Shortcut for flip horizontal/vertical?

I find myself digging this option in the component of the transformation of all the time, is possible to assign a shortcut for this simple operation? I can't get a hang of the Reflect tool for a reason, he is quite clumsy.

Select transparent color with pipette...

Hello I have a semi-transparent rectangle with some colorful behind her paths. I now want to choose the exact color I see: my mixed background translucent color. I tried the eyedropper (with or without SHIFT), but he always takes the fully opaque col

Watch one art while the anchor is on the move

Hello people,In Flash, when the user keeps the anchor and move, he sees the appearance of the art.In artificial intelligence, when the user holds an anchor, he sees that the path of art database and nothing more; the art is painted only once the user

Outline/background Style for group Plugin objects?

So I'm working on a plugin that is based on the creation of a PluginGroup and I started with the example of the live shadows.  So far everything is fine, but if you want to change the outline/fill style of the object that has the live shadow you must

You can constrain the movement of a point 90 ° only, not 45?

I need to move a point 90 degrees without trying to go to 45.

Silkscreen and halftone points

What is the short answer to, "Illustrator can allow the user to control the size of the halftone dots? Just to be clear, for screen printing, the points must be courses. I have read several posts on the topic and there is still no definitive answer.

Where tis'... The old knife tool

I seem to remember this application in an earlier version of Illustrator, but can't remember what the answer was. Now that enough I went through all his research tools, I thought that I could consult the experts once more.What has been the knife tool

Info bubble/s disappeared

The information balloon that appears when you scroll over different components in artificial intelligence has not stopped from appearing (i.e. when I spend my swatches pantone pointer, it don't tell me what # colors they are, etc..) I couldn't find i

Pen tool basics

I have almost completely avoided this tool, but not anymore. The basics are always difficult to capture on this tool. But I'm getting a little better. But there is an unfortunate thing about this. Moving the pen without the last point follow you unti

Problems with the functionality of work plan...

I have trouble getting the right size of the image when I export my work. After that I put my the artboard size, I export the image in Dreamweaver. When the image in dreamweaver, the "cropped" portions of the image are still there. Basically, the hei

Axis of rotation

I am unable to find the axis of rotation on a layout line.Supposedly, after the line you click the rotation tool and it appears.

Two questions about Cs4: bear with me, I'm a noob to this! (and thanks in advance for your help)

Keep in mind that I am nowhere even near an expert, so I need a step by step explanation, I apologize if it's one of those "Duh" things, but I am basically new to this:First: Exactly how I wrap text around a pic?Each tutorial, explanation / whatnot I

The measures are disabled in CS4

Noticed that my measurements change in the tenth and hundredth of an inch space after I drew boxes. It didn't happen in my CS3.Can someone tell me if it is a parameter that needs to be changed?I draw renderings of specific size and need my measuremen

HAVE CS3, PC - transform manages preferably?

I know, it is a simple question, but do not remember how to enable disable handles o when an object is selected with the tool Selection (V). I know there is a preference but can't find it...See attached picture and thanks for my bad memory refreshin.

Creation of traits consistent trace the path

I used the trace tool to draw an outline of a simple image of gravity waves that surrounds an object. When I trace it and select 'Contours' I get a nice collection of Teal'c contours. However, when I expand it, I get the widths of different stroke fo

Arrow down through Fonts - CS4?

CS4 - when I select text and click in the font box and arrow down through the choices of fonts, it ignores all of a sudden many of my fonts and moves to the end of the fonts category: Chinese/Japanese character sets.

Problems with Spot color gradients

Hi allI have little experience in dealing with spot colors.  I'm trying to mix two colors of accompaniment for a print job.  Unfortunately the spot color gradient (left image) do not mix like the gradient color of the process (right image).  On the c

dotted frame

HelloI want to make a framework/dashed border where the corners are equal lines, as shown in my photo attached 'dashedborder '. I tried to use the line of Louis Marie feature in illustrator, but the angles are not equal (dashedborder2).

This forum has always been independent of the platform?

This forum has always been independent of the platform?  Wasn't there an Illustrator Mac forum?Just bookmarking the forums all over again.Thanks in advance.

How to convert a stoke to a form?

I have a 1 pt stoke around a logo. How do the stoke a form if it is is more considered a stoke, when I have the logo of the ladder or it changed.see you soon
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