Can't boot from USB or CD/DVD to boot.

I'm trying to install a new OS from a bootable DVD that I created. However, my T530 leader not from the DVD. I checked the boot order in the BIOS settings and even explicitly tried to force at the start of my DVD - ROM Sina the F12 boot menu. I was able to boot from this DVD on my other computer.

Any way to diagnose whether my DVD-ROM is defective, or is there maybe some BIOS setting to fix this? I am able to read the disc in Windows, just can not boot from it. The laptop is brand new, just opened it today, so I don't know why something so simple that it would just work.

You must disable startup secure, then tilt the machine mode Legacy BIOS UEFI.

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  • Re: boot from USB or CD/DVD

    I have an Acer V5-571pg-9814 with pre-installed Windows 8.

    I have tried to boot a Linux live usb and can't even get a cable USB or CD/DVD to boot at all.

    I want to check some of the Linux operating systems to see how they can install on this computer until I consider that for a dual-boot with Win8. Please note that I have read other messages here on the installation actually another OS as a dual boot, which I may need later, but now I would just use the live USB or CD/DVD and view these operating systems - and I have not found a position that directly addressed this issue.

    I tried to activate and use F12 (by default it is set to off in the bios). I tried to use Win8: charms > pc settings > advanced > reboot - troubleshooting > advanced - then use USB or CD/DVD, orinto UEFI boot to the bios and boot order settings.

    The computer does not recognize the USB and CD/DVD, but only straight Win8 boots - no matter which option to choose or even if I put the boot order USB and CD/DVD before Win8.

    So, how to start from a CD/DVD or USB port?


    Looks like a long way around to just the view boot media...

    And we can only hope that you don't end up like this:

    Guess this one is solved...?

  • Cannot get Z3 - 615 to boot from USB or CD/DVD

    I've been trying to get a Z3-615 to boot from the CD/DVD or a USB bootable device. All my attempts have failed. I have checked all the settings of the bios, changed the boot order and all other options. I try to boot from a well-known Windows 7 disc. I tested the CD and USB on other devices and they work perfectly.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    to install windows 7 on your desktop, you must move from UEFI to legacy, disable secure boot and allow to launch the CSM.

    Visit this link:

  • Problem when booting from USB and bootable DVD

    I tried to boot from a bootable DVD to try Linux and install it. So pressing F9 to select the boot device, so I chose DVD ROM drive But it still does not start.

    Note: It starts on the first run. When I restart the PC and try again to start from the DVD, it jumps the DVD playback. Same thing happens with the USB key. I tried all USB ports.

    Another time all USB ports too and this pen drive work well and the DVD. Don't know what the problem is.

    Please tell me is there any problem with the BIOS?

    Thank you.

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    In each market, unless F9 (for most HP computers and laptops) is selected to change the order, BIOS will look on the bootable devices (USB HDD, ODD,) in the order that they are configured in the BIOS settings.

    A usb device is not in the list of the BIOS boot order, as it is generally not available and only temporarily inserted.

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  • NB100 - Recovery vs iso from usb DVD


    I bought Toshiba NB100 with pre-installed XP Home Edition and now I want to reinstall it using Toshiba Recovery DVD I got with the netbook.
    The problem is that I have no DVD player in this laptop and I don't want to buy a scanner of the Clerkship - here's what I did to start an iso image of this dvd from USB:

    1. first of all, I did an iso image of the recovery DVD Toshiba using UltraISO app (and called it TOSHIBA.iso) - I checked the image in one of the virtual machines: all went well so I think the image is ok
    2. I used GRUB4DOS app to make my folder of grldr bootable, copied to usb stick to the root of my USB catalogue, created from images of boot/path/and copied it my TOSHIBA.iso image and created the menu.lst looking like this:

    TOSHIBA recovery DVD title
    find--set-root /boot/images/TOSHIBA.iso
    map - mem /boot/images/TOSHIBA.iso (hd32)
    map - hook
    chainloader (hd32)
    rootnoverify (hd32)

    The menu.lst file has been placed in the catalogue of the root of the USB.

    3 then I rebooted netbook, changing the order of startup in the BIOS and GRUB was loaded with option of TOSHIBA Recovery DVD - but when I chose him, after the ISO is loaded into memory, I get GRUB error 19 with the message "can not mount selected partition".

    I would be very grateful if you could tell me what I'm doing wrong.
    Kind regards

    Hey Artur thank you very much
    It's a very useful experience and I hope that other NB100 owners will be happy to read your thread.
    Thanks again and I hope you say with us and help other NB100 owners with advice and tips.

