able to connect to the internet and try again." This happens WHILE I'm connected to the internet. My firewall is disabled, so this isn't the issue.

    Sync worked with DM 4.2 but not with 4.5. I am running os 4.5 on my Verizon 8830 WE. I wonder if I have TO run DM 4.5 with os 4.5? If I can't solve this problem, so I'll just downgrade my DM software, but I would rather not do that.

    Help, please!

    Guys thank you very much in advance!

    NOTHING you learned tonight

    Of course, you have to do the hard way!

    DM out of the procedure,

    Download 4.2.2 and install and you're good to go!

    Let me know if you need anything else!

    (Don't be so sexist... EVERYONE's hard to please these days!)

    Thank you

  • Calendar does not synchronize with Windows Live

    "Sorry, we are unable to synchronize your calendar because the web calendar service isn't available right now. We will synchronize your calendar as soon as the service is again available. »

    How can I remove this very annoying screen showing the above statement that appears when I open my Windows Live e-mail.

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  • iCloud does not work with Outlook 2016 (16.0.6965.2053)

    I installed the new iCloud (v5.2.1.69) and found that it does not work with Outlook 2016 (16.0.6965.2053). There is no button "Options"... "to"Mail, Contacts, calendars and tasks"(see photo). In addition, the iCloud Outlook add-in does not display in Outlook. I tried to reinstall the Office 365 and iCloud, but nothing has changed.

    I have exactly the same problem with the latest version of iCloud.  I have Outlook 2016 and 10 Windows and when I try to install iCloud there saying "set up" next "Mail, Contacts, calendars and tasks.  I left it for hours and it does not go beyond this point.  Outlook displays the listed add-in but it is not doing anything.  I tried to remove all of the Apple software, and then reinstall iCloud without result. I've deleted and reinstalled MS Office and then tried to reinstall iCloud - once again no luck.

  • Look at the calendar does not synchronize

    Sun software is up to date.  Watch couples with the IPhone.  Look at the calendar does not synchronize.

    HI - try the following steps:

    On your iPhone, in the application of the watch, go to: Watch My > calendar > make sure you have selected your preferred settings (mirror my iPhone or Custom).

    On your iPhone, in the application of the watch, go to: Watch My > General > reset > press reset sync data. Nothing appears to happen, but the process will be executed in the background - allow a minute or two.

    It can also help to restart your iPhone and your watch. Turn on both devices off the power together first, and then restart your iPhone before restarting your watch:

    -To switch off your watch: press and hold the button side until you see the cursor off the power; slide it to turn off;

    -To switch on: press and hold the side button until you see the Apple logo.

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