Change the color of the placed transparent images (tiff, psd, png...)


I have a project with a lot of images placed. They must be transparent, because I need to produce a number of variants and quickly change the background and the color of these images. The images themselves have a unique color. I know that I could change their color in Photoshop and then place them in a group, but it would be much easier to just place a black version of them, arrange them, and then duplicate this group and change the color of the images. I can do this in Illustrator? I tried to use TIFF, png and PSD to get transparent images, but I only managed to change color in TIFF (for example) when they lacked transparency.

Can someone help me with this? Thank you!

You cannot colorize hair which is not flat, as you found it.

Save an extra image is your transparency in grayscale mask. Align, and select the images and the palette of tranaparency > Popacity make mask > check Invert mask if necessary as in my example.

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