    You can now install from USB recovery image?
    Do you use the compatibility mode or it works with AHCI mode also?

  • Transfer of recovery system of USB drive to DVD disk

    I have read the forums and I see that you can transfer DVD USB recovery but can you make the USB on a DVD. Is this possible? I'm a computer tech and not an average user, so I can understand if it's complicated.

    I was in the hospital when I did the recovery on USB disk and was not thinking. He saved me trying to repartition my hard drive and inadvertently deleted my recovery partition. I didn't have access to blank DVD media at the time and when I got home, I wanted to have a copy on DVD for the Image. I am currently using a 32 GB SanDisk USB flash drive and won't eat up to 12 GB of space for recovery.

    I'm more concerned it's complicated to do because I am an advanced user. If you can help me, I would appreciate it.

    P.S. I love all your products. I only use HP printers and laptops and I am in love with this computer for HP Pavilion series laptop g my sister is for me off of eBay. You guys rock!

    Or you can call HP to order a set of recovery disks. Usually around $17. 800-474-6836.

    You can usually order via a link on your models also support page. It will be in the list of drivers/software.

  • Can't boot from USB/dvd drive on Satellite Pro M10


    the broken internal dvd drive, an external USB disk is used. Now I need to reinstall windows on a new hard drive. How can I boot from the external hard drive? (I don't have a floppy drive, but I can't find the right drivers)

    Thank you



    Don t you need all the drivers for this key USB — because the USB disk is a device integrated on your computer. This means that whenever you connect the diskette drive to your machine, the computer establishes that diskette as a cable internal disk and this is the reason why you won´t need all the drivers.

    It s already installed when you plug it in.

    See you soon

  • Can't boot from USB or DVD. HP Pavilion g6 - 2257sr

    My new laptop HP Pavilion g6 - 2257sr doesn't let me boot from USB device.

    The laptop computer startup, I pressed ESC and F10. Then I put in place the order of startup UFEI - USB-device / DVD / OS selector.

    I use the official Windows 7 disc and several own USB devices with bootable images.

    But rebboting use OS hard drive provided.

    Help, please. I want to delete the current operating system on my laptop.


    I have a set of recovery first disks before continuing.

    To start the PC, you must go into the BIOS and enable the legacy mode.

    Then you should be able to boot from another device.

  • How can I boot linux from a USB stick or on a computer dvd drive windows laptop 8 Please?

    Hi all
    Could someone describe how to configure my windows laptop 8 HP Pavilion g6 2244sa to start linux usb and or dvd player step by step please? English is my second language is so clearly please. Thank you.

    I have 64-bit Windows 8


    This article may help:

    Kind regards.

  • Satellite T230-12V - can't boot from USB


    I have a Satellite T230-12v and I decided to change the hard drive for a faster SSD.

    The problem is that I can't just boot from a USB pen to install windows 7.
    The pen works fine.
    The SSD is properly found in BIOS.
    The pen is in the boot options.
    Seems that the BIOS is always keep me to start appropriate.

    I have succecefully started a prompt back from the pen of USB, but not the Original Windows 7 I have here.
    I can't boot from dvd because the laptop is not a.

    Can someone point me in the right direction?

    The original HARD drive is not an option, I don't have it anymore.

    Please advice.
    Thank you

    Miguel Pereira

    When you start your Satellite F12 press to enter the boot menu.
    USB option is listed here? Have you tried this option?

  • How can I boot from USB - Portege A200


    I have a Portege A200 which is only a couple of years, but the hard drive no longer works. Initially, I thought that this was due to corrupt the boot disk record, but after trying to replace the drive hard (with two different readers), is showing a #0 IDE error when starting. So I came to the conclusion that the IDE controller chip is dead.

    In order to get labour latop, I burned a cd with the ubunto ISO. It starts off ok but due have only 512 MB of RAM, the system is somewhat limited and nothing installed is lost each time that I reboot.

    Now, I bought a 2 GB flash drive and installed ubuntu on it. My other problem is that there seems to be no boot from USB HDD or USB option in the bios.

    The options I can think of are:
    (1) Upgade the bios so that it supports the start of memory stick (although no HARD drive so do not know how I could reflash the BIOS or if there is even an upgrade of the BIOS that would support this feature)
    (2) create a cd that starts the boot process then tells the system to continue the initialization of the USB key (this is possible and does anyone know where I might be able to get these software)
    (3) boot from CD but the use of USB to keep any recorded information / everything installs etc (I suppose that similar to option 2 except the cd would manage the entire OS and USB would just "extra" information)

    If there are other options if someone may think I am happy to give them a go. Seems a shame to have to chuck to a laptop that is not particularly old, because the IDE controller chip has failed on the mobo.

    I have apppriciate any help anyone can offer.
    Thank you very much


    First I have to say that it of not possible to boot from the external USB device as USB, CD/DVD USB drive or USB HDD.
    It of only possible to boot from the external USB FDD (floppy) disk

    However, no opportunities for startup are clear, but I think that you misunderstood the IDE #0 error message. According to m that the IDE controller is not defective but only the new drive HARD is not compatible and not recognized by the BIOS.

    There are different reasons for this problem
    For the most part this error message appears if the HARD drive master/slave/c-salt settings are not correct.
    Generally these settings don t need to be changed or switched on the 2.5 hard disks but some hard drives support a rider that needs to be fixed in the correct position. But I put t if your HARD drive supports this

    In addition, the size of HARD drive isn't is not compatible could be the reason for these error messages!
    I would recommend so finally communicating with ASP in your country to get a new, compatible HARD drive and see if the same error still occurs.

    Good luck

  • Portege Z830 - can't boot from DVD

    I have a Portege Z830-11F. I upgraded my machine to Windows 8 and but I didn't like it. So I decided to do a clean install of Windows 7.

    I downloaded the file .iso on the internet and it was engraved on a DVD.
    I plugged in my external DVD drive, rebooted, entered in the BIOS and changed the boot order and restarted again.

    Everything went well and I was able to install Windows 7.
    But I didn't have the drivers, (thought the BONE would recognise the driver LAN at least, I was wrong)
    So I've upgraded to Windows 8 again (without restarting) just to download the drivers for Windows 7.

    I did, but now I can't boot from the DVD.
    When I enter the boot order section, sometimes the DVD is listed, sometimes not.

    In both cases, the machine starts with Windows 8 straightly, does not allow me to boot from the DVD.
    The strange thing is that I was able to start on the same DVD in the first place.

    What can I do to start from the DVD?

    At first, I must say that I n t understand why you didn't create recovery media before you changed something. Using preinstalled Toshiba recovery media creator you can create USB recovery and the whole situation would be not so complicated. This recovery image is activated but now if you install own OS version you will not be able to use the product key you got with your laptop.

    Anyway, now proceed to a complete stop Win8 and after having this beginning for laptop and use F12 to get into the boot menu. Of course your external DVD must be connected before starting your laptop. It may be that external drive is allowed on the like on my U940 USB boot option.

  • Qosmio F30-140 - can't boot from DVD player


    I faced the problem of DVD player, I can't boot from it... in fact, he didn't see and CD or DVD when I insert it...
    So how can start from reinstalling windows? Or how can I use external USB DVD to boot from it?

    I F30 - 140, with BIOS updated...

    Please help neeeeeeed...


    It seems that the CD/DVD drive has developed a hardware problem.
    Normally you should be able to boor to ODD in pressing the C key immediately after the laptop has been powered.
    Alternatively, you can press F12 at the beginning. This would allow the start on-screen menu.
    Here you can choose ODD as a source of start-up

    If this will not work, then the STRANGE might be vice.

    PS: I doubt that the BIOS supports CD/DVD USB drive startup...

  • C50-A634 satellite will not boot from USB or DVD

    My new toshiba Satellite C50-A634 won't boot from usb or dvd,.
    I downloaded victory 8.1 and burn the image to a dvd but I always get an error message "no boot... device please restart."

    Can you please help?


    Startup mode of the change in the BIOS settings and you should be able to use the optical drive as first boot device -

  • Tecra M2: Can I boot from USB/Firewire-drive external HARD?

    Hi all

    How can I boot from an external USB drive?
    The Bios 1.20, 15/03/2004 does not seem to support this on my Tecra M2.

    I have a Maxtor 300Gig external HARD drive that can be connected via Firewire or USB. Usually, I use a PCMCIA card Firewire to connect the HARD drive, which has 3 partitions.

    It would be also possible for a start-up by PCMCIA Firewire?

    Thanks in advance.



    As far as I know it of not possible to boot from a USB HDD. I know that in some cases it of possible to start compatible USB FDD drives and CD/DVD but the HARD drive note.
    This theme has been removed from the service a lot of time here in the forum.

    Please check this announcement on the other:


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